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Million Dollar Girl 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhuwan tells DJ that he belived her and she is talented..Bhuwan tells that DJ have to work hard to be successfull..Bhuwan tells DJ to join office..Dj tells she want to be a singer..DJ cries..At Vicky’s dhaana one person comes..Vicky tells the person he want to viral a video..Person tells he need money…Vicky tells he will give the money..Person agrees…Ranvijay tells Kavya that he is very nervous..Kavya tells that her mother mood is good..Ranvijay comes..Mother tells to sit..Mother tells that she want to meet Ranvijay’s parents..Ranvijay tells he will call tomorrow only,,,Mother tells that Kavya also listens to her but avanti did whatever she felt…Mother asks where Ranvijay stay???Ranvijay tells “thakur house”..Mother asks at Virat home???Ranvijay tells

yes…Ranvijay tells he is just a family friend not any relation..Mother tells Ranvijay to get out..Ranvijay goes…Kavya is upset…Ranvijay sits outside Kavya’s house..Kavya tells sorry..Ranvijay tells once kavya would have said that her mother hates Virat..Kavya tells she also dont know…Kavya tells to give her some time..Ranvijay tells he will give How much time she time…Kavya tells she is very happy that Ranvijay have changed…Ranvijay promise that he will never leave kavya…Kavya smiles..Vicky sleeps…DJ comes and sits..Dj tells Vicky to get up..DJ puts water on Vicky..Vicky shouts and gets up..DJ tells why Vicky lied that her song was good???DJ tells that Bhuwan and Zubair was right and she should have joined the office…Vicky tells shut up..Vicky opens laptop and DJ sees..DJ tells she cant believe thirty thousand likes…DJ gets happy and hugs Vicky…Doctor sees Avanti’s report..Virat comes and sits..DOctor tells time has passed and he cannot do anything…Virat goes near AVanti and tells everthing will be fine..Virat tells it was a small accident..Virat tells Doctor he called him from US so that Avanti gets well soon…Virat hold Doctor shirt and tells it was a small accident…Doctor tells Virat to calm down and relax…Doctor goes…Virat is upset..Virat tells he is there with Avanti and he will bring someone Avanti will be alright..Virat tells before Avanti he will die..Virat thinks all the moments spent with Avanti..Virat cries..
Bhuwan sleeps..DJ comes and tells to get up..DJ tells that she is very excited..Bhuwan asks what happened???DJ tells that her video is super hit….Bhuwan tells that very good…Bhuwan tells lets celebrate…Bhuwan and DJ kiss..Rajat comes and tells Virat that he read the news??Virat reads “DESI SWAG IS SELLING”..Virat gets angry and tells Zubair is gone..

Precap:Vicky proposes DJ..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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