Million Dollar Girl 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajat asks Virat what all is happening??Virat tells that it is Investor’s party,,Rajat tells that If he took father permission,,VIrat tells its his house..Rajat tells Worst of luck,,Virat tells he only makes his life luck,,Anyone directions he cannot follow..Rajat tells thats good..Rajat tells that he will sure come in the Party…VIrat tells to put black tie and come..Rajat tells yes..Rajat tells Virat If his permission is there will go to his room,,,Virat tells sure…Rajat goes..
DJ writes her ex-boyfriend names,,Vicky tells he is worried If DJ is having this much boyfriend then how many Kavya will be having,,DJ tells to chill as it does not matter..Dj tells that Vicky is Kavya’s present not past..Anotherside Bhuwan writes list of girlfriends..Virat comes..Bhuwan

hides..Virat gives a advice to Bhuwan that in life telling lie is impotant…Avanti instructs the Tailor to make clothes properly..Avanti tells that they will gatecrash party,,.Avanti tells she will show Virat..She is designing clothes she will wear,,and girls will also wear and come..DJ tells what will be her contribution??Avanti tells that there will be DJ’s music.,,DJ gets happy..DJ tells she is very excited…..Avanti wears a dress and comes…DJ tells that Avanti is lookin like a barbie doll..Dj tells that If she would have boy would have proposed Avanti,,Avanti tells that Investor’s cannot refuse this beautiful dress…Avanti and DJ goes..Avanti tells that all boy are seeing Avanti,,She is jealous..DJ tells Bhuwan is there for him he dont want one attention.. she will tells all truth to Bhuwan,,,DJ asks If Avanti has a list,,Avanti tells yes list of her dream As this boys comes and goes in life,,,DJ tells she have to go will meet at 7:30..Virat sees Avanti coming coming,,,Virat stares Avanti..,,Virat calls Avanti “BANDARIYA”,,,Virat tells that If she wear clothes also will not like Aishwarya rai..Avanti tells she is wearing for party..Virat asks who invited Avanti in the party??Avanti tells herself and she will see who will stop Avanti coming into the party,,,Avanti gets ready..One model asks Avanti how they will gatecrash the party..Avanti tells not to be worried as DJ will manage…
Avanti comes in office…Avanti sees Bhuwan ex-girlfriend list and tells who have dated this monkey,,Virat stares avanti and hurts his hand..Avanti comes and puts Bandage…Avanti and VIrat looks at each other..Zubair calls Avanti..Avanti comes in Zubair’s office..Zubair gives Avanti Investor party pass and tell to keep…Zubair tells that he has given Avanti a second chance..Zubair tells that this is going to be her last chance…Avanti tells that she dont want the pass..As what she deserved she will get it..Avanti tells that she will Impress the Investor’s,,,Avanti cries that she have heard alot Coffe girl Now she will show..Avanti goes..Secretery tells How dare Avanti refused the pass..Secretary tells Zubair how he gave the pass soo easily…Zubair tells to open and see the envelope.Secretary sees but Envelope is Emty..Zubair tells he would have very disappointed If Avanti would have taken the pass…Zubair tells sometimes have to insult people to motivate them..Avanti waits,,DJ comes tells sorry..DJ tells that she was composing music the whole night and slept…Avanti tells that she was soo scared that their new plan will flop…Avanti tells that she have to prove zubair that she is not a loser…DJ tells all is goin according to plan..DJ tells not to be worried as Bhuwan has set all…Avanti tells that she want to talk about Bhuwan..DJ tells that Bhuwan is a good boy and If he have dated girls also she dont care…Avanti sits in office Virat stares Avanti,,Avanti asks what hapened??Avanti listens the music,,Dj tells that she is very happy as Bhuwan have shown hiss list..He has five girlfriend,,DJ tells she doesnt care about the past…DJ tells she have to go and ready..DJ goes…Avanti tells what to do..If she said the truth to DJ then DJ will do breakup..

Precap::Zubair Insult Avanti and tells that Virat is his boss..Virat tells Avanti to become welcome waitress of the party,,

Update Credit to: Ansari

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