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Million Dollar Girl 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weaver tells Avant to think once..Avanti tells no..Weaver tells is Avanti’s choice and goes..Avanti does calculations..Avanti tells if she directly buys the saree from weaver and give to customer’s then she will get 40% more profit..Avanti tells everyone is scared of Virat…Kavya comes and asks what happeend???Avanti tells If she sell her shop and do wollen buisness,,kavya tells that woolen will only be used in winter..Avanti tells its a flop idea..Servent calls Virat and say that Rajat went to meet Avanto and said that will teach a good lesson,,,kavya asks why Avanti dont want to do her buisness..Avanti tells just like that.kavya asks Avanti what happened as something is hiding!!!kavya tells she known avanti since childhood..Kavya tells she will ask from vicky,,Avanti stops

kavya and tells all the truth,,kavya gets shocked..Avanti cries…Virat sits in the car and tell that he have to reach home before Rajat..Rajat knocks the door..Avanti’s mother opens the door..rajat comes inside the home,,,Rajat shouts and asks where is Avanti..Mother asks what happened??Rajat tells that she dont know anything…Rajat tells that Avanti send “Rajat thakur” in jail,, and now he came to sign the paper’s ..Rajat tells if Avanti didnt apologise falling on his legs then he will not leave..Rajat tells that Avanti will not free easily..Avanti comes..Avanti’s mother asks what happend,,Rajat says that Avanti tried to spoil his image..Rajat gets close to Avanti and tells to sign the paper..Rajat tells infront of her mother will pick Avanti ,,,Avanti’s mother slaps her..Rajat gets angry and tries to slap avanti mother..Avanti comes in between..Rajat pushes Avanti falls…Virat comes in and stops Rajat..Avanti’s mother tells virat that she will not sell her shop to “goons”..Virat tells that she have not seen his real side till now As it will take time…Avanti’s mother tells that she will do police case….Virat tells he will also see how two women stop him..Virat tells till tommorrow he will take the shop and create mall..Virat gives the paper to Avanti’s mother and says till tommorrow he want shop…Virat takes Rajat and tells him that he just now came from jail..Why he is messing up..Rajat and Virat goes………….
Avanti’s mother scolds Avanti as this much happened and she didnt said,,,She says that Virat is right they are alone women and cannot do anything,,,Avanti’s mother tells what she can do??As he even kidnapped Avanti..she tells that infront of his name and money nothing lasts.she tells that shop was Avanti’s father..Avanti cries..Avanti tells that what Virat wishes..Avanti tells she will not break her trust…And tells that she has done alot of mistakes but she promises that will never sell shop to Virat…Avanti’s mother tells that she will sell shop and strat a new buisness…Avanti tells that it is her father’s shop and she will never sell..Avanti’s mother shouts and tells noo..avanti tells Virat is moron she is not scared of him..Avanti goes..Weaver tells that how children should study??Avanti comes…Avanti tells that she is ready to teach children..Weaver gets shocked..Avanti asks if she teach children they will give saree’s??Weaver tells why not…Avanti says that If they did any deal with Virat also have to give sarees..Weaver says okey..Avanti gets happy..

precap::Virat comes in shop and tells avanti’s mother that her daughter was born stupid but he didnt think she is also like that

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Really thanks for update…Rajat should be placed in jail,,Insulting Avanti’s mother

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