Million Dollar Girl 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat gets shocked to see Bhansal name in the file..Bhuwan gets up and asks what does he want.and who is he???.Virat tries to run Bhuwan catches him..Virat pushed but Bhuwan catches him..Virat’s watch falls..Bhuwan holds Virat from back and removes his mask,,Bhuwan is about to see Virat..But Virat beats Bhuwan and runs….
Virat goes to his shop and throws all the chairs and all…Avanti is shocked..Virat comes into Avanti’s shop..breaks the wall..Avanti shouts to stop..Virat throws the fan..Avanti asks what happeend??Virat tells his life is destroyed because of this shop..Virat holds Avanti’s hands and tells that now he will destroy avanti’s shop..Virat sees Avanti’s father photo and goes…Avanti sits and cries…DJ tells Vicky to come

along with her As Avanti is hurted..Vicky tells he have work at dhabba He is not sitting free…Dj tells to come along with her..Vicky says noo..Dj tells she dont understand why Vicky is showing this much ego…DJ gets angry and goes..
Avanti cries..DJ asks what happeend..Avanti tells Virat..DJ tells Virat should be teached a lesson..DJ says that Avanti is a strong girl..DJ takes to ghat..Avanti tells that she cannot fight with Virat as he is a psycho..If she again complaint to police then virat will do anything..avant cries..Vicky comes and tells very good..Vicky says is that Avanti who slapped a boy in school when he teased her..Vicky tells this is some coward not Avanti..Vicky hugs Avanti..Avanti cries..Vicky tells If Virat is psycho then Avanti is Super pshycho as whole Banaras known..Vicky tells Avanti to eat something..Vicky tells her whole shop breaked..Dj tells not to worry as her shop already broked..If shop has to be build first have to be break and then construct Dj tells Virat done shop’s work..Avanti tells it is right..Dj says that they have to do the shop modern bring new thing..avanti tells yes should desighn the shop and paint different colours..Avanti tells yes they will put some dinka chika music..Virat walks in street and think about Rajat’s mother what she said..Virat tells he haven’t done anything good for the family..Virat bumps into some people..The people tells If Virat is blind..The other person says that maybe he is son of a rich person…Virat gets abd beats them..Virat fights..One person attacks Virat from the back..Virat falls..They beats Virat badly wih their legs..Virat falls helplessely unconsious..Rajat comes and beats both of them..Rajat picks up Virat and take him to house..Virat heals himself..Rajat brings ice..Rajat asks what happened??Rajat laughs and tells from childhood he known Virat..He is different..Rajat asks how His Action Hero Virat beaten up by the people..VIrat is quiet..Rajat gives drink to Virat..VIrat and Rajat drinks..DJ..Vicky and Virat paints the shop…Avanti and Vicky plays..Songs goes on background “Jaane kyun dil maantaa hain”…Avanti and Vicky paints wall with different colours…At last Avanti,,Vicky..DJ hugs themselves..Avanti renovates her shop with help of DJ..Vicky..Vicky tells that shop is looking awesome…Avanti thinks and tells Vicky If again Virat done anything???Vicky tells Avanti to file complaint..Avanti thinks what Virat said and tells Vicky she will complain later..,,Vicky and DJ is shocked..

Precap::Lawyer tells Virat He want Avanti’s signature to end the case of his father..Virat goes to avanti..Avanti tells Virat to smile..Virat sits on knees and Holds Avanti’s hand..Avanti is shocked..Servent comes and sees tells Avanti not to tell yes soo soon..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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