Million Dollar Girl 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranvijay waits at bust stop and tells Kavya didnt came till now..Ranvijay waits..Ranvijay tells Kavya didnt came he have to go…Kavya runs and comes and fall on Ranvijay..Both look at each other..All people on the bus stand see…Kavya smiles..Ranvijay to smiles..Ranvijay gets up and tells people to stop looking them…Everyone turns..Ranvijay holds Kavya hand..Kavya tells to leave her hand…Kavya goes..Ranvijay tells If Kavya turned it will be confirm that she loves him..Kavya turns..Ranvijay smiles…Bhuwan comes and sits at Vicky dhaaba..Vicky comes..Bhuwan tells that he had planned special for dinner date today night..Bhuwan tells Vicky that he known the truth If Kavya didnt impressed by Vicky he is now trying to impress DJ..Vicky gets angry and try to fight…Bhuwan too…
Bhuwan tell that he will not tells DJ and its challenge..Vicky tells lets See with whom DJ will go for movie…Bhuwan tells he is going date with DJ..Bhuwan goes..Vicky tells to see his magic..DJ listen music..Vicky comes and tells lets go..Dj tells she will change and come…Vicky tells lets go…DJ tells she is going on movie with bhuwan..Bhuwan tells he also booked a movie ticket.DJ tells They three wil go..Vicky and Bhuwan fights..DJ acts and falls..Bhuwana and Vicky fights..DJ tells where she is trapped..DJ tells she will sleep..Dj sleeps..DJ tells she is not feeling well..Bhuwan and Vicky goes…Dj tells both are gone mad..Vicky and Bhuwan come out..Bhuwan tells he is boyfriend of DJ..Bhuwan tells he will see in morning..Vicky tells dhaaba belongs to him and he will not go..Bhuwan tells who want tostay????Bhuwan goes..Next morning Vick cooks food..One person comes and asks what Vicky made..Vicky tells a “Kadaa” for DJ…At office Virat talks with Investor’s..Zubair comes and asks who are these people???Virat tells these people are Investor and wanted to Invest on DESI SWAG…Zubair tells that he is boss and he will decide who will be on Board..Zubair goes..Investor’s tells that they will not invest the money now..Investor’s goes..Virat shuts what the hell…

Precap::Virat tells Avanti that he will make DESI SWAG Successful..

Update Credit to: Ansari


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