Milega jab pyar(swara,ragini,sanskar,laksh)episode11


Guys I’m glad to interact to u again…
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Here is the episode….

The episode begins with swara n sanky going to mm in car… Suddenly swara gets a call

Sanky’s pov

I heard when swara talkibg to the phn… She looked a bit scared….
Swar: hlooo

She looked tensed n start to look away so that I can’t notice it….n she spoke slowly…
I slowly tried to lean to know abt the chat but I rarely heard their talks..

I asked her: rashu what hppnd … But there is no reply… I again asked her but still there is no reply….. Then I grabbed her phn started to listen…. I was shocked to listen the words… I could recognise through his voice that he is a guy… He is calling her darling….
Caller: hey babe m waiting for ur tym I just asked for a night….. What’s a big deal in that…
I can’t listen those words I suddenly cut the call…. I can’t listen those words… My heart is burning I wanted to chop him … I suddenly remembered her n I looked at her.. She is so scared it’s lookin like she is scared of that man… I kept my hand on her shoulder…
She is so scared that as soon as I kept my hand on her shoulder she jerked n started crying….

Pov ends….

In mm
Sanky n swara comes to mm swa directly went to her room….
She started crying…..then she suddenly felt some one holding her shoulder n she turned to see sanky standing there… She suddenly hugs him n started to cry loudly….
He too reciprocated it…. She is crying for an hour n slowly she slept on his shoulder…..

He layed her on the bed n saw her sleeping with swollen eyes his tolerate to see her in that condition… He then remembers the words of that person his blood began to boil…
Sanky: I promise u rashu I’ll get that person n relieve u from this condition what if u left me a year ago… I loved u n still loves u……but can’t leave without u??? But y she came here y is she mentioning her self as swara…

Sanky’s pov
I was confused to see raunath standing in front of rashu….
I was shocked to.listen him saying abt trapping by using my bro laksh…. But I can’t understand y he is calling her swara even though he knows that she is rashu MY RASHMI….

Then I can’t understand what they were talking n y they want to betray me… I decided to know all abt her where she lived n what she has done in these days… I called to my frnd n asked him to give me the information abt rashmi….. After an hour I came to know that she changed her name as swara n she is going to marry him my best friend raunath….. I unable to digest this news… I started crying then suddenly I came to know that she has a daughter but don’t know abt her husband….
Then I determined to.know her plan n in the name of sacring her daughter I married her… But still she is in my heart…. I can’t forget to swara why did u leave me n why did u changed ur name n y r u planning abt my betrayal.. I have to.know all abt this… Then he gives a peck on her fore head n leaves the room…
After half an hour he came with a plate full of food… He then wakes her up….
Sanky: swara…. Swara…. Wake up common eat ur dinner. Swara get up n sees sanky with plate full of food in his hand….
Swar: sanskar plz I m not hungry I don’t eating….. Plz take this plate away…
Sanky: no way see at urself how r u??? Eat it…
Swara: but y r u concerning abt me…. U forced me in to this marrg n where is riya… What have u done to her….
Sanky(angry): shuushhh don’t speek n eat it… Whenever she takes her name it will remind me abt their plan….
Swara: no I wont….
Then sanky feeds her with his own hand…. While he is feeding her she sees him lovingly….
Swar(in mind): whatz happnng to me why he is affecting me… I came here to take revenge but I felt like I have seen him before n it’s not the first time he is feeding me… Suddenly some blurred scenes came to her mind but she unable to recognise it….
She hold her head…
Sanky saw this n ask her what hppnd…
Swa: I don’t know sanskar some times i feel like m not what im… There is another swara whom I didn’t know……
Sanky feels concerned n take her into his embrace n make her sleep there itself….. He also sleeps there …

In the mrng
Swara wakes up n sees herself in sanky’s embrace she suddenly gets from there with a jerk…due to this sanky also wakes up……n they both feel embarrassed…
Swa: wo..wo… Actually sorry I don’t know when I slept… Plz forgive me … Saying this she went to bathroom n gets ready n leaves to.clg…

Sanky also gets ready n leaves to.clg…

In clg
Laksh is heart broken listening to.rags engagement.. He don’t know why but he is feeling restless…. Then he saw rags coming there.. He left the place ignoring her….
Rags notices this n thinks that he is angry because she didn’t inform them abt this..

On the dance floor
Lucky saw rags coming to him.. He is abt to go when he felt a hand holding his wrist…. N stopping him from going.. He turned to luk at swara…. She understood the situation n she felt something fishy in his behavior…
Swa: lucky I want to talk to u … Now..
Lucky: ya tell me…
Swa: not here come with me…. She take him to a lonely place…..
Swa: lucky what hppnd to u y r u ignoring her.. She just didn’t take that topic because she too is not happy with this marrg n she dont want to spoil her mood thinking abt this… Did u get me….
Lucky: whatever….I don’t care….
Swa: lucky what hppnd will u not tell me why u r feeling bad…
Lucky: I dont know shona but I m unable to digest the fact that she is some others property.. She leaves me … But I can’t tolerate this judaii..
Swa: lucky don’t say that u love her….
Lucky: don’t know whether I love her or not but I want her to be always with me…
Swa: it means that….(shocking): u love her….
Wow what a good news…
Lucky: what do I love her… Yes ….. I love her….
Swa: then what r u waiting for go n tell her abt ur feelings….
Lucky: how can I shona she is engaged to someone….
Swa: but lucky her family forced her in this she whole heartedly doesnot accept this…she still don’t want this marrg to happen.. Till then u have chance of making her urs…
Lucky: yeah u r right swara I’ll make her fall for me…. N tq shona u r the best buddy I have…. He smiles n says: ragu main aa raha hu get ready to become Mrs ragini laksh maheshwari..

Screen ends on smiling face of swalak..
Precap: ragini feeling jealous of seeing laksh with another girl…. Swasan n raglak romance..

Thank u guys for reading my ff. Hope u guys comment on this episode..

Credit to: Sam

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