Million Dollar Girl 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranvijay calls Rajat and tells to pick him up..Vicky comes…Vicky tells he some old dispute..Vicky beats Ranvijay… Vicky and Ranvijay fights,,,then Ranvijay beats Vicky..Vicky beats Ranvijay..Ranvijay falls.. Vicky tells Ranvijay it was past and if he came near her will beat like anything..Vicky goes..Rajat comes..Rajat asks why Vicky was beating??Ranvijay tells he roam with many girls But dont know for whom Vicky was beating…Vicky calls Kavya that he teached a lesson to Ranvijay..Vicky tells Kavya that she dont have to get scared from her past..Kavya tells Vicky to grow up,,As she smile and seen Ranvijay Vicky thought something,,,Virat comes office..Zaheer sits behind..DJ and avanti comes and sits..Virat tells that they are ready,,Zubair tells that Virat will take interview

of DJ,,And Avanti will take Zaheer…
Virat asks DJ what is Momentum???DJ gives the answer..Virat asks about Marketing..Dj gives the answer…Virat is shocked..Dj slowly moves her hair..Bluetooth is fitted in DJ’s ear..DJ gives the answer while kavya dictates..Virat asks another question.. Kavya tells Dj that it is a slang..DJ tells that it means Loosing Virginity…Zubair tells little quiker..Zubair tells in five seconds..Avanti shows DJ thumps up.Zubair tells now enough..Zubair tells its Zaheer chance,,.Avanti tells zubair that she will asks about Banarasi..Avanti brings saree and tells that zaheer have to recognize..Avanti asks which is pure silk???Zaheer shows..Avanti tells no..Zubair tells timeout.. .Zubair tells Zaheer to getout.and congrats DJ…Zaheer goes..Zubair also goes..Avanti tells Virat that he brought someone from stamford and call her illiterate,,Virat tells that Avanti has done something but everyone knows DJ cannot stand infront of Zaheer…Avanti tells Virat to accept his deafet gracefully..VIrat tells that Dj have to work under him…Virat goes…DJ tells Bhuwan not to become her family..Dj and Avanti goes…DJ tells that Bhuwan said her sorry…Avanti sees her shop and gets upset..DJ tells not to worry as they two will earn,,DJ tells she have to go as her mother called her..Next day avanti and DJ comes office..
Zubair tells Good morning..Zubair says that their products are finalized..So they will deliver their products in this empty boxes…Virat tells he will prepare the presentation..avanti tells she is also there..Avanti tells Virat not to show her “I AM GOOD” attitude to her..Zubair tells stop fighting like Cat and Dogs and concentrate on the presentation,,Zubair goes…Avanti tells Virat that she will show him that she is good by making the presentation..DJ tells that the will pickup the boxes…DJ,,Avanti and Bhuwan..Virat picks the boxes..DJ tells Avanti why she is making the presentation??As they can take Virat’s presentation and put their name..Avanti tells no..As she wanted to do on her merit and prove Virat that she is the best..Teach him a good lesson..
Bhuwan tells Virat that he cannot help Virat in selecting products as he dont know anything..Virat tells its okey..Virat tells Party will be on his house..Bhuwan tells what about her Uncle??Virat tells its his house..Vicky meets Kavya.Vicky tells he known Kavya lied..Kavya asks about what??.Vicky tells that she dated a boy..Kavya tells no she didnt..Vicky tells to prove then..Vicky shows Kavya a boy and tells to ask for a date..Kavya tells he is her customer..Vicky tells If kavya Dated anyone to prove..Kavya goes and meets the boy..Kavya tells Vicky that at eight she is going on date.Vicky tells that fight he will that she will do dinner or not..Kavya smiles..Dj tells avanti that she enjoyed the first day at office DJ tells that Avanti and Virat fight alot at office and creates Drama..DJ asks What about the presentation what she is doing??..Avanti tells Banarsi and Handloom saree’s idea was her..Avanti tells she use her intelligence but credit goes to Virat.DJ tells that Before only Saree buisness was flop..Avanti gets upset…

Precap::Avanti is in trial room and tells whose this shirt..Virat tells its his..Avanti and Virat fights..Virat comes..Avanti falls on Virat they looks at each other

Update Credit to: Ansari

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