Milega jab pyar (swara,ragini,sanskar,laksh) Episode 5


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The episode begins with swara going for buying dresses. She gets a call.
Dadi: ha shona when r u coming to home I’m waiting for u. We have to go to the hospital na??
Swara: dadi I remember everything bus m going to mall to buy some dresses.
Dadi: ha but plz come fast.
Swara: k dadi.
She cuts the call.
Just then a van comes n kidnap swara. Sanky sees this n follows them.
Swara: who r u? Why r u kidnapping me.let go off me.
Goon 1: shut up keep ur mouth shut.orelse …….he points a gun towards her. They reach a place n they tie a blindfold to her eyes. goons take her to their boss. All the while sanky follows them.

Goon 1: boss we brought her here.
Boss: remove her blindfold n untie her n u go.
Goons: yes boss……..
They do as he said.
As soon as she opened her eyes she is surprised to see the decorations……..
Swara: who r u why u brought me here. Wat do u want.
She is facing his back.
He turns his back.
Swara(slowly): raunath. Yes he is raunath from silsila pyar ka….
Rau: swara I know u don’t know me. But I know everything abt u? I fell for u when I saw u for the first time.
He then bends on his knees n proposes her.
Screen shifts to clg laksh n rag compose themselves. They become some wat nervous n remain silent for some time. Rag breaks the silence.
Rag: I think we should start our practice its getting late.
Lucky slowly n nervously : yes lets start.
Rag: what??
Lucky: wo hi practice.
Rag: kk

They dance on the song most wanted munda (from ki & ka)…..
After the dance they get excited n hug each other. They both lost in themselves. They come into their senses when all claps for them. They compose themselves.
In mm
Lucky thinks abt the recent happngs n smiles.
Voice: whoz dat girl.
Lucky: ragini…..just then he realizes wat he said.
Lucky: ka..un…. Bhabi.
Pari: ha wohi Jo mere devar ke chehre pe smile layi hai aur use sapnon ke duniya me choda.
Lucky: isa kuch nahi bhai…
Pari laughs. Kk come n have dinner all r waiting for u……
He comes down. While having their dinner
Dp: sujatha wer is sanskar. He is not seen anywhere.
Suj: bhaisa I don’t know but he used to come early but he didn’t come home yet.
Just then some one knocks the door.all are shocked to see………
Suj: sanskar je thune kya kiya. Whoz dis girl…n she sees them having garland on them.
Suj: and wat is dis u married her without our notice.
Lucky slowly: swara…….shocking..
Sanky: ha ma I married this girl. Her name is Swara gadodia.
Ap: but sanskar u didn’t even bother to tell us…….
Dp: who was happy but a little bit annoyed for not informing them….. Whatever is the matter let us discuss in the house all come inside.
All goes inside…..
Lucky: swara y u did this u know him before….
Sanky: lucky she is my wife…. We r married…. N no more arguments. He says this n goes to his room……
Dp: they married without informing us but the reality is he married her so she is bahu of our house…we should accept this… Beta wats ur name…
Lucky: swara….
Ap: laksh do u know her…
Lucky: ha ma she is my frnd……
Dp: n its too late so all go to their rooms. N ap make preparations for all the rituals for her to complete……

Ap: ji.patineetha take her to sanskar’s room.
Pari: ji mom….
Lucky: wat is dis swara……
Dp: laksh…….. Better u go to ur room……
Lucky: yes papa..
Pari takes her to Sanky’s room…
She gets in n closes the door.sanky see her n come near her.
Sanky: u know y I married u so be in ur limits n dont try to escape. N one think u should remember that no one should get dbt that u r forced into this marriage do u understand…
Swara(crying): but y r u dng this. Wat have I done to u….
Sanky: u better shut ur mouth Orelse u know wat I’ll do….
Screen freezes on crying face of swara n angry face of sanskar….

Precap: ragini feels for laksh.
But y swara n Sanky get married…….

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Credit to: Sam

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  6. Tq sree but u have to wait to know the secret behind swasan’s marriage.

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