Million Dollar Girl 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti tells that at Virat’s desk if she get pass then it will be good..Virat holds Avanti’s hand and pushes her,,,Avanti tells to leave her hand otherwise she would beat at wrong place..Avanti shows her foot..Virat leaves Avanti,,,Avanti laughs..Avanti tells that Virat to wait for the party then she will show him..Avanti falls Virat holds..Virat tells Avanti cannot walk properly what she will do in the party,,Virat goes…Avanti tells what to do think about the party or DJ..Bhuwan comes..Avanti stops his way…Bhuwan asks why Avanti is waiting..Avanti tells that she is dancing..Avanti tells Bhuwan didnt feel ashamed lying to DJ….Bhuwan is quiet Avanti goes…Ranvijay tells Virat is there any date for the party..Ranvijay tells that If Virat gone infront of Investor’s

without date it will be problem..
Virat tells Ranvijay to bring girl for him and he will bring Indian army…Ranvijay gets scared and goes..Virat sits thinks about Avanti and his kiss and smiles..Virat tells what he is thinking..Vicky tells Avanti to chill as DJ doesnot care about Bhuwan past..Avanti tells that she checked Bhuwan friendsbook,,He had nine girlfriend And Bhuwan flirt with all girls and then disappear,,,VIcky tells that he already taught Bhuwan is not a good guy,,,
Vicky tells they are trap,Avanti tells what to do as If she said all the truth to DJ then she will break up with Bhuwan and would not come in party..,Vicky tells theer will be someway..Avanti tells that she have to tell the truth,,DJ comes and asks what happened??Avanti tells that DJ lied,,Bhuwan date girls and then disappear,,Dj tells that she cannot believe..And tells that Bhuwan is very sensitive and very caring..DJ tells that she cannot trust Avanti as she already disliked Bhuwan,,,DJ tells that Avanti is her bestfriend but it does not mean that Avanti tells about Bhuwan’s character,,Vicky tells DJ that they are childhood friends atleast to listen Avanti.. DJ tells that Avanti wants she and Bhuwan to breakup and tells that its her life she will take decisions..Dj tells that Avant is jealous of Bhuwan and her,,,DJ goes..Avanti cries and tells that nothing will be good..As DJ is annoyed and last chance also gone from her hands…Vicky tells not to be worried as she has alot of time and she can do..Avanti goes…Avanti stands near a pillar and cries..Virat tells what a loser Avanti is..Virat tells he is satisfied that Avanti cannot do buisness she is good a sales girl only..Avanti cries..Virat tells Avanti felt bad??Avanti tells that he didnt heard what Virat said..And tells that she dont give such importance to Virat,,Virat puts his hand in avanti asks what Happened,,Avanti is quiet..Virat goes…Avanti goes and tells girls sorry as they cannot gatecrash the party..Avanti tells that she was selfish and forgot the friendship..Avanti tells sorry and goes..Kavya tells Vicky that everything will be alright…Vicky shows kavya Bhuwan..Kavya tells not to create any problem..Vicky holds Bhuwan’s shiirt..Vicky tells what Bhuwan is doing with DJ timepass???Bhuwan tells nothing like that and he had ral feelings for DJ..Vicky tells that because of Bhuwan’s lie two friends becomes enemy..Vicky tells Bhuwan to sought out the matter..
Vicky tells Bhuwan to cancel the cater’s,,and what all is required he will make and give.,,Bhuwan tells what to tells Virat???Vicky tells bhuwan to make a story and tells..Vicky goes…Avanti comes in office and tells that her dream is again going to break,,Zubair tells that Avanti give up again..Zubair tells that Virat is her boss for today,,Virat tell in teh party avanti will be welcome waitress..Bhuwan comes..Bhuwan tells Virat that Cater’s refused.Virat tells to look and find some other..Virat tells Avanti to be there at eight pm..

Precap::Virat tells Avanti to clean his shoes Avanti tells she is not his slave..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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