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Million Dollar Girl 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

At shop DJ tells Avanti that they will do something big…Vicky comes and sit upset..DJ asks what happend??Vicky tells dont ask,,,Avanti laughs..Vicky tells to do something..Avanti says she have made a plan..Vicky tells what??Avanti tells to bring samosa and tea As she has made a solid plan..At home Avanti tells kavya that nowadays people thinking is open minded and world has become modern..Avanti tells for example Age is just a number…Avanti tells that age doenst matter..Avanti tells what banaras people will think??If girl is greater in age then boy..Kavya tells If the couple is ready they can live and doesnt care about society..Avanti tells right and gets happy..Kavya goes..Kavya goes..Avanti prepares a candle light and decorates the terrace..At night Kavya asks what is this..Avanti

tells that Vicky loves someone so she called both of them here as their is privacy and nobody at home..kavya asks who is the girl..Avanti tells she will sure like that girl…Vicky comes on terrace..Kavya tells all the best..Avanti tells she have to go..Kavya says she have to go..Vicky tells wait as the girl is here…Vicky tells that it is one sided love but today he promised to god and game that will confess..
Vicky sits on his knees holding bouquet Vicky tells the girl is kavya whom he love and wanted to spend whole life…Vicky tells “I love U” to kkavya and tells he wanted to spend the whole life with her..Ankit sees…Kavya gets shocked…kavya tells what rubbish???Kavya tells Vicky to move away…Vicky moves…Avanti comes and tells kavya that Vicky really loves her.Ankit comes and slaps Vicky tells he is blo*dy dhabba person..HOw he dare to keep eye on Kavya..Ankit beats Vicky,,Avanti comes and stops Ankit.Vicky cries…Ankit goes down..Kavya stops Ankit and says that it was not her fault as she didnt like Vicky..Kavya tells not to tells anyone about tonight what happeend..Avanti comes and tells kavya why he telling Ankit..Kavya tells Avanti to stop..As s he is selfish and wants everyone to think like her..Kavya tells now she understood why Avanti was talking about Age and all..Kavya says that its all Avanti’s mistake as only was free with Vicky…Avanti gets quiet..Vicky comes down Kavya tells that She dont wanted to see Vicky’s face…She tells Vicky to get out of her house…Kavya tells Ankit not to tells anyone specially her mother and tayaaji..Kavya goes,,,Vicky tells Avanti that it was her mistake atleast she would before asked kavya about him,,Vicky tells he will have somehow manage to tells kavya..Avanti tells she will convince kavya somehow..Vicky tells stop and goes…avanti is shocked..Ankit laughs…Anotherside Virat comes to his office drinks and thinks…Anotherside Avanti drinks thinking about kavya and Vicky…avanti cries and tells why in her life always happens like this As she tries to do good things but always bad happens…Virat too cries and drinks..Virat sees Avanti from the wall..He tells that Avanti acts soo brave but she is coward..Next morning Avanti’s mother tells her to do breakfast..Avanti tells that she is not hungry,,Avanti’s mother tells that today kavya also didnt did…Ankit tells Avanti that it was wrong happened between Kavya and Vicky..Avanti tells that it is between them,,ankit tells that he is kavya’s brother that why he think..Avanti tells suddenly why Ankit is acting good…Ankit takes the tablet and tells avanti thankyou..Avanti asks why he is telling..Ankit tells because avanti gifted him tab and he can play games..avanti tells she have not..Ankit tells he have to be quiet He need tab,,Avanti tells Ankit is blackmailing her??Ankit tells whatever she can think..Ankit goes,,Avanti is shocked..

precap::Virat tells Bhuwan that he have a file and he wants that..Bhuwan tells he wil not give..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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