Milega jab pyar (swara,ragini,sanskar,laksh) Episode 3


Sry guys because of some problem with the telly updates I couldn’t post the next episode. But sry for delay.
Now here is the next series.enjoy reading….
The episode starts with sanskar coming to the canteen n swaraglak in the canteen as it is der meeting place.
Lucky sees sanskar coming he goes to him n ask him to join them just then swara gets a call n she leaves from der.
Lucky: haa rag dis is sanskar.
Sanky:hi m sanskar. N u?????
Rag: ragini…. M ragini, u can call me ragu…
Wait I have seen u some wer
Sanky: me…..
Ragu: haaa.
Lucky: may be u have seen him in a photo in the notice board. Becoz he is a study kid na.
Ragini thinking wer I had seen him. Just then some one calls sanky
Lucky: are just wait swara will be coming meet her n go.
Sanky: no lucky I have some work. Bye
Raglak: bye
Swara just then comes der.
Lucky: shona just u missed the chance of meeting sanky..
Lucky: ha sanky, sanskar.
Swara: kk no prblm.
Rag: ha I have seen him with a girl in a photo.
Laksh: girl?????
Swara: wat hpnd y r u screaming??
Lucky:haa its a shocking news that’s y I screamed.
Swara: y?
Rag: ha lucky g its shocking for u?
Lucky : bcoz he never goes near a girl.
Swara: but y?
Lucky: I don’t know but bhai….
Swara: bhai!!!!!!
Lucky: ha bhai he is mg big bro. Actually he is very jovial n friendly to others in other words a bit flirty too. But I don’t know what hppnd when I returned from Capetown n observed him changed. I observed other sanky who is just opposite to his behavior.
Rag: didn’t u tried to know the reason.
Lucky: ta I did but no one answered me saying not to think abt dis. But i miss my bro whoz is so jovial.
Lucky: but ragu r u sure its him only.
Rag: haa
Rag used to go for guitar classes before coming to Kolkata.
She collides with a person
Rag: sry sry sry…….
Man: hey miss can’t u see tumhari wajah se sari photos gir gaye hair.
Rag: hloo I didn’t done it intentionally it was just a mistake.
He is collecting his photos, one of dem fell far from dem. Rag saw dat n picks it n while giving it to him says
Rag: take dis actually I did it mistakenly n ur scolding like I had done a very big mistake in the world but as it is bcoz of me sry once again.
Just den clg bell rings
Rag: hey guys its tym for the cls c’mmon let’s leave.
All leave for the class.
After the clg swara is returning to her house
Suddenly she sees some one teasing a girl she goes n slaps dem then they start haressing her.
Just then one person comes there n fights with them.
During the fight he gets his hand cut. She sees dat n covers his wound by her kerchief. She then scolds him saying dat she didn’t like some one gets injured bcoz of her.
Next day
Swara gets a call while getting ready
Swara: hloo
Person: ……….
Swara : phone kar ke bath kyon nahi kar rage ho. Hloo ……
Person: u know who I’m but y r u pretending like h dont know me.
Swara: (scared) you ……again ……
Person: haaa me…..
Swara: wat do u want…
Person: ho yaaa at last u came to the point.. U know what I need den also u r trying to escape from me even though u know dat some how I will find u……
Now wait for one more call of mine (smiles evilly)……He cuts the call
Screen freezes on the scared face of swara n evil smile of the person…
Whoz dat person with sanky n whoz dat one who saved swara n whoz dat person whom swara scared of ???????
Precap: not yet decided.
################################ Thank u guys for reading hope u will like the episode. Sry if u find its boring. Plz do comments.

Credit to: Sam

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  1. Is it swasan n raglak??

  2. I hope it’s ragsan❤️

  3. Yeah the couples are swasan n raglak.

  4. nice loved it..i hope the person swara is scared of is sanskar…

  5. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Intresting…….update the nxt part soon…..pls

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