Million Dollar Girl 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Million Dollar Girl 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhuwan goes near ghat Dj and asks where is Avanti,,Bhuwan tells Avanti is stupid.and irresponsible…Bhuwan tells Avanti is mean..shown alot of dreams to children and ran..DJ tells Bhuwan to be quiet..and asks what he thinks of himself..Bhuwan tells that DJ is daughter of Yogeshwar,,Bhuwan says DJ’s father is a thief,,Dj tells to stop itt,,Dj says..and what he thinks of himself??Everytime scared of Virat..Bhuwan and DJ fights…DJ says he is a theif and goes..Rajat sits at Virat’s office..Virat gives Avanti’s shop keys to Rajat..Rajat gets happy..Rajat tells that Avanti learned a lesson..Rajat tells that Virat has proved that he is his real brother.Rajat hugs Virat and says thanks..Virat is surprised..

Avanti tells Dj”s mother to let stay DJ

at her home,,She tells yes,,Avanti gets happy..DJ tells that Bhuwan was asking about Avanti..Avanti changes the topic..Avanti asks how DJ’s music is going..DJ says Avanti to listen her music..Avanti listens and gets happy..DJ shows two t-shirt to Avanti and tells that they will wear in fest and go..Avanti tells thankyou to DJ,,As she has helped her…DJ tells to be quiet and it doesnt suit her..
Next morning Avanti gets scared thinking about Virat..DJ comes and hugs Avanti tells to be happy..Avanti’s mother comes and asks what is the position of room..Avanti tells she will clean it..Avanti’s mother tells Avanti to go to shop and sell Saree..She scolds and tells sometimes she sell underwear..sometimes teach students..Kavya comes and tells to let it be..kavya tells that Avanti is scared..Avanti’s mother goes…kavya asks Avanti what happened..why she is scared…Avanti tells nothing,,,Kavya again asks,,Avanti cries and tells why everytime she and her mother are back of her..Kavya tells okey she will not ask..kavya goes… Avanti sits near window and see..Avanti cries..Avanti’s mother scolds her tells to do some work at home..Ankit comes and tells first time he has seen Avanti at home..Ankit tells Avanti cannot sell saree’s..Avanti feels bad and goes..Kavya tells Ankit why everytime he is back of Avanti..Avanti’s mother tells that Ankit is right..Kavya tells that she will help Her mother tells noo as gas is over…kavya goes to Vicky’s dhabba and order’s food..Vicky sees kavya and tells that he will confess his love..Vicky comes but falls…kavya sees and laughs..vicky gets up..Vicky gives tea to kavya…Kavya tells thanks..kavya talks about vicky childhood and tells that he is soo cute..Vicky gets happy..Vicky is about to tell One worker brings the food and give to kavya..kavya gives money but vicky takes..Kavya again gives and goes…Vicky gets upset..At home Avanti cleans the dishes..Someone knocks the door..Avanti goes opens the door..Avanti is shocked to see Weaver’s…Weaver tells if Avanti is alright..Avanti tells them to come inside and sit..Weaver’s tells that their children is happy…Avanti tells that she is busy with someother work and getting noo time,,,Weaver gets sad and goes..One of the weaver tells that they are ready to give Saree to Avanti without Supplier’s card also..Avanti gets shocked..

precap::Rajat comes inside Avanti’s home..And tells her mother that came to take Avanti’s signature..Avanti gets scared and tells to go..Rajat tells Avanti remeberd the kidnapping or not..Avanti’s mother tells him to go..Rajat tells once more he will kidnap Avanti..Avanti’s mother gets angry and slaps her…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. really thankz for update

  2. This rajat deservers to b kickd!
    I wish i cld do it!
    Why is virat nt saving avanti?

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