Milega jab pyar (swara,ragini,sanskar,laksh) Episode 4


Hi guys m sry for the late update.I’m back with another episode.
The episode begins with tensed face of swara.dadi then enters the room n sees swara being tensed.
Dadi: shona wat hppnd u luk tensed is everything alright.
SWA: comes into her senses n composes her self: ha dadi m 5n.
Dadi: but u luk tensed. If u want u can share with me.
Swara: offo dadi I told u that m 5n.der is ntng as u think.kk do u have any work with me.
Dadi: I forgot ur dad is coming here.
Swa: what!!! When????
Dadi: may be within 10 days.
Swa:its awesome dadi I can spend tym with him. Hurray!!!!!!
Swa:k dadi bye m getting late to clg.
While she enters the clg she collides with someone.
SWA: m really sry. She sees his face n feels like he is so close to her heart.
Person: sry to u too…
Sanky….. Come na yar its time for the class.
SWA(to herself): ohhh so he is Lucky’s brother. But he is so handsome. Then she composes herself n says stop it swara don’t think stupidly. She goes from der.

In swaraglak’s class
Lecturer enters
Lec: students principal said to inform u dat there is a dance competition held by xyz clg. It will be within 10 days,so if any of u are interested then they can give their names. Lucky n ragini gives their names.lucky asks swara also to give her name. But she denies.
SWA: sry lucky my papa is coming here after 5 yrs so I can’t enter the competition.
Lucky: hey rag we will start our practice today itself der is less tym.
Rag: but I have to inform mom.
She calls sumi.
Rag: mom we have dance competition held at xyz clg so as der is less tym lucky n me r starting our preparations today itself so it will be late.
Sumi: no prblm beta.
Rag cuts the call.
Lucky: has she accepted.
Rag in mind: so let’s play with him.
Rag: sry lucky she denied saying that I’m new to this city.she acts like feeling sad.
Lucky: arey no prblm I’ll talk to her give me the no.
Rag smiles n gives him no.
Lucky: hlo aunty m laksh ragu’s frnd but I’ll be der for her ntng will hppn to her plz allow her aunty.
Sumi: but beta I have already accepted.
Lucky: what!!!! In shocking tone.
Sumi: kk bye beta I’ve some work. She smiles.
Lucky gives death glare to ragu.
Lucky: ragini ki bachi I won’t leave u n he start running after her. She then slips n falls n so as lucky.
They twirl around n now lucky is under ragu. They share a cute eyelock.
Screen freezes with rag on top of laksh.

Precap: not yet decided.
Thank u guys for reading.but sry for the short update.

Credit to: Sam

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