Million Dollar Girl 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat sees the website Avanti tells that Virat made changes listening to her She also changed,,Virat tells it will be good If Avanti doesnot come infront of him,,Avanti goes…At night Zubair text Avanti to come..Avanti comes..Zubair tells to change the channel..Avanti changes…Avanti asks where is Virat,,He slept??He Forgot to came..Zubair tells he want Avanti to be part of Website designing..He called Avanti to realise that she works for him,,Not zubair works for Avanti..Avanti goes…Avanti hides comes home sees Tayaaji coming…Avanti hides and goes..Tayaaji sees and calls Avanti,,,Avanti acts like doing tulsi pooja,,Taayaji asks why she is doing pooja at night??Avanti tells that she was not feeling sleepy..Tayaaji tells to do daily,,Taayaji goes..Avanti tells thankgod she

is saved…
Avanti and Virat comes..Zubair tells to comes in..Avanti tells website is ready..Zubair tells to show the domain name..Virat opens the domain but it comes “DONT BUY AHAHAH”..The person tells that someone registered the domain name,,,Zubair tells its common sense that before uploading website one should register domain name..Zubair tells that till today evening Virat and Avanti didnt get the domain back then the consequences will not be good,,, Employee tells that Rajat and Ranvijay registered the Domain name…Virat tells he will show them..Avanti tells they have to deal with them good..Virat tells he will handle..Virat goes….At office Kavya waits for Vicky’s call..Boss comes and asks why Kavya is acting as if she forgot everything,,Boss laughs and tells if any “CHEMICAL LOCHA” happened..Kavya gets sad and tells no…Boss goes.. Virat comes and asks Rajat why he hacked the Domain name..Virat tells to give him the domain name back..Ranvijay tells to give 15lakhs rupees…Virat tells for a domain name they are asking this much money…Virat tells if they are out of mind??Rajat tells they are not asking money for Domain name..They are asking for the insult Virat have done on that day..Girls left him and gone..Avanti tells Rajat that Virat is his brother,,Rajat tells that Virat will apologise ..Rajat smiles Avanti tells that Domain name is very important for him otherwise their job will gone,,,Rajat tells that Virat is in love with Avanti,That day also he was fighting…Rajat tells Ranvijay to touch Avanti,,Virat pushes Ranvijay.away…Virat and Rajat fights..Avanti comes in between and tells to stop..Avanti falls..Virat goes and asks If Avanti is alright..Avanti is bleeding..VIrat tells Avanti to show a doctor..Avanti tells it is not that important..First they want the domain name..Avanti tells that Rajat and Ranvijay will never give them the domain name they have todo something…Avanti and Vicky eat at dhaaba..Vicky tells Avanti If Rajat beat Virat it would have good…Avanti tells its not look good…DJ comes and tells sorry to Vicky tells that she was about to tell them about Bhuwan..Avanti and Vicky ignores DJ ..Avanti tells they have to do something so that will get domain name back..DJ still stands…VIcky tells Avanti without giving fifteen lakh rupees they cannot do anything??Avanti tells have to think something..DJ goes….
Kavya calls Vicky…Kavya asks why Vicky didnt call nor message..Vicky tells he was just testing..Vicky tells kavya to suggest something that he cannot forgot..Kavya tells she will see how much Vicky is daring..Kavya tells that she dont know what happened to her boss She is doing all the work also he is scolding and today he crossed the limits made a joke of her Everyone was laughing..Vicky tells he will show him..Kavya tells okey..Vicky smiles…Vicky goes to kavya’s office…Vicky tells he have to complain about cabin no5.,,,Kavya’s boss tells there is no cbn no5 in their office…Vicky tells to see..Boss sees..Vicky slowly puts cracker’s and burns it..Vicky goes…Boss listens the cracker’s voice comes outside the cabin and shouts for help..Kavya laughs smiles and sees Vicky..Vicky gets happy..Vicky comes dhaaba jumps..Avanti asks what happened…Vicky tells because of Kavya…Vicky tells Avanti why she sad??Avanti tells till today evening if they didnt get Domain name then Zubair will fire them from job,Vicky tells nothing will happened As Zubair is just blackmailing..,,Avanti and Vicky a message, ,,Dj text Avanti and Vicky “THANKYOU FOR BEING FRIENDS,,GOODBYE FOREVER…WILL MEET IN NEXT LIFE”…Avanti tells Vicky that it means DJ is doing suicide,,Avanti tells they have to go…

Precap::Zubair tells Avanti and Virat that their office is closing,,Avanti tells that she brought the domain name..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. I lyk d epi!
    Gud going bt feeling bad fr kavya n bhuwan

  2. tanx for the update

  3. Ansari improve your language I can’t understand a thing from your updates..really its bad…sorry for being so rude …but it is really bad

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