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Million Dollar Girl 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhuwan asks what happened to DJ??Bhuwan asks what happeend at recording studio???DJ tells its the worst day of her life..DJ gets sad..Bhuwan tells he will talk to zubair..DJ telsl she want to work for herself and want to be a musician..Bhuwan tells that Music looks good as a passion As office has good oppurtunities..DJ tells she will talk later..DJ comes at Vicky dhaaba Vicky asks what happened??DJ tells that she is not from circus..Dj tells it was her first recording but it is spoiled…Vicky tells it was first recording and Dj will do many recording..DJ cries and tells she is just a loser..Vicky tells that one day she will become a really big superstar..DJ asks is really Vicky is telling right???Vicky tells yes soon DJ will be famous and in Banaras everyone will recognize DJ…DJ thanks

Vicky showing trust..Vicky and DJ looks at each other..Virat goes inn hospital..DOctor asks did Virat arranged money??Virat tells yes…Doctor tells she will call Specialist..Virat asks what are the chances of Avanti’s coming out of Coma???DOctor tells that Avanti is stable..Doctor asks Virat is Avanti related to her??As more than Avanti family member Virat stays in hospital..Virat tells that Avanti is nothing to her..Doctor smiles..Virat goes..
Ranvija and Kavya drinks Coffee..Ranvijay tells its good doing job at Bank But Kavya thought about doing future???Kavya asks what are Ranvijay’s plan??Ranvijay tells whenever Kavya agrees he will settle..Kavya tells stop flirting..Ranvijay tells he is not..Ranvijay tells that they should give one chance…Kavya tells how can she trust again.. Virat comes and tells Avanti that she will be fine in somedays And when she will get up they will never fight up..Virat tells Avanti will be fine soon..Virat touches Avanti feet and tells he is sorry for everything..DJ listens music..Vicky comes and sees..Dj smiles..DJ gives flying kiss to Vicky..Vicky takes..Vicky smiles and sees DJ…DJ asks what happened???DJ tells Vicky to come and sit..Vicky sits..DJ gives earphone to Vicky..DJ listens music..Vicky sees DJ smiling…Dj asks how was the music??Vicky tells it was good..Vicky tells whatever DJ do its looks good..DJ hugs Vicky and tells he is a sweetheart…DJ tells Vicky is very good..DJ tells that Bhuwan called her many time and she want to meet him..Vicky gets angry saying BHUWAN….DJ and Bhuwan sits near Ghat..Bhuwan tells that the song is little childish and DJ needs to work,,,DJ gets angry and goes..Bhuwan asks what happened??DJ tells that Vicky said that the music was good…
Bhuwan tells that Vicky dont know ABCD of music..DJ tells that Bhuwan cannot appreciate her hardwork..DJ goes..Bhuwan tells he is fed up with daily fights….And Vicky is responsible for this..Rajat and his father eat…Father tells Rajat send some People to attack Virat..It was Good If Virat have died..Rajat tells that Virat is against them but without killing Virat also work can happen..Virat is a member of Family..Brijbhushan tells what does he mean??Rajat tells he will explain later..Virat tells someone on phone that he want to sell the shares..Rajat comes and asks why Virat is selling the shares???Virat tells that its none of his buisness..Rajat tells he will give the money HOw much Virat wants and stop blaming Himself…Rajat goes…

Precap::Virat tells Zubair that he is having some plans..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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