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Million Dollar Girl 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti and Vicky goes near Ghat but does not find Ghat….Avanti knocks the door and goes inside dj’s house..Avanti sees DJ resting and listening songs..Avanti tells Dj is good…DJ tells what they were expecting??DJ tells it was a experiment she was checking..Dj tells its soo unfair..Vicky tells that Even DJ lied..Avanti tells that even DJ breaked the trust..Avanti tells that friends are not who support every decision..Friends are those who will be with them everytime. Avanti tells Vicky lets go..Vicky and Avanti goes..Dj tells to stop…At office Avanti sees Bhuwan tells that he too got personal space…Bhuwan tells that he was checking that will get Domain name or not.Avanti she wanted to talk about DJ…Bhuwan tells he is not intrested to talk about DJ,,,Avanti

tells that DJ liked Bhuwan and Bhuwan too liked Dj..Bhuwan tells thankyousoo much,,Avanti tells to shut up.Bhuwan goes…Vicky calls Avanti and asks If they got any solution..Vicky tells that they can research about Ranvijay If they got something is very good…Avanti search about friendsbook on Ranvijay.and finds something,,,.Avanti tells she got..Vicky asks what??Avanti tells its very shocking news.,,Avanti tells Vicky that she will call later… Avanti shows Virat Ranvijay’s picture,,Virat tells what is there in Black and white photo??Avanti tells to see the comment of a Army officer..Virat sees and smiles…Ranvijay tells Rajat that they are very happy teasing Virat…Ranvijay gets a letter…Ranvijay sees the letter..Ranvijay takes out his clothes and packs…Rajat asks what happeend??Ranvijay tells that INDIAN ARMY officer’s sent a letter He have to go,,,Rajat tells that Ranvijay left the Army..Ranvijay tells that he lied..Indian army is searching for him and he have to go…Rajat tells okey he will drop..Rajat and Ranvijay sits in car..Rajat drives,,Avanti and Virat comes infront of Car..Rajat shouts tells that If they want to die go infront of another car…Avanti tells that she is responsible citizen of India.And she have to inform the Army that one officer is not on duty..And there will be punishment for him for atleast two years…Avanti tells that they sent the letter..Ranvijay gets shocked…
Virat and Avanti comes at zubair’s office tells that its time for six’o clock..Avanti and Virat tells employee why they are doing packing,,,Zubair comes and tells that office is closing..Zubair tells that all because of Avanti,,,Avanti tells that she brought the Domain name back,,As she find out the weakpoint of Ranvijay and Rajat and then brought back the Domain name….Avanti tells that she only did this…As Virat was fighting with Rajat and Ranvijay She only stopped…Zubair tells that he is impressed by Avanti..Virat tells Avanti it was his idea to send a letter to Ranvijay,,Avanti tells that she found out the weak point of Rajat and she only did the whole…
Avanti tells Employees that till today seven the website should be launched,,,Virat comes and tells sorry,,Virat thanks Avanti for bringing back the domain name..Virat tells today they will celebrate..Avanti tells that apologise is accepted,,And they will celebrate,,Avanti tells that there first website will be launched.,..Virat tells Avanti only they can login Avanti’s family will be very happy..Avanti tells yes..Avanti smiles while Virat looks at Avanti..Rajat and Ranvijay drink,,Rajat tells that atleast he would have not given the Domain name,,Ranvijay tells Rajat to stop thinking about Virat,,If INDIAN ARMY people would come they he would have gone,,As they will give very severe punishment…Rajat tells that atleast would have not given the Domain name back,,Rajat tells his uncle is MLA and he would have called Headquarters and would have done something,,,Ranvijay tells that its INDIAN ARMY…No one can do anything,,Rajat tells he known Virat he would have not said..Ranvijay tells how Rajat knows??Rajat tells that Virat is his brother and he know him very well…
Avanti tells Kavya and Mother to sit and see As her website will open,,,Mother and Kavya sits…Avanti tells it will come in one minute,,,Ankit comes..Avanti tells that she snatched the website from Virat..Avanti tells that her website is online..Avanti sees “ONLINE MATRIMONIAL WEBSITE”…Mother asks what this??Kavya gets shocked..Mother tells what this rubbish..Ankit tells that he will call Tayaaji,,,Mother tells that first Avanti sold underwears and now doing this,,,Mother goes..Avanti is shocked.. Virat thinks..Virat tells Employee at office.. change the website and tells that he is playing just prank with Avanti..

Precap::Avanti tells that Zubair that she is fifteen minutes late zubair tells that in Fiveteen minutes Million Dollars deal are done

Update Credit to: Ansari

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