Million Dollar Girl 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti calls Vicky and tells that DJ Is dating Bhuwan,,,And DJ didnt said them..Avanti tell tells that Virat even knwon..Vicky tells he have a plan Dj only will tell them,,,Avanti and Vicky calls DJ..Avanti tells that they have should give invitation card to DJ..Dj tells Why Avanti is behaving like this may be Zubair said anything…Avanti from nowonwards Bhuwan willalso be their..Vicky tells that Bhuwan is a very bad guy as he roams with many girls..Dj asks which girl???Avanti tels that they took out Bhuwan history as used to be Romeo in his college days..Avanti tells in party Bhuwan was flirting with her..DJ gets angry and goes..Avanti tells where she is going..Dj tells its important and goes…Dj goes..Avanti and Vicky laughs..DJ goes at ghat,,Dj tells Bhuwan why he is sitting at

ghat…DJ tells with whom he came at ghat??who was the girl???DJ asks before only she known which type of boy he is..Bhuwan tells who said all rubbish to her??Vicky and Avanti comes…Avanti tells how can they hide this from them??Avanti tells How can DJ date Bhuwan as he is best friend of Virat and second after kissing two times he didnt call DJ..Avanti tells Bhuwan is very irritating fellow..Bhuwan tells who is Avanti to judge her..Avanti tells DJ to choose between them and Bhuwan..Avanti tells to think who is more important..Dj tells to relax,Avanti and Bhuwan goes…Bhuwan tells Dj what is happening??Why DJ lied?? DJ cries,,Bhuwan tells If Dj feels embrass being with her..Bhuwan tells Dj to go otherwise he will goo..DJ goes,,Bhuwan goes..Vicky calls kavya..Kavy a tells that she will not come with him after that tatto incident..Vicky cuts the phone..Anotherside Boss scolds kavya tells that he said Kavya to make ten account but till now no progress…Kavya tells she want some time.. Vicky brings the files and tells he have to bring ten accounts..Boss tells its okey..From Vicky’s hand files fall..Vicky and kavya picks up….Vicky tells kavya to come along with him on date..Kavya tells no..Vicky tells he want to go..Kavya tells stop blackmailing..Vicky tells he will go..Kavya agrees..
At night Avanti is sleeping..Zubair text Avanti..Avanti tells If Zubair is a man or not as he called at four’o clock,,Avanti goes..Ankit stops …Ankit tells where Avanti is going..Avanti tells she have to go to office..Ankit tells Avanti to wait he wil cal his father..Tayaaji comes and asks what happened..Ankit tells Avanti is going..Tayaaji tells Avanti to go in..Avanti goes in…avanti sleeps..Next morning Avanti gets up and tells Zubair will not save her,,Avanti runs to office..Avanti tells sorry to Zubair..Zubair tells its okey..
Virat tells Avanti to bring coffee..Avanti tells she is not his secretery..Zubair tells he want coffe..Avanti goes and brings two Coffee..Avanti tells that because of VIrat was she is doing she become a secretery,..Ankit sees and calls Avanti “Secretery”..Avanti tells because of Ankit all this happened Avanti throws coffee on Ankit..Ankit shouts and runs..Avanti tells now she will show Virat..Avanti takes gutter water in the glass..Avanti gives one glass to Zubair and another to Virat..Virat sees the gutter water…Avanti tells she have paid the penalty so now she want to be in website process..zubair tells to bring the printout from the cabin,,Avanti goes in the cabin..Virat locks the cabin and comes in..Virat falls the coffe on Avnti ,,Avanti shouts..Avanti too throws coffee on Virat’s head..Virat and Avanti fights..Avanti and Virat pushes each other..BOth fall..Virat holds Avanti..Virat looks at Avanti..Songs goes on background “KHAMOSHIYAN”…VIrat tries to kiss Avanti…Avanti closes her eyes…Zubair comes and tells “What the hell”…Zubair tells to stop the childish games..Zubair tells that today night online website will be launch..Avanti tells that her inputs are not there…Zubair tells that without Avanti only they are doing..Avanti tells please..Zubair goes…

Precap::Zubair scolds person and tells that there is a problem in website..

Update Credit to: Ansari


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