Million Dollar Girl 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Million Dollar Girl 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat and Rajat drinks Alchohol..Virat goes into Avanti’s shop.. Avanti tells the reality is that she has not seen coward person like Virat thakur…Avanti tells that she is not scared…Avanti says that Virat belong to a thief family..Virat gets angry and press Avanti”s mouth…Avanti tells that Virat is weak..and does not do anything…Avanti cries…Avanti tells what Avanti says that she was scared that time but not scared now…He has insulted her father..But Virat dont know As he dont have real father and mother…Avanti takes the keys and goes…Virat says now will have fun…
Next day At Vicky’s dhabba…Vicky thinks about kavya..Vicky sees some person talking..Vicky gets an idea…Avanti goes to village…All

children comes and hugs Avanti….Weaver tells that children were not happy…Avanti tells she now promise will come daily..Avanti thanks all weaver for helpin her…Bhuwan comes and tells to stop…Bhuwan says that avanti dont know about her future…What will make children’s future!!She is fooling all weaver’s..One day will leave all and go.Bhuwan says that Once they sign deal with Virat all will be good…Avanti tells why Bhuwan is jumping in between???Dj tells wait she will talk with him..DJ tells why Bhuwan take side of virat everytime As he took money from Virat or what…Bhuwan tells be he is not like that…Avanti tells that Rajat and Virat are big goons they will do anything…All weaver’s tells Avanti not to get worried as Virat cannot do anything to them…And they are not scared..Bhuwan tells that they are doing wrong…Avanti gets happy and thanks all….Avanti waits near shop…Weaver brings saree…Avanti tells why her mother didnt came till now..Scarlet tells to call….Avanti calls…Avanti’s mother tells that she is bringing the things for Pooja..Avanti says to come fast..Avanti tells DJ to go to temple and bring as her mother will be late..DJ agrees and goes…
DJ sees Bhuwan…Dj tells that Virat didnt gave him money thats why waiting outside temple…Bhuwan says that he is waiting for his friends…Dj asks what is bhuwan having problem with Avanti….Bhuwan says that Avanti show dreams to weaver and will betray them and go..DJ says its nothing like that Avanti is very good And that Virat is theif..Once deal is sign will leave all the weaver and go…Bhuwan says he known about DJ”s father..DJ shouts tells not to take name of her father…..Avanti’s mother comes..Avanti call’s and asks where is pooja’s things…Dj tells she is coming…Bhuwan says goo Avanti calling to do some drama…Dj tells she is not doing anything like that….Avanti’s mother do pooja…Avanti goes in the shop…Virat goes in the shop…Virat tells she though Avanti was stupid but surprisingly Avanti’s mother is also stupid….Virat says the Avanti will never win from him..

precap::Virat comes in shop and tells avanti’s mother that her daughter was born stupid but he didnt think she is also like that

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  2. Virat nw u shld also go to hel wth rajat!
    Both r stupid!

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