Million Dollar Girl 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Million Dollar Girl 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Vicky’s Dhaaba..DJ tells Bhuwan that she remixed the song as he said..Vicky listens and comes..Vicky tells that Recording studio were calling her..DJ talks and tells that there is some good news..DJ tells Bhuwan that recording studi people gave her one more chance…Bhuwan tells that her song was not good…Bhuwan tells that Vicky dont know how to handle Dhaaba..
Bhuwan tells that he is just telling..DJ tells that Vicky at least encourage her..Dj tells that she should leave..Bhuwan tells that he is telling what he thinks.DJ tells that she is thinking that Bhuwan cannot see her successful..Bhuwan tells its nothing like that..DJ tells that If her song is successful then Bhuwan should say sorry and If her song his flop then she will join Zubair’s office…DJ comes

at Vicky’s dhaaba…DJ comes and sit..Vicky asks what happened???DJ tells that Bhuwan is unable to understand that music is her passion,,and her life..Vicky tells that DJ can do whatever she like she is a mature adult..DJ tells that she will do whatever she like..Vicky tells that he already with her..DJ thanks Vicky..At office…Virat sits.Zubair asks how jute bags delivery is out of city???Virat tells he did…Zubair tells How he got Investor??Rajat tells he is the Investor!!Zubair asks who is he???Rajat tells “Rajat singh Rathod”..Virat tells his brother..zubair tells to do whatever they want and goes..Virat gets happy…Nurse clean’s Avanti’s hand..Virat comes and tells he will do..Virat tells that they started selling jute bags that too for Middle class..Virat tells that what Avanti wanted things are going like that..Virat thinks the moment spent with Avanti..DJ comes and Sees Avanti..DJ tells where is Avanti??!DJ tells that there are many things going on her life..And she feel very lost..DJ tells that without Avanti nothing is good..DJ tells that she recorded a song and now uploading it on internet…Dj tells that she is feeling very low..DJ tells to listen once and tell How is that..DJ cries and Plays music..DJ tells without Avanti everything is incomplete..DJ tells that everything will be alright when Avanti is get well…DJ cries…DJ thinks all the moments spent with Avanti…DJ prays and tells to God to super hit her song..Vicky comes…DJ tells that she have to upload her song and make it super hit…DJ tells she cannot do that..Vicky tells that song will be super-hit….Vicky tells lets do..3..2..1..DJ tells no as she is scared…Vicky tells tells DJ to give her hand..DJ gives..Vicky press the button..DJ tells what Vicky did..Vicky tells not to take tension just sit and enjoy..Vicky tells many likes will come…DJ cries..After sometime Vicky asks what happened??Vicky says zero likes and zero comment…

Precap::Virat beats Doctor and tells him that he called him to check Avanti..Rajat comes and tells that Virat to read the newspaper..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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