Sitting inside a cubicle wide white cabin, she stare at the paperweight on the table, lost in herself.

“Miss Ragini, is there anything, you wanted to say to me?”

Coming out of the world she was inside, she lift her head up to see the young man, her psychiatrist on the other side of the table. He was helping her out of her depression phase she was going under since a month, after her mother’s accidental death. Within this little span of time, other than their doctor-patient relationship, they have developed a great bond between them surprisingly and she was very much reliant on him.

“I need your help Doc, could you do me a favor please?”

“Doc, sounds like she did call me a dog instead.” He muttered inside his breath n smiled a little getting back to the topic,
“Of course, feel free to ask me for help Miss Ragini. I would be glad, if I can do anything for you. And well, Its Sanskar.”

“Thank you so much Doctor Sanskar.” She said, biting her cheek inside, ‘Someone is really feeling something, I guess.’

“Doc, How is my daughter now? What’s the problem? Is there anything serious?” Sekhar asked to Sanskar, checking on his now unconscious and sick daughter.

“Dont worry sir, I’m trying my best to bring her back to normal. She is going through a serious depression and these things are normal in the situation. Her mother’s lost is something she couldn’t get out of. She is holding onto it from 3 months, its really a difficult time for her. She needs some more time to get back to her usual self, just give her time.”

“Please do something. Save my princess, bring her back doc. Please save her.” Sekhar pleaded, weakly.

“Mr Gadoddia, control yourself. Now, you yourself is the best doctor and best medicine for her. You are the only person whom she needs more than anything. You can heal her. You can bring her back Sir.”

“What should I do?”

“Well I would like to suggest u to take a break from your business life and take her somewhere for a change. In many cases like this it did really work out. Hill stations are the best option for that and if I have to suggest then I personally suggest you for Simla.”

“OK doc. If it is the way to heal My princess then I’ll do it. I’ll take her to Simla. Thanks Doc.”

“You r welcome Sir.”

Stopping near a small room temple she closed her eyes and reeled back her last moment with her mother. Her mother’s shocking confession on her deathbed was something she never expected in her wildest thoughts. It was a volcano like something that shook her to the core. Although, she was well aware of her parent’s idle relationship but she never thought that there could be a reason in form of a woman between them. It was a bitter truth for her to know that she was not an only daughter to her father. It was most shocking moment for her when her dying mother confessed that she was guilty of breaking two love souls and asked for earning their forgiveness, for her guilty soul, whom she hurt a long before. Before taking her last breath her mother kept a promise from her to amend her mistake.

She walked out of the cottage she rented and glanced a way to a cottage next to hers. It was her first day in Simla with her father and to execute her special secret mission, fortunately, she rented an empty cottage neighboring to the person she was seeking for.

Fighting inside with her nervousness she reached for the main door of the beautiful cottage. Standing in front of the main door for about a long she finally lift her hand to knock on the door but it got open suddenly n she mirrored a girl of her age, standing on the other side.

‘Must be my sister.’ She thought.

“Hello Miss, actually I’m seeking for some help. We’ve newly shifted here in that empty cottage and there is some technical problems we are suffering from, can you help me calling out for an electrician and getting me a cup of tea, please.” Ragini said in a polite way.

“That’s great, please come in. Well, my name is Swara Bose and you can ask me for anything you needed. Feel free.” Swara, excitedly.

She was led inside the cottage and to a well furnished hall room where a lady, almost of her mother’s age was busy in decorating a flower vase. An electric tremor spread over her body n she felt a heavy squeezing sensation on her chest.

“Shona, no more dramas, got it. I won’t permit you to bunk your classes everyday.” The lady said in a strict tone without even turning back.

“Sumo, stop ranting and turn around. I’ve a good news.” Swara, cheerily.

“What Swara?” The lady turned around annoyed n stood shocked for a moment having a guest there.

“Girl, meet the owner of the house, my momma, and Sumo! she is our new neighbor Ragini. Now, You won’t be bore anymore in my absence.” Swara said to her dumbstruck mother and turned back to Ragini.

“Namaste mam. I’m Ragini from Mumbai. I just shifted here, this early morning and there wasn’t anything in my kitchen, so I came here to ask for a cup of tea.” Thinking for a moment Ragini said meakly looking towards her unexpected sister n mother.

“Of course beta. Just wait a minute. If you don’t mind me asking what are you doing here in Simla?” Sumi.

“I’m here, seeking for some relief.” She said thoughtfully and after a pause added a little more to get them clear, “Health issues, you see.”

“Oh! OK, you guys talk, I’ll be right back.” Sumi, walking towards the kitchen.

“Ragini, had you been here before?” Swara.

“Its my first time. I have never visited any hill station before though I was thinking about it from a long time. Its finally fulfilled. Well, tell me about yourself.”

“I’m a college student, on my final year. I’m an adventurous girl n I love to explore the world but I couldn’t, as you see, my mom. We don’t have anyone other than us.” Swara’s excited voice turned into heavy.

Ragini felt a load of guilt building inside her heart.

“Your dad?” Ragini asked hesitated and cursed inside seeing Swara’s hard expressions.


Thankfully, Sumi came there to rescue them out of the situation, breaking their conversation. Spending a good time with them she returned to her cottage.

Its been a week, she was surprisingly attached with the lost part of her life and she made her place in the family, successfully. She made herself a good friend for Swara, which she was treated back equally but Sumi’s cold behavior was something she wasn’t able to understand.

“Auntie, where is Swara?” Ragini asked entering inside Sumi’s room.

“College.” Came a curt reply from a figure sitting on the bed, “Ragini, come here, I want to show you something.”

“Of coarse Auntie.”

“Look.” Giving Ragini an old picture of two small girls Sumi said in a telltale way, “This me and my sister’s picture. My elder sister Janki…”

Ragini got emotional seeing her mom’s picture, for a moment but then her eyes flared in nervousness hearing her mother’s name from Sumi.

“Janki, she was the apple of everyone’s eyes and I was the headache. She could never committed a wrong but everything I done became a mistake. She was best in the family and I was the worst.” Sumi, sarcastically, “She also had flaws but they were only seen by me. She snatched my love in the name of family pride and respect. I was one month’s pregnant that time, when she married to the person I loved but I don’t feel bad that she married him because he was not for me. He wasn’t deserving. When he couldn’t stand for our love, our child what more could I expect from him.”

Ragini felt a piercing sensation from the deep inside.

“One day, I escaped that place leaving all deceives, pain and sorrows behind, to lead a good life. And see, I’m happily living my life.”Sumi said coldly, staring into Ragini’s moist eyes, “She was exactly like you. So innocent and kind looking beautiful face but with a deceiving soul.”

Ragini’s face hardened with that and something broke inside her.

“Why are you telling me this all?” Though she got the hint from Sumi’s tone and tale, she threw a question to test it.

“I’m telling you because I don’t want to see same thing happen with my Shona.”

“There is no relevance between these topics?”

“Stop pretense and tell me why are you here Ragini Gadoddia?”

“So you got it?”

“I got it the first day I saw you. Now tell me, what are you doing here? Is there anything left with me that Janki send her daughter to snatch it from me?”

“I’m here to fulfill my momma’s last wish. To earn your forgiveness. She left the world but she send me to you to ask for forgiveness and its all up to you, what will you do now. I’ll wait for your forgiveness because I’ve promised my momma.”

Ragini left the room leaving the shocked Sumi inside.

Another week passed. She felt some changes in Sumi’s cold behavior.

Looking around the ladies wear section Ragini went through a collection of traditional wear. She was inside a shopping centre, accompanying Swara on a shopping for Sumi’s birthday. Standing in front of a bridal saree she thought about Sumi’s life, her complaints n her momma’s confession.

“Life could be a big joke sometimes.” Unknowingly words escaped her mouth.

“I totally agree with you dear. A girl can lead a better life without man.” Swara said in a harsh tone.

Ragini could feel the deep sorrow, emptiness, grudge and complaints in Swara’s tone. Being with Swara for about a week, she got aware of her deep hatred towards her father and somewhere Ragini was blaming herself for all these things.

“I’m thinking about living a bachelor life for ever.” Swara, funnily.


There hit a new voice n both the girls turned towards the source to find two good looking guys.

“Doctor.” Ragini said in a surprise tone echoed with Swara’s shocked voice, “Khadoos.”

“Control your tongue you stupid silly girl.” Other guy.

“Keep your adjectives for yourself, unLucky idiot.”

“Oh god! not here guys. Lucky, Shona, stop acting childish, grow up guys. Well, how do you like this place Miss Ragini?” Sanskar, focusing on now confused Ragini.

“Its great, really. Well, how do you know each other?” Ragini, confused.

“Our mommas are the close friends and these two r the swore enemies. We belong from the same villa but because of our profession we couldn’t live here like before. Well, meet my handsome brother Laksh Maheswari.” Sanskar.

“Hello Laksh, its nice meeting you.” Ragini.

“Don’t lie dear.” Swara muttered near Ragini.

“Same here, Ragini.” Lucky, shooting daggers at Swara

“Ragini, I think I need some fresh air. Guys, we should leave now. Bye Mr psychiatrist and Mr thick head psycho.” Swara dragged her friend out of there.

“Have you got anything for momma?” Ragini said in a irked tone.

“Thats why we’re here for. Lets go.”

Resting her head on her father’s lap she looked up at her father’s concerned n tensed face. It was because of her announcement, to accompany her for tomorrow’s birthday. He couldn’t refuse it remembering about her condition and got into an emotional battle inside, which she observed carefully.


“Yes princess.”

“I want to ask you something, can I?”

“Go ahead princess.”

“I never saw anything like love between you and momma, ever, It was more like a compromise but I never asked you guys about it then. Papa, I want to know now, was there any love between you two?”

She watched him flinching a little, unaware of the stream running down her eyes.

“Why are you asking this question, suddenly?” He asked, tensed without meting her eyes.

Rolling in the emotional rollercoaster Ragini was about to disclose her secret mission when her phone ringed beside her and coming out of the dark spell she moved out of the cottage, attending her call.


“Hey.” An excited voice acknowledged her from the other end.

“Sorry, do I know, who is this?” Wiping the tear ducts she asked in a gloomy tone.

“Are you alright Ragini? This is Sanskar. What happened?” There came the tense voice from the other end.

‘Why don’t you say you like me Doctor.’ A small smile creased on her lips thinking there is someone who knows her n cares for her, n whom she felt as her own.

“I’m alright.” She tried to sound cool.

“Then why are you crying?” He asked in a desperate tone.

‘Someone is really desperate.’ Feeling a tinge of relief she wiped her now oozing tears.

“You are talking as if you have been watching me from around. Doctor, stop obsessing over your patient, I’m alright.” She said mockingly.

“Oh really, then why are you wiping your eyes like hell?”

‘What the…is he really here?’

“What? Are you watching me, really?” She exclaimed shocked, “Where are you?”

“Just turn around a little and you’ll see me.”

As soon as he said she turned around and a tall hoodie guy came out of a shade to the streetlight from the opposite side of the road. Shocked seeing him there she moved out of her cottage gate and near him.

“Hey, are you really here?” She asked unsurely.

“Have I made some special appearances in your dreams to earn this kind of questions?” He said intensely.

“Are you flirting with me, Doctor?” She, teasingly.

“You can think so but genuinely, I’m stealing some beautiful moments of my life.” He, intensely.

Her heartbeats quickened hearing him and a hue bloomed on her chubby cheeks.

“How did you come here?” Fighting back her sensations she changed the topic.

“I’m sorry, actually, I’ve been stalking you from the market.”

Her eyes flared in shock and fear, and a dark shadow crossed her now burning face hearing the seriousness in his voice. It was then he broke the mental torment with his thundering laugh.

“Oh god! your face. You are just awesome Miss Ragini, I was just kidding. I was here on a visit to Sumi aunty, with my family. I wanted some fresh air that’s why I came out of there and called you.”

‘Why are you fooling around Doc, just say that what’s there in your heart.’

“Woah! Are you calling me a cooler or an AC, hmm?” She, curtly.

“I think, fan is a good word.” He, playfully.

“Did you really call me a fan?” She, surprised.

“Yes, I did, your highness.” He said dramatically, bowing his head down.

It surprised her to the core. She felt her thumping heart would come out of her mouth any time.

“Oh goodness! Doctor, I’ve observed some psychological problems in your activities. I think you are in a dire need of treatment?” Subsiding her emotions, she said mockingly.

“I totally agree with you Miss Ragini. I also think I need some special kind of treatment.” He said huskily coming closer to her.

“God! sometimes, you are really funny Doctor.” She said turning around, clutching on her heart and moving away from him.

“Yeah. Sometimes.” He rhymed her words with a deep breath and followed her.

It was a small birthday celebration and the guest Maheswari family was already there with their two handsome sons. Swara and Ragini were running here there decorating a beautiful cake freshly made by themselves.

“Ragu, you know what, this unLucky younger Maheswari is really a bitter one. I don’t know what is his problem. Look, how is he gaping here at me, as if he will gulp me down, with his eyes. Such a temperamental bastard!” Swara, furiously.

“Chill dear. Do one thing don’t look there.” Ragini said calmly and then a mischievous glint entered into her eyes, “Well, when did you taste that bitter one?”

“From my beautiful childhood to this…Hey are you making a fun out of me, you innocent devil!” Realising her friend’s real meaning behind the words Swara screamed, crazily and chased now running Ragini.

Everyone enjoyed the cat fight between them and a pair of eyes moistened with emotions.

“OK, stop now. I think, we need to go for the cake cutting program.” Mrs Maheswari said in a affectionate tone.

“No guys. We need some time to get ready, we need a fresh bath.” Swara, childishly.

“Dramaqueen.” Lucky muttered annoyed which everyone there heard.

“Excuse me.” Swara, sharply.

“You are excused. Now, just go inside and finish your stuffs fast, you stinky fellow!” Lucky, stoically.


“I think, we need to be quick Shona. Be ready, I’ll be here right back. See you guys.” Ragini pushed the infuriated figure of Swara inside her room and run out of there to her place.

Finally, they gathered around a round table wishing birthday lady with sweet birthday song and there came a gift round.

“Mom, as I know you feel very bore in your lone times and though Ragini is there for you sometimes but I need her by my side for shopping, outing, you know right. For that, I’ve a beautiful gift for your loneliness.” With that Swara went inside her room and come out with a cute little white puppy in a cradle, “Momma, this is for you.”

“Thank you so much but I want something more this time.” Sumi, demandingly.

“Ask me, anything except for my life.”

“Marry Sanskar. Say yes.”

The world Ragini was building inside her head shattered down in a moment.

“What??” Three voices echoed around the room at the same time, Swara, laksh and Sanskar.

This sudden bombarding wish did shatter Ragini, Swara and Sanskar but about Laksh, it was a shocking twist which couldn’t go unnoticed by Ragini but she wasn’t in the state to think about it anymore. There was something else running inside her mind,

‘God! Are you rewriting the history? How could you do this to me? I was looming around her thing, again. After snatching her life, I fell for her fiance, goddamn it! How can I be this unfortunate?’

“Ragini, please make her understand.” Sumi, pulled her out of the black fog.

“Are you serious momma?” Swara, in an impossible tone.

“Swara, please cool down. Don’t worry Auntie, I’ll talk to her later. Please enjoy your day.”

Ragini went near the main door texting her father.

“Sumi Auntie, I’ve a special gift for you, hope you’ll like it.” She said and every gazes shifted towards her, “Papa.”

Ragini called and her father came inside with a long, big box. Sumi stood numb looking at the man on the doorway and two other pair of eyes also widened in shock.

“Sekhar!!” Mr and Mrs Maheswari whispered in shock.

“Auntie! this is your gift.” Ragini said in a cheery tone and turned around to her father, “Papa, come on, go, wish her.”

Going near the birthday lady he wished her placing the box on the table,

“Happy birthday.”

“Thank you.”

“Sorry momma, but I can’t control my curiosity.” With that Swara jumped for the box and uncovered a tanpura inside, “OMG! how did you know get this? I mean how did you know, that my mom loves this instrument?”

“I know many things dear.”

Though Ragini said this playfully but two persons were well aware of the innuendo behind this.

The birthday party got over in a painful emotional roller coaster for three persons but nothing came out from the persons as she expected. Everything finished in a lot of emotional torture n unspoken words. Cursing her stars she stood under the shade of a big roadside tree.

“Are you alright?”

She jerked a little his the voice which have the power to make her heartbeats wild. Remembering about the events she felt a sharp stung inside her heart.

“I’m fine.” She said fighting back the tears.

“Don’t lie, Miss Ragini. I saw you there, you did feel the same way as me, hearing that marriage thing?” Sanskar said desperately.

“It doesn’t mean anything now Doctor. You haven’t cross that Miss Ragini thing and I didn’t cross the Doctor thing. We have a doctor-patient relationship between us which we haven’t crossed till now and I guess, its better it won’t cross that line from now.”

Saying this she turned around to leave but soon pulled back with a hand and captivated between two muscular hands on tree trunk.

“What is this Sanskar? Leave me.” She struggled to get out of his hold.

Suddenly she stopped struggling meting a pair of intense, infuriated eyes piercing through her deep inside and without her knowledge he leaned down and pulled her up for a punishing kiss.

“This is for torturing me like hell.” Breaking the kiss he said seriously n again kissed her but this time softly, “This is for telling you that I’ve already crossed the line you said.”

Saying this he left the place leaving her numb posture there.

Another week passed in an emotional rollercoaster. She found herself drowning deep inside an ocean of guilt, pain and fear. After living enough of hell she finally stood in front of her father with a lot of complaints.

“Papa! I know everything about momma, you and Sumi Auntie. There was a reason behind this Simla trip. My momma’s last wish, to earn forgiveness from you two. But now is a different story. You guys can reconcile and lead a better life. I know you both wanted it, then what’s the problem? What’s stopping you Papa? Just go, tell them everything that’s in your heart.”

“I can’t princess. Its not easy as you said.” Sekhar, vulnerably.

“Don’t you love her? Tell me, don’t you want to hear this ‘papa’ word from your other daughter? Don’t you want to take your part in her marriage? You still love Sumi Auntie, accept this truth and take a stand for your love.”

“Excuse me.” A shocked voice echoed around the room and they saw the dumbstruck Swara standing in front of the door with her mother, “What did you say?”

“They’ll better explain you Swara.” Ragini said pointing towards their parents.

“Momma, is that all true whatever I heard? Is he the one because of whom we suffered a lot? Tell me momma. I want to hear the truth, tell me.” Swara, in a stinging tone.

“Swara, This is the truth.” Sumi said vulnerably.

“Oh! so you all were playing your sick games behind my back right n I believed you all like an idiot? Congrats mom, you’ve also brilliantly cheated on your daughter.” Swara said sarcastically and Sumi broke into a cry.

“Beta, I’m your culprit, your unfortunate father. Sumi has no fault.” Sekhar.

“You should be.” Swara let out her all frustration looking towards the guilty Sekhar, “After all this years, when we were finally living a peaceful life, what dragged you here to spoil our life, hmm? Do you have any idea to shatter our life, again? Thats why you are here right?”

“Swara, behave. He is your father.” Sumi.

“Sumi, don’t stop her, I want to hear her.” Sekhar said in a misty voice, “I did wrong to you both. I failed you. I failed our love. I failed to take my responsibilities. I’m a failure, I disappointed you Sumi.”

“Don’t take my momma’s name from your filthy mouth. Who couldn’t take a stand for his love, who couldn’t be there for us in need, who is the reason behind our pain, I don’t need that man in our life. Yes, you are a failure Mr guilty and I don’t need your apologies anymore but just one thing, go away from our life and never show your face ever again.” Swara left the place, leaving the broken souls behind.

Ragini run behind Swara, who was silently observing everything, till now.

“Stop Swara. You have to understand everything. Everyone was the victim of the situation. There was no one’s fault, try to understand. Give a chance to him. Let the departed souls live their life they wished for.”

“After living my part of life, how easily you are talking about faults and loopholes, how interesting Ragini Gadoddia. You can never know from from how many sufferings I’ve gone through. I cannot forget the reckless nights and dreadful events when the need of a father’s protective gestures was taken by my mom’s fairy-tales. I won’t let go of those memories, I can’t.” Wiping her tears, Swara flashed a sarcastic smile, “Well, you’ve also cheated on me, brilliantly, then what’s the need to explain you, right? Just go to hell. Come back to me when you really come to know, what is loneliness, Princess.”

Snapping with a load of words Swara moved away. Ragini lost herself inside a dark fog of guilt and pain.

“I forgave your momma, that wasn’t her fault. She did everything under family pressure. Yeah, I was angry at her for choosing the family respect over sister’s happiness but she wasn’t aware of my state because I also realized it after their marriage. Now, I don’t have any complaints except for not meeting her alive. Go back to Mumbai, now you are free.” Sumi said in a cracked tone and moved out of the gate.

“Just tell me one thing masi, thinking about your dying sister’s wish, don’t you love him, anymore?” Ragini, gravely.

Without giving any answer Sumi run out of there in a haste and a small smile creased on Ragini’s lips.

She entered inside the cottage and confronted her now totally broken father standing in the middle of the hall, numb.


“We are going back to Mumbai by early morning.”

“But papa, how can you leave all this in middle? Try to win them back. Go, tell them how much you missed them, wha they means for you and how much you need them in your life.”

“Princess, I want everything that you’ve said but there are some underlinings I cannot cross. I want to fulfill Swara’s wish. I don’t want to be the reason for her pain, again.” Sekhar, thouhtfully.

“And what about Sumi Auntie? Your love?” Ragini, defensively.

“Some people means to fall in love with eachother, but never means to be together.” He left with that.

Ragini stood there comparing her life with the line her papa left saying and a determined glint sparked in her eyes.

Ragini parked her car in front of the Maheswari house. This was after five years, she was coming back to her place mumbai, on the occasion of her dear one’s forth birthday. Looking at the beautiful decorated house she stepped out of her car and as soon as she stepped out of the car a beautiful little fairy in a pink flowery dress come running to her.


Little girl jumped on her, flailing her delicate arms around her and Ragini lift her up off the floor.

“How are you my beautiful angel and where is your momma?” She asked affectionately, showering sweet kisses on her chubby cheeks.

“You are late dear.”

There came a complaining voice from her back and as she turned around a different Swara stood there in her marital signs beside Sanskar. She felt a tinge of pain seeing him.

She remembered the day she escaped Simla, four years back, only leaving a later behind, with a note to give her time to recover herself and asking Swara to marry Sanskar for her momma’s happiness.

Everything changed in this five years. She lived her life away from her dear ones, realized the sufferings of loneliness and got her family completely. Realising her efforts Swara forgave her father and reconciled the broken souls. After a lot of naggings and emotional blackmails Ragini came back to the world she wanted, her world.

“I think your momma is ready to open her complain box, what do you say angel?” She, teasingly.

The little girl chuckled joyously and getting down from her hold run back to her father.

‘Some people means to fall in love with eachother, but never means to be together.’ The words hit around her head and a small smile creased on her lips, “Thank god I don’t lie under that some people.” Muttering inside her breath she watched the little running angel towards her father.


“Oh my princess!” Lifting up the little soul he flashed a warm smile towards Ragini, “Stop staring like a starving puppy wifey, let these long lost lovebirds to have some of their space. Come, let’s go inside you fatty.”

“Oh! how rude? You cannot talk to your beautiful wife like that, got it you thickhead arrogant Mr Laksh Maheswari.” Swara followed Lucky’s moving posture from behind.

“Crazy! They are still the same.” Ragini said satisfied.

“They are. Now if you have enough of this observations then, do you have a little time to look over here on this sick diehard lover of yours?”

She jerked on her place feeling his uneven hot n haggard breath on her back.

“How are you Doctor Sanskar?” She asked uncomfortably.

Spending five years of her life involving herself into social issues and working in childcare center, she at last returned to her home, to her family, gaining a lot of things to lead her upcoming life without any guilt. She observed the man in front of him, his tussled hair, sharp cheekbones, darkcircled deep black eyes and vulnerable figure.

“What have you done to yourself Sanskar?” She asked haggardly.

At that moment she was on the verge to breakdown but then suddenly he pulled her in a possessive hug and she dipped her head inside his warmth, crying her heart out.

“Oh goodness! you are finally here, in my arms. Heaven! please tell me that you are actually here. I wonder how I survived five goddamn years without you Ragini.” He exclaimed unsure, tightening his hold around her.

“How could you love me this much Sanskar. You didn’t marry anyone and keep waited for me. Five year is not a little thing Sanskar. How could you love this selfish, weak girl who couldn’t stand the difficult situation of her life and escaped the situation leaving everything behind, including her love, You? I spent five long years to gather the courage to face all of you again, but how could you forgive me in a second, Sanskar?How?” She, emotionally.

“Because that was the past and its not too late to lead a better life. We still have time and this time, I’ll give you no chance to escape me. You are now stuck with me, for your dear life, Miss Ragini.” He said in a misty voice.

“I love you Sanskar.”

“Oh god! this is definitely a dream…” Surprised with her confession he muttered maniacally.

And she pulled him in a deep kiss, showering with her extreme emotions only for him.

“This is real Dr psycho.”

“If you guys have done, then you can come inside to make your appearance in the birthday.” Swara, showed there again.

“Lets go inside.”

Breaking the hug he pulled her blushing posture with him, inside the house where a different world was welcoming her with an open arms. Hugging her overwhelmed, angry, caring and loving parents she cried her heart out.

After a heavy emotional session she was finally teared away from the family and stood at the corner looking at her family’s new picture.

“Momma, it’s done. Your other fulfilled your promise.” A tear dropped down her eyes and a satisfied smile made it’s way through them looking towards Swara’s irritated face who was shouting on Lucky, following him everywhere, and she felt a band of arms tightening around her possessively.

“Who knew, that my little arrogant brother have this much patience, but your sister pulled out such a great talents out of him that left us awestruck.” Sanskar, joyfully.

“Enjoy for now, Doctor, soon you’ll also come to that position.” Ragini, teasingly.

“I’m eagerly waiting for that day.” He, intensely, “Though Laksh beat me on marriage and baby thing, but let me tell you one thing, I want two babies, back to back.” Sanskar whispered in a husky voice and she hid her blushing face in his embrace.

Thank you so much for reading.

Thanks for bearing my grammatical and spelling mistakes. Let me know your views on Milestone. Miss you guys.


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