Million Dollar Girl 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Million Dollar Girl 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat tells that Avanti is showing fake dreams all..Avanti says that atleast she is not forcing anyone to work Showing dreams to all,,,,Virat says that with dreams nothing will happen Money will be needed..VIrat says all weaver’s that Avanti is teaching because she need saree’s Avanti says that Virat tells Avanti’s mother that that he will not stop Rajat…Avanti claps and tells that she is not scared of of Virat at all..Avanti tells Virat to get out..Virat goes…
Avanti calls one customer and tells to take saree’s as her 40deal ordered completed..Scarlett and DJ gets happy…At night Avanti goes to her house Near the door and calls kavya. tells that there is a big problem..Kavya and her mother opens the door and ask what is the problem..Avanti closses

kavya eyes..Suddenly open her eyes..Kavya sees Scooty and gets happy…Ankit is surprised…avanti’s mother and kavya gets happy..Avanti tells that she has bought or kavya…kavya thanks..kavya hugs avanti…Avanti’s mother hugs kavya…Avanti takes out a new tablet..tells as she is doing buisness She need it…Avanti shows the tab to Ankit…Ankit tries to touch the tab but Avanti moves…Ankit goes…Avanti’s mother massages kavya and kavya massages Avanti..Avanti’s mother asks Do really Avanti teach the children or just shown dreams..Avanti tells not to worry she will teach..Avanti’s mother asks how she will manage both shop and teaching..Avanti tells dont worry as Scarletty…Vicky..DJ and kavya is with her..Virat cannot do anything..Kavya tells but she dont know how to ride Scooty..Avanti tells not to worry as she has a solution…Avanti tells Vicky to teach kavya Scooty..Next morning Vicky comes sits next to kavya and teaches her..Kavya rides while Vicky gets close to kavya and smiles…Kavya tells she still remember when Vicky was 5years old and she take tutions for her…Vicky get upset..Kavya and Vicky goes to home..Kavya tells when Vicky was small she teached him riding bicycle and now he teached her scooty So now it is equal..Vicky tells himself why kavya everytime talk about Childhood…
Rajat talks to his father..His father tells about Bhuwan..Rajat tells he known..His father tells that Bhuwan has file which is the evidence..His father tells to take the file by anyhow..Rajat tells he will take..His father tells that Virat will do all..Rajat cuts the call and tells his mother that father loves only Virat that why he gave all buisness works to him..Virat comes and hides and listens..Rajat’s mother tells Rajat to understand as Bhuwan is dangerous Everyone know And If Anything happened Virat will be trapped not him…Rajat tells her mom that she is right..Rajat and her mom laughes..Virat cries..Rajat sees Virat’s hand and stops laughing…
Virat plays Squash angrily…He sits down and cries..Rajat comes and sees Virat..Virat ignores…Rajat tells that its tough to apologise to Virat..Virat sits and cries…Anotherside Vicky drinks and goes to Avanti’s home..Vicky tells after drinking One wil gain confidence and today he will confess his feelings to kavya..Vicky knocks door and shouts kavya to open the door..Avanti opens the door and slaps Vicky..Avanti tells If Vicky is mad..Avanti tells what Vicky is doing here???Vicky tells he came to tells kavya..Avnati tells If like this he propose to kavya then she will feel bad.Avanti tells vicky not to take tension and go As she will arrange all things..Vicky goes…..At night Rajat sits near ghat and drinks Rajat throws the bottle wile Virat catches it..Virat come and sits near Rajat..Rajat cries..Virat drinks..Rajat tells that LIfe is a shit…As what they thing it never happens…Rajat gets a call and someone asks him to give money Rajat says he was trapped somewhere…Rajat asks Virat did he understood..Virat says yes..Rajat goes while Virat cries….

Precap::Vicky Finally proposes Kavya..Kavya is shocked,,,

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Nyc precap!
    Guys in valentine special epi that in future viraj was sitting on d ghat n selling handmade sari,tht ws so funny!
    Plz watch it guys!

  2. Natasha i saw it!
    It was funny!
    He was remembering avanti!
    Luvd it

  3. Natasha,both virat n avanti came in sadda haq epi today!
    They wre awsome!
    Avanti n sanyu neh band bajaye randher n virat ke!
    Plz Watch the epi online,u wil luv it

  4. Mehak,thanks fr d info!i wil try to watch d repeat telecast tmw!

  5. Btw u coment at 7:45 n i thankd u at 7:54 amazing!

  6. Wow!thats amazing!
    U r 1 of my best frnd!
    We met here on TU with a sweet chat n i nevr thought that we wil bcom gud frnds!
    I jst lyk u n ur way of commentng!
    U rock!

  7. Thats so sweet!
    Even i lyk u!
    U r also rocking!
    I jst cme hre n comment n chating wth u mkes me feel nyc!

  8. This is a nyc way to chat!
    Btw i dnt feel lyk going on d everest Writn update!

  9. Even i dnt go as i watch d epi!d epi is going gud!
    Wat about u?

  10. Aftr u left,that grl name SREE has startd commentng in ur style!
    I didnt lyk it!
    I jst hate her!
    Even Shipa n Shivali r also nt cming!

  11. Mehak,yar its ok!
    Let her comment!
    Dnt spoil ur mood!
    Jst b happy n enjoy!

  12. Ya u r rgt!
    Btw u r always rgt!

  13. Lol!
    I lyk it

  14. hai 🙂

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