Million Dollar Girl 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

DJ tells she was thinking about the party..Dj tells that they will buy new dress,,Virat goes to shop tells tailor to stich the dress good..DJ selects blue dress and tells that Avanti will look like Deepika padkuone..Avanti goes in trial room..Virat also goes in trial room…Avanti stands..Virat puts his shirt..It falls..Avanti tells why he throwd the tshirt…Avanti calld blo*dy stalker..Virat tells to relax..Avanti tells that her sandals dont like Virat,,,Avanti throws the sandal..Virat shouts and tells that Bhansa have gone mad..Virat goes in Avanti trial room..Avanti falls on Virat..Both looks at each other,,DJ comes and tells Avanti to get up..DJ tells Virat why he is following them everywhere..Virat tells that DJ and Avanti are not celebrity to follow..
VIrat tels DJ that

to see dreams of Buying expensive dress as they are middle class girl and cannot afford..,,Avanti tells DJ that Virat is thinking himself Risabh zubair from nowitself..Avanti tells she will come in the party and show..Virat tells party is his in house..Avanti tells that Virat cannot stop her..Kavya goes on date with the boy..Vicky sits and sees,,The boy tells that he has a nice time spending with Kavya,,Vicky sees and tells why the boy is touching Kavya..Vicky tells that boy is a touching machine..The boy gets close with Kavya…Kavya pushes away…Vicky comes tells that he will handle..Kavya sprays boy,,,Vicky tells he would have handled..Kavya also sprays Vicky..Kavya tells that she can protect herself..Vicky tells DJ to stop it..Vicky tells he want Kavya to be his future and past,,,Vicky tells DJ to stop as she was also worried when they said about Bhuwan,,Dj tells to forget..DJ tells she is worried about presentation…Vicky tells forget and lets go home…Next morning,,,Virat and Avanti comes to Zubair’s office…Avanti tells first she will present her idea..Virat tells that Avanti presentation is partial like her..Zubair tells Virat and Avanti dont have any manners??As he is listening songs,,Zubair and Avanti goes,,
Virat tells that seeing Avanti’s face Zubair feel irritated..Avanti tells that VIrat thinks he is a Action hero…Virat snatches the file..Avanti shouts to give.Virat sees Avanti’s presentation and tells that Avanti is a middle class and she have a small thinking,,Virat tells That Zubair will burn the presentation…Avant tells that Zubair will think..Zubair calls Virat..Virat tells his idea is selling handloom sarees to Upperclass people as Investment is less and return is more..Avanti peeps from the door..Zubair tells to come in,,,Avanti comes in,,,Virat tells that Banarsi saree they can see twenty thousand in one lakh as there is very much Idea..Avanti cries..Zubair tells where is the idea..Zubair tells that Avanti is good at serving coffee..Zubair tells he is giving the chance to Virat ,,And cAvanti Comes to shop or not he dont care…Zubair goes avanti cries..VIrat tells that Avanti is a loser..Virat tells that Luck is temporary that avanti dont have,,Virat tells Avanti that party is for high class people not for middle class..Virat tells to open a jewellery shop fake…Fake like her tears,,Fake like her ideas…Virat puts his Hand on Avanti shoulder and laughs…He ask Avanti that she dont deserve to work here..Virat goes…DJ comes and asks what happened..Avanti tells that Virat presented her Idea and not allowing her to come at party,DJ asks Whaich party?Avanti tells Banaras Invester’s gathering..
Avanti wears blue dress,,Avanti tells DJ she would think a idea that Invester’s cannot reject the idea..Avanti tells they have to think a idea that Inverstor’s should be attracted like magnets…Avanti tells she have to go..DJ tells to wait..DJ tells she dont have enough time..she have a date with Bhuwan,,Bhuwan sits..DJ comes…Vicky calls and asks DJ if she asked how many kavya has boyfriend’s???DJ tells that she dont know and she didnt ask..DJ comes and sits..Bhuwan asks what is the problem??Dj tells that Vicky wanted to know kavya’s boyfriend..Bhuwan gets quiet..DJ asks why Bhuwan is feeling hesistated???Dj asks how much ex-girlfriend he have??Bhuwan tells he dont have any,,,Dj tells okey Honesty should be there in every relationship..DJ tells that she will make a list of her ex-boyfriend and he have to make a list of his ex-girlfriend..Bhuwan agrees.. Avanti calls the girl..The girl comes and asks if Avanti is opening her shop once again??Avanti tells the girl that If want again the dress from her shop??Girl tells yes..Avanti tells the girl she have to do something for her..

Precap::Avanti tells Virat that no one can stop her coming into party,,

Update Credit to: Ansari

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