Milega jab pyar (swara,ragini,sanskar,laksh) Episode 2


Milega jab pyar(swara, ragini,sanskar,laksh)ep-2
Hi guys actually I’m a silent reader of swaragini ff. But I made an attempt yo write a ff hope u guys like it.
The episode starts with swara going to the class.
She is talkative so she easily make friends with others. Lecturer enters the class. Suddenly she feels like some one is calling her. She turns to see who it was. But all are busy with their own work.
Laksh and sanskar are also studying in the same clg. But sanskar was senior to them. Whereas laksh is in the same class.
Screen shifts to sanskar he is a study kid so he just don’t want to miss any classes.
He is a topper in the clg.
But he is silent too.
Screen shows laksh n swara becoming friends.laksh was a bit flirty type but he don’t flirt with swara. Clg get completed n swara was going back to her house. Suddenly wind blows. She feels like some one very close to her heart was der in her surroundings she turns to see if anybody is def but she don’t find any one so she neglect that and goes to her house.
Laksh n sanky also goes to their home.
Laksh’s POV
Wow I have seen so many girls in the clg but swara is some what diff. She became good friend of mine.
Sanky’s POV
Today don’t know y but some thing I feel like tomorrow will be a good day for me.
Next morning swara again sees the person in her dreams but now its some what elongated she says “ladooo wer is mom, I want to see her plz mujhe mom ke pas le chalk plz.
Lado: k shona I will make u meet her but not now. When time will come I will definitely unite u both. Don’t cry u r good girl right.
This all happens showing her back n swara’s crying facebut her face is not revealed yet.
When she is going to see her face she was disturbed by her dida who is trying to wake her.
She gets ready in few minutes n has her bf n leaves for clg.
Swara’s POV
I was so close to her but who is she?
She neglect all dat n she leaves for clg.
Laksh meets her in the parking area n they both goes to their classroom.
At the same time some one enters the clg from the gate (face is not shown yet).
She comes to the same class where swara n lukky are studying. But swara didn’t notices this. She sits at a vacant place. As lukky is expert in flirting he comes to her n introduces himself as laksh maheshwari.
She then asks her to meet swara. He takes her to swara n she introduces herself as ragini gadodia. Yes she is our ragini.
Swara’s POV
While I talking to some members in the class lukky called me. As soon as I saw her I felt like I knew her before.
Swara: have we met before.
Ragini: no I came new yo this city. I used to leave in up with my mother but due to some reasons we shifted here.
Swara: ohhh sry but I felt like I know u before. Anyway I’m swara, swara bose.u can call me shona.
Ragini’s POV
Shona I heard this name before from some one but from whom. Suddenly she remembers her mother taking the name of shona. But she ignores thinking dat so many people will have the same name.screen ends with happy faces of swaraglak.
Recap: swasan meeting.
Sry guys for making u people boredbut I promise u I try to make it some what interesting next time.

Credit to: Sam

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  1. sam it s swasan ff right

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