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Million Dollar Girl 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhuwan comes to Virat house Virat tells Bhuwan to eat something as he is his guest..Virat tells BHuwan tells that he had a file in which its written that his father case information is there..Virat tells he want the file..Bhuwan ells that Virat is selfish and doenst think about weaver’s…Virat tells that he is also thinking about weavers he just want a simple take..Bhuwan tells no…Virat tells okey he known that Bhuwan finacial conditions are not good…Virat tells he will provide a big house and car..Bhuwan gets angry and holds Virat shirt..Bhuwan tells According to law If any person try to give money will be imprisonment for atleast 5years..Virat tells he is impressed…Bhuwan says he dont need money as he is studying law and is topper..Bhuwan says he can get job

in high companies but Virat will never understand..
Avanti and DJ are sitting..One customer comes along with her daughter.But daughter tells that it is very boring shop..The customer goes…Avanti tells why parents born this type of children..Dj tells yes,,DJ say that have to do something for Youngsters..So that Youngster’s should attract and comes…Avanti tells yes..Anotherside Avanti’s mother comes along with kavya..She tells feeling thirsty…Kavya tells will make something at home..Avanti’s mother says no..Vicky sees and feels awkward…Avanti’s mother and kavya sits..Vicky comes and order’s lassi…Avanti’s mother tells to sit…kavya tells no as may be he is having work..Avanti’s mother tells Vicky to sit..Vicky sits..Avanti’s mother tells that very good food is available at Vicky’s dhaba..Kavya tells yes in her marriage Vicky will provide catering..Vicky says himself yes in their marriage food will be from his dhabba..
DJ tells Avanti that they will make saree attractive Soo that youngster’s come..DJ tells that youngster’s will go for shopping for everysmall issue…Avanti gets an idea..DJ gets a message…DJ tells her music app downloded…DJ tells any kind of music will be available..Avanti gets an idea She thanks Avanti..DJ tells what idea she gave???Avanti tells customer’s can customize the saree.according to their choice…Avanti tells this will be the first shop in the whole banaras..Virat comes to someplace and gets happy meeting his father..HIs father sitting in dark tells Virat to sit..Virat asks his father is okey??His father says that he is no good as hiding and running from one place to place…..He asks Did he got Bansal’s shop?Virat tells no As Bansal’s daughter refused..He tells to enough now!!!His father asks Virat did he got file from Bhuwan???Virat says noo..He tells that till now Virat didnt did anything its waste.Its his fault that he believed Virat this much..Virat cries and tells he needs time..His father tells to do as soon as possible.Virat says today only will go to house and bring it.Virat cries and hugs..Virat tells that Day Rajat’s mother was telling truth or what..Virat goes to Bhuwan’s house hiding..He checks the table..Bhuwan is sleeping..Virat checks the almira and finds some file..Virat turns and gets shocked…

Precap::Virat gets angry throws all things Virat goes in avanti’s shop and tells that because of this shop his life is destroyed

Update Credit to: Ansari

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