” Milestone… A Turning Point In Twinj Fan’s Life… A Memorable Date”….!!


Hey guys Sayeeda…. R u all confuse with the title of the article.. Isn’t so?…..

If yes then let me give u some hints… Guys try to remember what is special in today’s date…. Why it is so important specially for we Twinj fans…..
Guess…. Guess ???….

I think many of u guessed it right nd some r still trying to recall….

Let me acknowledge u all what’s big in today’s date….. ( As per my knowledge I’m right…)

One year back on this date God gifted used with our beloved Twinj… Our Sidmin couple… Yes last yr on 24 August our Twinj met for the first time… Their first meeting… First fall.. First eye lock… First Sajna ve moment… ???…..

At that time we all never had an idea that this pair will accomplished it’s place in the database of our hearts….. Nd now they both rule our heart’s deepest core..
(What say guys am I right or wrong)… Do answer please in comment box….

Thanks to TEI for giving us the most lovely couple…. Though they r not working together anymore but thorough out our whole life they will remain alive in our thoughts…

For me this is the most memorable nd auspicious day of my life.. So I thought to share it with u all….. As I got u ppl just coz of our Twinj ; so how can I not share this happiness with u all…..

Finally the credit for this goes to kruti as yesterday she asked me that’s what is so important in tmrw’s date…?…
Nd that time my mind strikes me with this thought…

Let’s celebrate ONE YEAR OF TWINJ JOURNEY… ( Though not exactly one yr as Sid left the show on 28 May but for us through our ff’s yes it’s one year…)..

3 cheers for Twinj… HIPP HAPPY HURRAY ???????…..

I hope through this article I managed to leave a smile on ur face…


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  1. Sameera

    Aww right yaar sayu it’s since one year of our sidmin I am so happy today bcoz of sidmin n tei only I got u ppl in my life
    Love u all guys soooooo much
    Hip hip hurray

  2. Hey sayeeda di ( I hope I can call you that ).. offcourse I remember this date.. how can I forget this date.. this date gave us our hero sid as Kunj.. this date gave us our twinj,first sajna ve,first eyelock.. and yup they do rule our heart’s deepest core.. I miss them soo much.. they can’t be forgotten by me.. I still watch the previous episodes of tei and that makes me happy as well as sad.. sad cuz I don’t get to see them again on tv??.. I do miss their lovely moments,Nok jhoks, their sizzling chemistry??, sajna ve moments, matargashtis, agar tum saath ho moments, and many more.. and thank you to all the writers as we get to imagine sidmin as twinj through your ffs and os.. ??.. #1YearOfTwinj ??

  3. _Vaishali_

    what a post sayeeda…loved it..
    m missing sid soo much…right now i am watching old episodes of TEI….
    missing him like hell…!! :'(

  4. you are ryt sayu di… yet they r not working together but they make a special place in our heart for forever in our whole life we cant forget them…. luv u for reminding us the special date of our twinj of their special journey…….

    jyada ho gya na koi naii but i am really sorry to all the writers for not commenting on your ffs but i read each and every ff thankyou so much guys for such beautiful gift you know what your all ffs are very speechless luv u all keep writing… special thanks to those who read and comment on my os luv btwn snow spirit and the human twinj os as u all said i should write moreffs or os but kya karu yaar i promise my mumma that i wont read after holidays ie june but i broke it bcoz i cant live without reading all everyones ffs or os becoz i am addicted towards it…. i just luv u all then i thought that i will write 1 in august but i am not able to write.. i promise i will definitely write 1 after 1st october becoz i have my 4 competitions and mid semester and also i will have to give tutions to my jaan(my cute bro)….sorry for not commenting…..but u all are fabulous mind blowing writers… luv u loads……

  5. Ya di….we all miss dem loadz….tqs fr d wonderful article….dey r d best couples….?????

  6. Baby

    sayeeda di amazing
    yah di i mean
    hip hip horray
    hip hip horray
    hip hip horray
    i jst m missingdem
    isse pdkr bhi rona aa gyya sch mein bhot miss kr rhi hun abhi mein dono ko fir upr se dis
    jhalak ppl r eliminating sid roro kr mera haal thik nhi hai
    kya krun ek toh na audince voting hai

    hm vote bhi nhi kr skte
    i really hpe he cms bck to tei n give lyf to dis serial bck di
    luv u so mch di
    happy 1 year of twinj sidmin journey

  7. how can we forget this day.while surfing through channels I saw sid grant entry.his entry made me to give a rest to the remote.for me its the first episode of tei.before that I saw one episode the concept was new.but I didn’t find any chemistry between uv and tw.Only sid entry made me stick to the show.
    on this day itself I got to see the sizzling chemistry of twinj.there eyelock was no intense.for me twinj is always sidmin.they are the only couple in the TV having romantic moments so cute and innocent.
    sidmin will be in our heart always.
    congratulations to all for 1 year of twinj

  8. Kritika14

    OMG! I never knew about this. Twinj first meeting was today? first sajna ve ? honestly, i miss it all. I miss sidmin. But lets forget the grieve and celebrate cuz why not! Twinj not only brought happiness into our lives but also gave us a new friends? i guess family suits better. After all TU has become like my second family. I am so addicted to all of you and your ff’s and os’s. I hope this continues to grow and grow. Love you from the core of my heart ?

  9. Dii so cutteee article just like you. Twinj my dream couple ever and forever love them to the core. Missing them now and about Sidmin I would like to say I really really really use to think how a couple can look so cutteee together or wo reel one really made for each other. I remember the moment when I saw this episode when they both bump into each other. And sajna be plays for very first time. Twinj eyelock. I really don’t know what happens to me when it comes to twinj and in your words they are my jaan I love them is less to describe my feelings. Thank you dii and I love you too

  10. Romaisha

    Ofc dii!! How can we forgot this wonderful day!! ?? i miss sidmin soon much sidhant leaving was the worse part of the show and it caused us immense pain also 🙁
    But yea youre right and Kruti also.. Their first sajna ve moment .. Their first meet ..The day their babaji had announced the day two lovers would meet .. God that was the first time i got head over heals with tei and now ..m change yaar .. In one year…
    Thank u sayu for sharing this with us nahh .. Muahh love u dii ???❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Ahhhhh…how can I forget this day? Day which gave me my babies SidMinTwinj…their first fall first Sajna ve moment their first cute eyelock their slaying chemistry right from the very first scene miss each and every bit of it???…your right sayu we can never ever forget SidMinTwinj only because of them I joined twitter and instagram met lovely people like u, affa, jisha di,shamz,shruti(mili),ria,chiku,Saby etc From yesterday night I’m busy editing SidMinTwinj pics and posting it in twitter and thanking Sidhant Gupta and Jasmin Bhasin for giving us lovable adorable couple…SidMinTwinj are RelationshipGoals onscreen and FriendshipGoals off screen…missing their IVs soooo much…I’m still not over with SidMinTwinj and Sidhant Gupta and Jasmin Bhasin…I think I’ll never ever be over from this couple…they will always remain in my heart forever and ever…I’m still watching old episodes of tei which gives me both happiness and sadness…wish to see SidMin together again…I legit cry while editing their pics and watching old episodes…I want to thank each and every ff writer for writing ffs on SidMinTwinj and keeping them alive in our hearts…

    Love SidMinTwinj Sidhant Gupta and Jasmin Bhasin till my last breath??❤???

    And love all the ff writers too??❤???

  12. Shreya098

    Sayoo it definitely brought a biiiigggg wali smile on my face..
    How can I forget this day…. We got our sidmin on this day…..

    And yup they rule our heart….
    Missing them???…

  13. OMG!!!! How can i forget this day
    ……today our twinj met for the first time,their first most cutest and swetest eyelock their first fall their first sajna ve moment……soooo adorable…..thank u thanki u thanku thanku sooooo much sayeeda di for reminding us that today our bestest and most adorable couple met for the first time….luvvvvuuuuu!!!????????????????? infinity!!! And one more thank u for refreshing my mind with twinj memories,u know as i was reading this i was like remembring all our twinj(sidmin) lovable memories which i cant forget ever…..awwwww!!!! Their cutest knok jhok their tashan and when they fall for each other!!!! How cute was it….??????❤????❤❤❤❤?????
    And sayeeda di i am also a big big big biggest fan of twinj(sidmin) …they did such a superb work onscreen….i really really missssss them vvvvvv much…..they were damn superb!!! And their chemistry ….i mean wowwww…it was so superb !!! I used to die on their cuteness,sweetnesss,awesome and slaying chemistry…..ufff!!! They were such gud days when we used to watch them at 8….

  14. Zuha Fatima

    Well let’s be honnest, I was a crazy fan Twiraj or u can say of Zain ??? And when Sid entered the show as Kunj, and I came to know that he will be the hero I was like I will break his face, I was like he is such a dumb, no TASHAN, no style, he is just worst and I stopped watching the show, but when I saw the WEDDING EPISODE OF TWINJ by chance I was like AWWWWW HE IS SOOOO CUTE ??? But for the best couple I won’t say that Twinj ever ruled my heart as it was always ASYA (Asad and Zoya from Qubool Hai) and when KSG left the show I was like RUBBISH and so was me when Sid left TEI, but now I am watching it for Zain ??? MANY MANY CONGRATS FOR 1 YEAR COMPLETION OF THE GLORIOUS JOURNEY ❤❤❤❤


  15. Roshini125

    It’s a break thru

  16. Sanjanaagrawal

    Yes u r right how can forget that ….. thanks making me remember …. and love u kunj …. love u sid …. love u sidmin … and want sid back in the show …. plz…. plz …. plz…..

    love u jasmine. … love u sid …. love u sidmin ….?????

  17. Aamu

    me bohot buri hu….



    ya ya me bohot buri hu….m not a fan of twinj……………uhuhuhuhuhuhu
    if i was den i would not hav forget………..i forget n wen u tell to guess den also i dint guessed it right…………………uhhuhuuhuhhu
    yayaa muje rona aarahaa hai…or kya karu…me kitni buri hu….i forget der first meet……at dat time wen dey tw fall in his arms….i loved yuvi’s expression….he was fuming in anger……hahaa….i just hate him…like anything….n my sissy love him like anything……
    chalo by
    bohot cry kar liya…..
    next time pakkkaa yaad rakhunga….n yaa m a fan of twinj…#sidmin…my hotfavourite couple….woh to rote rote boldiya tha….hehe

    1. Aamu

      n dekho woh log first meet hue the in serial n in my ff der loveconfession wat a coincidence….

  18. Kruti

    Such a cute article sayu……I am sure everyone is missing Sid as much as I am

    But still the only thing i wanna tell is Thank u SidMin for giving us a cute and an adoring pair called Twinj
    Love them forever❤❤❤❤❤????

  19. Chiku

    Rula diya di ????
    Yaad aagayi un logon ki jinne log asli mien bhi saath delhna chahte thain. Par aisa nahi hua. I started watching the show fr sm 7 or 8 th episode nd i used to wind up my tutions early just bcz i wanted to see twinj everyday. Lakhs of scolding and smtymes slap frm my mother also just to see twinj bcz i was in 10th stnd. I miss sidmin aka twinj. But then my mother understood i want to see one tv serial so she used to say nthing. I liv them i wish twinj never ended on 28th may nd sidmin wr real lyf partnrs. I would be a dream cm true. Hope it happens one day.
    Love them to the core ????????

  20. Loads of love 4 our adorable sweet alacrious couple twinj 4 completion of 1 yr since their 1st meet n ofcourse eyelock…sajna ve…moment…
    i was bored n changing channel my eyes got stuck when kunj make twinkle sit on his lap…so i saw n from tht very epi i was like madly deeply in love wid twinj chemistry…due 2 my habit of seeing…my cousins n frens use 2 say me crazy bt i don gave them damn care…i watxhed repeat telecast so my cousins also started liking…
    i wish i cud see sidmin as onscreen couple in d days 2 come…as this was their wiah too…love sidmin aka twinj 2 d inner core of my heart n infinity 2 power of infinity….

  21. Thanmy

    Yessss diii
    This was the day the most memorable most lovely most beautiful day
    We got our twinj sidmin
    I really love them
    And yeah ur right dii they rule our hearts
    And yeah I guessed it and they will be always my favorite pair
    I just miss them
    Hope sid comes back!!
    Don’t know why this hope doesn’t go away from heart
    I’m sooo happy
    Kaash aaj bhi voh saath hote!!
    Thanq dii
    Luv u

  22. Hey sayeeda how can i forget this date yrr…. Really on this day our favourite couples met each other…. And now sidmin aka twinj rule our hearts….. Rlly sidmin is my favourite couple.. Although sid is not in the serial but then too …

  23. Shonaa...

    How can a twinj fan forget dat day…. thankxz sayoo for sharing diz…. it’s being a 1 year of twinj journey…. twinj first meeting nd d very first sajanaaa ve moment…. dn der tashan nd love care missing them missing sidhant…. love twinj…. ??

  24. Ohhh sayu appi u r right.. That was one of the most beautiful day for we twinj lovers… Our twinj’s first meet.. Ohhh! still the seane flashes in my mind…. This day is very much important for me, for u, for tei, for we all tu family members… So congratulation guys… Though sid is not in tei, but he will be always rules in our hearts… Twinj will be always remain in our hearts nd minds….

  25. SidMin

    This lovely day how can I forget it the first day I saw my Sid just can’t get over the memories we have with Sid as Kunj his entry when people misunderstood him and then his caring nature his love for women and last but not the least his love for Twinkle Just Loved TEI (SIDMIN as TWINJ rock always and forever)

  26. dreamer...arundhati

    Sayu di… Thanks for the reminder… Abhi ye date mere dimag ke database mai golden aksar mai likh diya hai…. Di u know twinj has bcom my oxygen… They r my dream couple…. That first meet… My gosh…. And only bcoz of them i got u all… My day start with twinj and u all and ends on u all…. Twinj and sidmin as a couple have bcom irreplaceable part of my life… They taught me the meaning of love.. They gave me frnds like u… Fabulous one… Miss u twinj…

  27. Paavu

    now the only thing left for me to do is to cry all night as i miss my sid love sidmin what a spe4echless journey i always remembered thisd ay which just changed my life in real and no on and wish offscreen couple was is and will be better than them

  28. Sayu di thanks for weiting such a beautiful article acrually today got net so late loved it yrr and missing sid aur kunj very muchhhhhhhhhhhh

  29. Twinjfan.tamanna

    yaar…I miss them…plz someone get them back…I had a big smile reading it…yes I also got u guys by our beloved twinj…I cant understand should I be happy or shld be sad…happy bcz we got the most adorable couple on this day…through which I got u all….n sad bcz they are not together now…missing sid badly…wish them to be real life couple…which I know Is almost impossible….thankyou sayu fr posting such wonderful article…love u…

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