Milega jab pyar(swara,ragini,sanskar,laksh)episode10


Hi guys. Tq kumu priya n ammu for commenting on my previous episode… N tq all whoever reading my ff even it includes silent readers.

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Here is the episode the episode begins with swaraglak talking in the canteen…
Suddenly some one pulls rag from her chair n hugs her…..
Trio were shocked to see this…
Rag also shocked…..

He hugged her tight n says I love u so much… I miss u baby….
Rag was trying to release herself suddenly she felt the voice is recognizable so she slows down resisting…
All this while laksh was fuming in anger….
N he can’t control his anger when he proposes her.. So he got up n pulled her from the hug n started to beat him…

Laksh’s pov
Today I have seen some thing mysterious when a guy suddenly pulled rag into his hug… I was shocked to see this sudden seen…..
I couldn’t control myself when he proposed her I felt like thosand knifes stabbing my heart at a time….
N without any second thought I started beating him…..
Swa n rag were trying to stop me.. But I’m not in my senses n continue beating him like anything….

Suddenly rag pulled me out of that seen I felt a tight slap on my cheeks…. All people who were present there looking at me…
But I didn’t stop I started to go to beat him but again a tight slap but now it’s on another cheek.. I hold my both cheeks… N looked at rag disgustingly….
Then she again spoke
Rag: lucky can’t u think before beating any one like this..
She again goes to him n asks him whether he is OK or not….seeing her concern towards him made me even more angry…. I felt like he came here to snatch ragu..MY RAGU from me….. Yes I like her…. But I don’t know whether if is love or not… But I’m not sure abt my feelings… But I can’t see ragu with some one n unable to tolerate her concern towards him… But she is my best friend so went to help her…
Pov ends….

Rag comes to lucky.
Rag: lucky have u gone nuts….. What he has done what is the need to fight with him….
Lucky: if u had not stopped me I might have made him into 1000pieces. How dare he to hug u????
Rag: lucky stop it he is my fiance…..

Lucky:(shocked): what???? Wait a minute I think I heard u wrong….
Rag: no u heard me crct he is my fiance…. We r engaged but didn’t marry bcoz of my studies…….
Lucky: do h love him…..(still in shock)
Lucky: dammit.
Rag: no I don’t love him….. But we r engaged….. My marrg is decided by my family…. I can’t refuse them so I agreed… But sry I didn’t tell u this….
Lucky(heart broken): tears were flowing from his eyes but he wiped them without anyone’s notice…..

Lucky: ohhh congrats….. Seeing rags face lovingly….
Guys I have some work I’ll meet u ltr… He goes from there….
While all this is taking place rags phn rings buf neither rag nor lucky notice this as they were busy in the situation.. Swara notices this …. She sees maa on the screen… She thought to tell her that she went to washroom orelse if she(ma) get to know abt this she will tensed….
So she picks up the phn but before she talks sumi calls her ladoo….
Sumi: ladoo rohan is coming to ur clg.. I thought to inform this….
Swara notices her saying ladooo… She remembers her taking the name of a girl ladooo.

**(guys I mentioned it in my first episode, instead I started with this only)**

Swar: ladoo it means ragu is ladoo but I didn’t even met her before….we mer in this clg only… Why is she coming in to my dreams then… What relation I have with her… I have to ask her…..any herself….I even don’t know abt her totally may be after knowing her I can get a clue why I’ll dreamt of her… But before that I have to conform whether is she the one that I saw in my dreams….
But she was shocked to hear that…. That news which made her shocked that the person is her fiancée…
But I noticed that lucky felt bad after listening that news… Bcoz even she, like me,didn’t inform it to either of us… So lucky was sad…
Lucky went from there without uttering a word…

Rag(in mind): sry lucky for hiding this big fact from u buf I was not happy with this marrg so I thought that in clg I can feel free n vow myself to not think abt all this as they make me feel sad..
Swara: ahh… Hloo m swara ragu’s frnd… Nice to meet u…
Rohan: ohh nice to meet u??
Rag: rohan sry yar for all this… He just thought u as a stranger so he behaved with u like this.. Plz don’t feel bad…
Rohan: don’t worry babe.. I can understand.. But have to say he is more protective towards u….
After some time rohan bids bye to both swaraglak n leaves…
Swara: ragu but u didn’t inform us abt this….
Rag: wo shona …actually it’s not my decision to marry him…. It was taken by my elders n i can’t go against them…. Actually I don’t want to marry him… But…
Swa: notices that she is at the verge of crying so to divert the topic she says: achaa ragu wats ur nickname….
Rag: mom call me ladooo..
Swa: ahhh…. Kk

When swara was going to ask her something rags get a call n she leaves….

After the clg swara was abt to take riksha.. Just then sanky arrives there with a car n ask her to sit….. She refuses.. But he scared her saying abt riya….. She then agrees n sits in backseat…
On their way tyre gets punctured n they stops. Sanky gets down to change it… After completing sanky warns her to sit in front.. When he was startibg the car some dust falls in her eyes n she screams…
Sanky: rashmi kya hua??? He comes near her n blows in her eyes n he removes the dust while sanky removing the dust swara stares at him they were so close to each other…only a inch away..
Swa(in mind): wow how cute he is… His eyes…they were so nice…
They share a cute eyelock n stares at each other.. Then they come in to senses listening to horns on the road… They compose themselves n goes to mm…
While they enter the house they see that all are planning some thing….
They were confused to see the whole house like that…
Ap: sanky beta tum aa Gaye ho come inside we need ur opinion…
Sanky: opinion ..
Sujji: ha chore we decided to send u both to honeymoon so decide a place….

Swasan’s(together): what??????????(shocked)

Episode ends on the shocking faces of swasan…

Precap: laksh ignores rag n rag feels bad for this … Sansakr’s pov…

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Thank u guys for reading this… Guys plz do comment I even request silent readers to comment as it will boost our confidence n we can write the story nicely….

Credit to: Sam

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