Million Dollar Girl 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ankit comes and asks for laptop..Avanti tells she will give later..Ankit goes..Avanti checks the website..Kavya tells that its tough to registor…Avanti tells Ankit to see and tell how is the website..Ankit tells that its a very boring website..avanti tells she will give laptop in ten minutes..Avanti tells kavya that she will remove all the problems in minutes..Avanti tells she have to do sneakout..Avanti tells kavya she is feeling hungry..
Avanti and kavya puts pillows on bed and goes outside the room…Avanti goes to the office and tells they have to work whole night..The person are shocked..Anotherside Kavya goes along with Vicky..Kavya drinks..Vicky tells he is waiting for the day when kavya started oving Vicky..Vicky sees kavya..Kavya and Vicky looks at each other…Slowly

Ankit comes and takes pictures from backside…Vicky and Kavya runs back of ankit…Kavya tells Vicky that she will be dead..Ankit reaches home…Someone puts clothes in his face,,,Dj is upset..Virat comes and apologises tells that he only said to Avanti..DJ tells its okey one day they would have known the truth…Virat tells DJ if she really loves Bhuwan not to leave him..Dj tells Virat thanks..Vicky ties Ankit’s hand..Ankit shouts and tells that they kidnaped him He will show the pictures to his father and Kavya will be out…
Vicky shows the pictures on Ankit’s mobile to Kavya..Kavya tells that Ankit is dating two girls..Kavya tells Ankit is very fast….Vicky tells Kavya that Ankit one girlfriend’s father is in police If he came to known that Ankit is betraying the girl then Ankit will be in jail..Ankit gets scared…Kavya and Vicky goes,,Ankit shouts to release him…Avanti goes to office and tells the person to make changes in the website and Biobutton..Next morning Zubair asks the employees How Website has changed??Avanti comes…Employees tells Avanti said to changed..Virat calls Avanti “Stupid” ,,And tells Employees why they listen her,,and tells Avanti dont know anything about website..Avanti tells Virat that he work in only one place and work what do he known???Virat tells he known…Zubair tells to stop the fight..Zubair tells Avanti to give fivehundred.Avanti gives…Zubair tells that less registration is also against security….Virat tells Avanti that she is a middle class girl dont known anything..Zubair tells exacty Virat didnt thought about Middle class people..Zubair tells Virat to give five hundred..Virat gives..Virat tells the person to use different font in website..Avanti tells different colours are good..Virat tells he dont want Avanti’s suggestion anymore..Virat tells to place the Biobutton such that customer’s tempted..Virat tells Avanti that they are teaching Avanti website desingning not taking help and tells Avanti to get lost,,Avanti tells she is not his servant…Avanti tells to talk properly..Vicky call avanti..Vicky tells that they did really bad with DJ Since yestarday she didnt even called..Avanti tells she will say her sorry..DJ tells Bhuwan till what time he will ignore her??DJ tells Bhuwan everything.Avanti sees DJ and tells thats she left her job and came DJ is flirting with Bhuwan..Avanti tells DJ doesnt deserves sorry..Avanti goes…Bhuwan tells DJ that what about her friends..DJ tells her friends will slowly slowly will accept him..Bhuwan tells he dont like illitrate Avanti and that spoiled Vicky..DJ tells that BHuwan is insulting her friends..Bhuwan tells he dont want Avanti and Vicky…Bhuwan goes..DJ is shocked..Avanti comes to office..Virat tells he was waiting for Avanti..Avanti tells that From that time she want to part of process and Virat was ignoring..
Avanti tells that very unattractive and boring colours….Avanti tells near Biobutton there should be a small button “Gifted to family”,,Virat tells “GIfted to friends” looks more good…Avanti tells does not look good..As we share everthing with family..Virat tells that Friends are more related..Avanti tells that how Virat can say that as he dont have family..and he dont Have family how can he thinks about them??Virat gets Angry…Avanti is shocked..

Precap:::Avanti tells Zubair that website is ready

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Virat I like u so much….

  2. Virat u r so handsome…na this avanthi is beautiful than previous avanthi…..please make some more scenes between virat and avanti….that Will increase followers of your serial…

  3. Virat and avanthi’s pair was nice….can any one plzzz give reply for my comment???because I want to know that how many followers are there for this serial….

  4. Virat your action was awesome…actually I like ur face very much…

  5. Play some songs when avanthi and virat have eyelocking scenes…

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