Million Dollar Girl 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Million Dollar Girl 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vicky tells If next time Virat done nything Avanti should record on phone.and show to police.DJ says yes..Avanti says yes.Avanti listens a text..Avanti tells that her friend Sanyukta made a app from where customer can desighn there own saree..Dj tells that is awesome..Vicky tells that Avanti’s friend Sanyukta is soo genius..avanti tells yes…customer’s come at Avanti’s saree..Avanti shows Customerc tab and says they can design saree according to their wish..Customer gets happy..Dj comes and tells that Bhuwan has filed a complaint against his father..Avanti tells not to worry as they will teach him..Avanti says customer’s is here..Dj tells its okey as she alone can handle Bhuwan..DJ goes to Bhuwan and shouts at him,,Dj tells that her father is a respected..Bhuwan

tells that he know how her father is,,,Bhuwan says his father is fooling poor people..Dj says that he cannot like this..DJ tells that Bhuwan is becoming “Hero” by showing other people villian..Bhuwan and Dj looks at each other angrily..
Anotherside Virat comes to lawyer..Lawyer tells Virat he should not have breaked the shop..Virat tells Avanti is the main responsible for the case..Lawyer tells that Avanti should be in their favour then only they can win the case and take Avanti’s signature..Virat’s lawyer tells him that it is important for him to legally obtain Avanti shop..He tells Virat to take signature of Avanti..Virat tells how??Lawyer tells he have written difficult language on documents avanti cannot understand..But If read in detail will understand..Virat tells he will take signature..
At night Avanti is sitting.Virat comes and says hi..Avanti gets scared..Virat tells he just came..Avanti says that again Virat came to break the shop..Virat says that he came to talk something..Avanti moves backward and is scared..Virat tells he wanted to talk something imporatant..Avanti tells may be Virat is having some work thats why he came.Avanti tells that Virat is soo mean and his whole family is mean..Virat holds Avanti’s hand and pushes her..Avanti shout in pain and tells to leave her hand..Virat thinks what lawyer said and leaves Avanti’s hand..VIrat tells Avanti that he came to request something..Virat says Avanti to be comfortable..He tells that there is somthing in Avanti’s chin..Virat removes it from Avanti’s chin..Virat says that he promise that will not break anything in avanti’s shop..Avanti tells she cannot trust him anymore..Virat tells to trust him..Avanti tells he can see mark on his face and she known that Virat fought with someone..Virat tells that he fall from steps..avanti tells she is big not bron just now..suddenly Frame falls Virat holds and saves Avanti..Avanti closes her eyes and gets scared..Avanti tells she will put it..Virat tells okey and goes…
Avanti’s mother buys vegetables along with kavya..Vicky suddenly comes..Kavya asks for 2kg tomato..Vegetable vendor tells that Vicky buyed whole tomatoes..Vicky tells vendor to give kavya..kavya tells its okey..avanti’s mother sees Vicky and gets happy Gives him the vegetable basket to hold..Kavya tells no..But she gives..Vicky goes along with kavya and her mother..Dj is sitting at dhabba waiting for Vicky..Bhuwan comes and talks with a boy about the incident..Bhuwan asks for menu..Bhuwan tells food cost is high..Dj shouts from back..tells that prices are soo high so why not food cost is high??Dj tells that Vicky had not open a free kitchen..
Vicky drops Avanti’s mother and kavya..Ankit comes and tells till now vicky is not good..Vicky tells till now ankit dont know who is Vicky “dhabbay waala”..Ankit tells he will tells everyone If Vicky again came to home..Vicky tell Ankit to come out from the house then he will teach lesson..Ankit tells to stay away..Avanti’s mother shouts from kitchen tells to bring onion..Ankit and Vicky gets close and Vicky holds Ankit’s shirt..Ankit sees angrily to Vicky..Avanti’s mother ask if anybody is there..Kavya comes and Pulls Vicky away while Ankit sees..Kavya tells Vicky instead of saying sorry he is fighting..Vicky tells for what???kavya tells Vicky not to come from nowonwards…Vicky gets upset and goes..
Dj gives bill to Bhuwan..Bhuwan says that it is very less..Dj tells that his father teached her that to help poor people As it is a good deed..Bhuwan tell wait..Bhuwan takes “daal” and puts on DJ’s face..tells her to take tip and wash from expensive soap..Bhuwan goes..Dj shouts at her..Avanti coughs..Virat gives water to Avanti.Avanti tells herself that Virat is good to her..Virat tells himself till he get Avanti’s signature he have to behave good only..Virat sits on his knees and holds Avanti’s hand..Servent comes and tells Avanti to tells yes soo soon..Servent tells he will come outside and goes…Avanti asks Virat what he is doing..Virat tells he is politely talking to Avanti…Vicky sees and gets shocked..Vicky tells what is going onn….Virat tells that there is some case her father had done on his father that he want to discuss with Avanti..Avanti tells which case???Virat tells its a small case..Avanti tells later they will discuss..Virat gets up and tells Avanti thankyou..Avanti asks what??Virat tells thankyou..Avanti tells its okey..Vicky comes to Avanti and asks what was happening???Avanti tells that Virat was taking about some case..Vicky asks what case??Avanti tells she dont know..Vicky tells to keep distance from Virat Avanti agree vicky goes…

precap::Avanti asks Virat what is this case??Virat tells it is a small case..Virat tells If Avanti signed on the documents he will give 10lakhs..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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