Mile Ho Tum Humko (kanchi ) Episode 9 Maha Episode

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So in original sdch revealed sunils death. But in this sunil is alive only 3 person knows. U will get to know now.

Let’s start

Kabir is in ICU. Everyone was out praying for him. Just then lights go off. A lady wearing coat and mask cums inside and saw Kabir unconcious she holds pillow and about to sufforcate kabir just then she heard someone coming. She quickly hides behind door .Sanchi entered and lady slowly went out .

Sanchi -how did lights go off

Just then lights cums. Sanchi cries seeing Kabir. She remembers all her moments with Kabir. Just then lmiss Fernandez cums.

Miss Fernandez -dr sanchi no one supposed to be here. U have to join ur duty

Sanchi – but y i want to stay here with Kabir.

Miss Fernandez – it’s dr Malhotra order

Sanchi -ok

They went out. Sanchi saw kusum crying.

Sanchi -maa u go home we r here with Kabir

Kusum -how can I go home when my son didn’t get concious

Sanchi -maa for Kabir sake u go home

Kusum – ok for Kabir sake.

Kusum went home and sanchi resumed her duty

After sometime

Another lady came hiding her face with ghungat entered Kabir ward. She cries seeing Kabir. She quickly sat beside Kabir and holds his hands .

Lady -Aryan I’m sorry beta yeh sab mere waja se hua hai. Mein tumara badnasib maa hu jo kissko nhi bata sakti ki tum mere beta ho.

She cries.

Bg plays

Luka chupi.

Her tears drop fell in Kabir hands. He slowly moves his fingers and slowly opens his eyes.

Kabir -maa

Lady -Aryan thank God beta u r safe

Kabir -maa nthing will happen to me because I have two moms.

Lady – now I can’t live without you .I will tell everyone that u r my son ARYAN ANAND MALHOTRA. Malhotra family elder son, veer elder brother and Anand son

Kabir -I’m sorry maa but I’m only Mr kapoor son. I know I’m veer bro and u r my Savitri maa.

So yeah it’s savitri.

Savitri -Aryan

Kabir – i hate him maa

Savitri – but he is ur dad

Kabir – maa u know Dr Malhotra sold me when I was just a small kid. He told everyone that I met accident and died .

Savitri – i wish I knew before but it was too late

Kabir – when they were taking me. I somehow managed to come out from their grip and ran and hid in Mr kapoor car. When I reached there home they were shocked to see me. I told everything to them

Savitri – i was shocked to hear that u have died. I didn’t believe him. After sometime i got a call from Mr kapoor.he told everything to me and I asked them to take u forever. They gave new name to u Kabir Kappor.

Kabir -we left this country and went to London. They took care of me as their own son. After some years papa got opportunity to work in Sdch. We came back to India. But that day every thing was ruined by Malhotra.

(Savitri telling sunil death reveals to Kabir.Its same truth that is shown in sdch. Difference is she was telling to Jaya but in this to Kabir )

Kabir – no maa Sunil uncle is alive.

Savitri – Aryan how’s this possible Anand told me that he killed sunil bhai sahab.

Kabir – He didn’t killed sunil but he killed someone else.

In fb

Kabir requesting kapoor that he wants to cum with him. Kapoor agreed and they left.

In Sdch

Kapoor and Kabir cums to meet Malhotra. They went near O.T and saw malhotra tied sunil and gives injection to some man .He first done plastic surgery and gave sunil face to him and gives another poison injection.

Kapoor asked Kabir to stay here dnt go anywhere else.

Kapoor went inside

Kapoor -Malhotra wat r u doing

Malhotra -who r u

Kapoor -I’m Dr Rishi Kapoor I saw wat have u done now I tell truth to everyone.

Malhotra gets tensed

Kapoor goes to untie sunil just then Malhotra gives injection to him and he gets unconcious.

After sometime

Police cums and arrest kappor. Kabir and kapoor was shocked.

Kappor – wat have i done

Police -u killed sunil mishra

Kapoor -I didn’t do anything. I’m innocent please leave me.

Kabir cums running.

Kabir -my dad didn’t do anything he

Just then Kabir saw kappor signaling him to be quite. Kabir gets quite.

Police takes kappor away.

Kappor hearing is done judge gave life imprisonment . Kappor was shoutings I didn’t do anything.

Kabir cries just then Malhotra tapped in his shoulder and hugged him. Kabir was very furious at him.

In Jail

Malhotra went to jail to meet kappor.

Malhotra -Rishi Kapoor right r ur son’s name is Ranbir Kapoor

Kapoor -shut up u killed that man and put blame on me.

Malhotra – yes I proved everything that u have this .Now hospital is mine

Kapoor – wat have u done to that man. Have you killed him

Malhotra – no I didn’t kill him he is alive because he hasn’t signed in papers so until he signs papers he will be alive.

Kapoor – i will tell truth to everyone.

Malhotra – no u can’t unlessI have ur son. If you will keep quiet than ur son will be alive.

Kapoor -dnt do anything to my son. .I will keep quiet.

Malhotra – that’s gud so I will treathim like my son and make him sucessfull doctor.

Malhotra went and Kabir was listening stealty.

In kapoor mantion

Kusum and Kabir cries. Kusum gets call from unknown number.

Kusum -helo wat I’m cuming

Kusum and Kabir quickly went to jail and gets shocked to see kappor lying unconcious and pool of blood. After sometime dr cums to kusum and told her that he is in coma.

End of flash back

Savitri -I’m sorry beta it’s all my fault

Kabir -no maa it’s not ur fault. That day I know that Malhotra is my papa and I made up my mind that I will take revenge and prove my dad innocence. First i have decided to gain his trust. Till here iam with him. Many years passed I got a call from jailor. I went to jail and saw my dad concious but he is now mental person. I went home and told kusum maa that Dad is no more.

Savitri – i didn’t know that u have gone through this. Did you remembered me

Kabir – my only mission was to ruin Malhotra and I thought u were died. I was in cloud nine when I saw u. I wanted to hugged u tightly but u didn’t rembered anything. That day when u came and called me Aryan. I was happy to get my two moms
How u got to know that I’m ur Aryan.

Savitri – maa hu tumara kese nhi pechanti.

They smile at eachother.

Savitri -Aryan but who attacked u

Kabir -who knows that I’m Aryan.

Scene sifted to their faces.

Precap : Kabir faints
He gets conscious and looks at everyone clueless.

Bye take care
Keep smiling


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