Million Dollar Girl 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

DJ cries and tells Avanti that Bhuwan said her to marry someone else,,Avanti encourages Bhuwan and tells DJ to recognize her inner talent..Dj tells She is talentless..Avanti tells that Dj knows everything about trend,,Pattern..Avanti says that they are sending stylish clothes thats what Dj can do..And poeple like Bhuwan should not be given to judge our character’s..Dj tells Avanti is right and they will have to do something and show them,,Virat tells that from hundred candidate he shortlisted and selected one.. Virat tells Zaheer ahmed is the best candidate..Zubair tells that he will check the excellance of the candidate..Avanti comes along with DJ..Zubair asks who is this girl…Avanti tells that Bhuwan didnt took Interview of DJ “DURGA PRASAD JOGESHWARI”,,,Zubair tells

that Interview are over..Avanti tells that she is deserving.. Virat tells How can she give compedition to Stamford University student Avanti tells Virat to keep his suggestion with him,,Virat tells Zubair that he is wating time and Time is Money,Zubair agrees and Says there will be a compedition Between Zaheer and DJ,,Avanti tells Virat is scared Virat tells he is not scared..Avanti tells that they will see tommorrow in compedition..Vicky tells Kavya he known Kavya already kissed someone..Kavya tells she is not that sensitive…Vicky asks Kavya who is the person??Kavya sees Ranvijay..Vicky is shocked to see Ranvijay..Anotherside Dj tells avanti that she cannot study,,Avanti tells to chill and tells “BOOM SHANKAR”…DJ tells “BOOM SHANKAR” Kavya teaches DJ tells that From A starts triple A server..Kavya teaches Dj,,After sometime DJ tells its enough..Avanti tells that till this time Zaheer would have studied all..
DJ studies..Song goes in Background “RATTA MAAR”…Bhuwan thinks How he said DJ,,Bhuwan calls Dj..Dj cuts the call..Bhuwan text DJ saying “I AM SORRY”…Kavya asks DJ what is “AAA Server”..DJ tells AAA server is australia..Avanti tells did DJ studied Geography??Kavya tells that DJ cannot do..Avanti tells she cannot loose hope..Avanti tells she is taking update From Vicky about Zaheer and Virat..Zaheer and Virat is still in office..DJ tells Avanti to think something as she cannot study more…Vicky follows Zaheer..Zaheer buys tablets..DJ comes…
DJ tells she was preaparing like mad So she was suffering from headache..DJ tells that Zaheer is soo cute..Zaheer smiles.DJ asks what Zaheer is drinking??Zaheer gives it to DJ and tells that its refreshing Drinks..DJ tells Zaheer to help in selecting choclate,,Zaheer helps..Dj slowly mix sleeping pills ,,,DJ tells she have to go now..Zaheer tells DJ that If she is intrested they can talk more…DJ tells that someone said her “Never make buisness with Pleasure”. Zaheer smiles..DJ goes….Zaheer tells Virat that he met DJ..Zaheer tells that DJ is soo cute..Zaheer falls.Virat tells that Avanti is Dead Now….Avanti gets happy and tells that DJ that Zaheer cannot come for Interview…DJ goes…Avanti sleeps..Virat slowly comes in Avanti room..Virat sees Avanti..Glass falls..Avanti gets up and calls “Thief,,THief”..Avanti tells that If her Tayaaji sees then it will be not good..Avanti asks Why Virat came??Virat tells he came to count stars..Virat tells that Avanti looks innocent when sleeping but gets up looks like a devil..Virat tells that Avanti did the worst thing,,Avanti tells she not priest to sit quite and see…Avanti tells before she gets mad Virat should leave..VIrat tells he is going but she should not think that he has fail,,Virat drinks water and goes..

Precap::Avanti tells Virat to accept his deafet gracefully…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. This Bhuwan & DJ are so IRRRITATING to watch!!

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