Million Dollar Girl 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

DJ falls on Bhuwan…bhuwan tells If dj cannot control why she drinks???Dj tells Finally Bhuwan admitted..Bhuwan tells he is telling because Dj is coming and falling on her,,Dj tells its her wish she will drink or not…Dj and Bhuwan fights..Avanti and Virat comes and stops both of them,,Avanti tells If they fight with idiot then their taste will be bad,,,Virat tells that they came to enjoy the party not to fight..Avanti,,Rajat,,kavya..Ranvijay and all dance dance…Avanti asks for water bhuwan asks avanti didnt drinks??Avanti tells no….Bhuwan makes Drink for Avanti..Avanti tells thanks and drinks..Bhuwan tells Avanti nice earings..Avanti smiles..Dj comes and snatches Avanti,,DJ tells Avanti not to stand with Bhuwan,,,
Virat tells If avanti is not drinking??Virat tells

bhuwan is nice..Avanti tells yes he is brilliant..Virat tells All the best to Avanti..Avanti tells thanks…Song play “Maine Hooton se laagayi to hungama hogaya”….Kavya dances on stage..Vicky sees kavya…Avanti tells Kavya became dancing queen,,,Avanti goes and dance along with Kavya,,Virat sees and claps..Avanti and kavya dances…Everyone claps…Kavya comes down sees her foot injured..Vicky comes and massages..Kavya tells that she is not Bhenji..And says that she wanted to go in parties…Vicky tells Everyone has roght to enjoy the life..Like Sachin tendulkar that he choosed an ordinary life partner..Kavya tells that she want to be like Avanti,,,As Avanti has Some spark…Vicky tells yes..Avanti comes and asks If Kavya is alright??Kavya tells she need pain killers…Avanti asks the Host of the party where is washroom??He tells on first floor..Avanti holds kavya..Vicky tells lets go..Kavya tells where is Vicky going??Kavya says they will go..Vicky tells okey..
Kavya goes to washroom.Avanti stands outside..Dj tells Bhuwan that he lied to her..He said that she is the first girl bhuwan proposed..But all lie..Dj tells that Infront of her Bhuwan was flirting with Avanti??Dj tells Bhuwan that he like Avanti from the beginning??
Bhuwan tells Dj to shut up and says its non of her buisness he will Flirt with anyone he likes.,,Bhuwan tells he gone against principals.and loved DJ and didnt got anything in return Even solved the case of his father.DJ gets Closer to Bhuwan.Dj and bhuwan kisses…Bhuwan pushes Dj and goes,DJ gets upset,,Anotherside Avanti thinks about the moments she spent with Virat..Avanti coughs..virat comes..Avanti tells to Press her back…Avanti turns and sees its Virat..Avanto tells that she thought it was kavya..Avanti and Virat gets closer are about to kiss each other..suddenly kavya comes…Vicky And avanti sees DJ upset…Vicky tells Dj not to be upset…kavya tells they have to go..Vicky tells its time to go as its late.Virat asks where is Bhuwan??Vicky tells Bhuwan gone..DJ,,vicky and Kavya goes…Avanti tells Virat all the best,,Avanti,,,Dj and Kavya sits on bed..Kavya sleeps..DJ tells that she kissed Bhuwan,,,Dj tells she is very sad,,avanti asks what happeend??DJ tells that Bhuwan gone gone…Avanti tells If Bhuwan is taking revenge???DJ tells no way…Next s ready..Kavya and DJ is still sleeping..Avanti goes to zubair’s office..Avanti and Virat reaches at zubair’s office..Secretery comes and tells avanti and Virat to wait here…Zubair comes…VIrat and Avanti stands up…Zubair tells he like Avanti thinking as her thinking is different and he like Virat’s execution..Virat tells what the result???Zubair tells that their ideas are downmarmarket Soo they are losers as well as winner’s…

Precap:Virat tells Avanti that it was his buisness plan soo Zubair liked him,,Avanti tells no way..Virat tells avanti to search a new job..Avanti tells no…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Funny thing is DJ and Bhuwan always gets chances to kiss ;)(wink) but Avanti and Virat its not happening yaar…. šŸ™ šŸ˜›

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