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Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Esha gets her mother’s call tat pinky hasn’t returned from home, Esha gets concerned and asks if she has called Rickshaw driver. The driver said he dropped Pinky outside. She tells Esha that her dada has gone to police station and chachi is crying. Esha suspects someone has kidnapped him. Esha gets a call from unknown number, puts the phone on hold and takes the call. It was Pinky, she tells Esha she promised papa to bring full marks but she got two marks less. Esha couldn’t compete her talk when the phone’s battery got dead. Om comes behind her and was shocked watching Esha crying. Esha says she has to talk to Pinky just now, Om offers his phone. Esha says she doesn’t have the number; she called from an unknown number. Om suggests to put his phone’s battery into hers, takes her

phone without bothering to explain. Esha was crying that she is really afraid. Om asks which standard Pinky is in, Esha says third standard. Om asks does her family ever pressurize her. Esha says no, they are really responsible.
Esha fears what if something happens to her, she will kill herself. Om asks her not to be crazy, he dials the number but it was going busy. Om says if Pinky called her, nothing will happen to her. Esha was restless no one is picking her phone. Om says kids expect a lot from themselves, Esha says no one is picking the call. Om tells her that when kid he didn’t get marks from school and hid in a window. Esha makes a call, and asks the person to call the little girl. Pinky comes to talk to her, Esha asks where is she and why is she going to home. Pinky says she promised to bring 25 marks but got only 23, now they will all scold her. Esha says has anyone scolded her ever before, Pinky says no. Esha says does she know how much is everyone worried? Pinky says yes. Esha says she got 23 marks and Esha could never get so much marks, does she remember what her papa says. Pinky repeats that one should be happy with one gets. Esha asks Pinky who gave her her number. Pinky says she wrote it herself. Esha smiles and asks to listen to her. She says she will call chacha right now but she not go away from phone booth at all, they all love her so much and everyone at home is waiting for her, ok? Pinky agrees. Esha asks not to go anywhere, crying again, and says I love you to Pinky. She thanks Om, and calls home.
Alka gets Esha’s call and everyone is elated restlessly to hear this. Esha says she is fine, and is in the market near the bus stop. Esha tells her Pinky lost a bet about her marks with chacha, she was afraid everyone will scold her. Alka tells everyone what Esha had said, and asks them all to go and get Pinky home. Esha says she told Pinky not to move from there, she is standing right there. Esha asks chacha to get a gift for her as she told Pinky chacha has got a gift for her. Esha tells them to take kids a bit seriously. Dadi cries that their Esha has grown up now.
Om comes to Esha who was crying, he was concerned and asks what happened now. He says she must stop crying, people are mis interpreting. Esha says she wants to cry, if he feels awkward he may leave. Om comes to her and says understanding children is really difficult, sometimes parents doesn’t understand their children, his parents never did. Esha asks what is the need to make him understand, he is already so sensible. He could take care of the situation and help her do this all really easily. Om makes a pose of blessings, taking Esha’s appreciation jokingly. Esha says she talked to Pinky as she had imagined him being there, she remembered how he had talked to Baharkar’s child after their case. Om asks could she think so much before speaking. Esha says yes. Om asks her to pinch him, she does. He says so this is real, he thought it was dream. She assures this is live, she says she isn’t that bad a person. She asks about gving the treat now. They together say Green Roof, Esha says Prabhat road but Om says Koregao Park. Om says he thought she was about to suggest Koregao and Esha says the same about Prabhat road. Om was about to leave after shaking hand, Esha doesn’t let him go.

Update Credit to: Sona

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