Million Dollar Girl 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti is shocked..Virat calls Avanti and asks If she have seen the Website..Virat laughs tells that Bio-button is looking good..Avanti opens the laptop and sees the website,,Avanti tells it means Virat have fooled her..Avanti tells Virat she have seen and cuts the call..Avanti tells kavya that Virat has crossed his all limits today..Ankit calls his father..Tayaaji comes..Tayaaji sees and tells the website is good..Tayaaji scolds Ankit and tells to concentrate on studies..Ankit and Tayaaji goes.Next morning Ankit comes carrying boxes..Ankit tells Avanti to help..Avanti tells no..Tayaaji tells that Avanti is Ankit’s sister and she should help..Avanti takes and boxes and throws..Ankit gets shocked.Avanti tells Ankit all the best and goes….Avanti reaches office and is shocked to see

people in the office…Avanti tells sorry to Zubair tells that she is fivteen minutes late and Zubair replaced her and taking Interview’s…Avanti tells what will happen in fivteen minutes…zubair tells that Million of Dollar deals will be completed in these fiveteen minutes..Zubair tells Avanti to get lost..Avanti stands…Zubair tells that this people are for Desi interview.. Avanti gets happy tells she will take their interview..Zubair tells no..Zubair tells Avanti should give coffee,,As Virat is taking…
Avanti goes and tells Virat that this Company also belongs to her.Virat tells that Zubair is the boss..Avanti tells that she wanted to take Interview..Virat tells okey…
First Boy comes and sits Zaheer..Avanti asks questions about his profile information..
Zaheer tells Avanti he will ask some questions.Avanti tells sure..Zaheer asks,,, what is the midpoint…What is the credibility…the boy tells that he wanted to know how much Time will be taken for delivery..How much is the cost..Avanti gets confused..Virat tells Avanti’s work is just to serve coffee..Virat takes Avanti to a corner and tells she is a illiterate middle class girl cannot handle anything..Virat tells Avanti looks good sitting in office….Avanti sits and tells that she have to make good her image otherwise Virat influence will be more…Avanti calls Vicky and tells that to make a strong CV and apply in his office..Vicky tells that he is working to make Dhaaba into Hotel he cannot apply job..Vicky tells Avanti to Take DJ’s Help..Avanti tells why will DJ agree??And secondly it will look like she is mean..Vicky tells First ask DJ..Avanti tell it is Signal..DJ is satnding infront of Her,,, Avanti goes calls DJ..Vicky goes and tells kavya that he gave statement for his bank loan He want to see that…kavya tells okey…Vicky pulls kavya goes in cupboard and closses it..kavya tells what Vicky is doing..Vicky takes out alchol..Kavya tells if she drink then who will do work..Vicky tells not to worry…Kavya drinks..Peon comes ….Peon is about to open the cupboard..Vicky and kavya gets scared…someone calls peon..Peon goes..Vicky tells kavya that he want kiss…kavya tells no…Dj asks Avanti what happened?? and If she said directly it will be good..Avanti tells that Virat wanted to make influence in office,,He called Bhuwan and another boy name zaheer and making group..Avanti tells DJ to join her office…DJ tells that she will be bore in office..As she like doing shopping and Listening…Avanti tells to think as Bhuwan is there and she can even patchup..DJ goes…DJ brings ice cream,,DJ and Avanti eats…Avanti creates CV of DJ…Avanti tells Bhuwan that DJ wanted to apply for job..Avanti tells so that DJ will be close to her and they will patch up once again..Avanti tells Bhuwan to think..Bhuwan tells okey..Avanti goes..After Sometime Bhuwan calls and tells person that he is rejected as Sanskrit no one knows…Bhuwan sees another CV tells “Durgeshwashri Devi”,,Bhuwan tells that how illiterate kind of people send their CV,,Bhuwan calls and tells DJ that How can she send the CV,,NO qualification nothing..Bhuwan tells its better to get a married with a person then doing job..Dj gets Angry and calls Bhuwan,,DJ tells okey she will get married to someone else..Bhuwan gets shocked tells that he misunderstood..Avanti comes and shouts at Bhuwan tells that first he said that will pass DJ”s CV..Virat listens and asks Bhuwan How can he pass the CV..Virat tells that In their office there is no place for non-deserving people….

Precap::At night Virat comes to Avanti’s home and tells that she have done really worst thing..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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