Mile ho tum humko (kanchi ) Episode 8

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Let’s start

Kabir gets a call from lady

Lady – Aryan wat I’m hearing did you married sanchi .

Kabir – yes maa for just save her. I know she loves veer.

Lady – Aryan I’m proud of you. U proved that u have my blood and kusum upbringing.

Kabir – thank God Im not like that man.

Lady – Aryan Kab ghar aaoge. I can’t hide that u r my son

Kabir – when our mission is complete.
When I will find sunil uncle and when I
prove my dad innocence

Lady – bye beta take care i love u.

Kabir -bye mom love you too

End of their conservation

Kusum calls kanchi in hall.

Kusum – sanchi can u make food I’mhungry. Afterall it’s ur first rasoi.

Kabir – maa I’m getting late

Sanchi – pliz stay

Kabir – sanchi Ive to go

Kusum – let him go sanchi.

Sanchi – ok aunty

Kusum – sanchi do u have amnesia

Kabir – maa

Sanchi – q

Kusum – sanchi yesterday u called me maa and now aunty.

Kanchi burts out laughing. Sanchi went to
kitchen to cook. She gets Jaya calls.

Sanchi – helo maa

Jaya – how r u beta where r u

Sanchi – maa I’m fine I’m with Kabir in his house.

Jaya – sanchi did you know Kabir applied divorce.

Sanchi gets shocked.

Sanchi – maa r u sure

Jaya – yes beta Kabir called me and said
about divorce.

Sanchi – ok it’s right decision. Kabir doesn’t love me he loves some bitto

Jaya – tell me one thing do u love veer .u
knew before that he is Malhotra son

Sanchi – mom Veer is my past. Now my only mission is my papa’s dream.

Jaya – sanchi i think u should tell truth to
Kabir. He supported u when nobody stands for u.

Sanchi -mom let it be.

Kabir cums sanchi cuts call. Kabir saw
curry and roti burnt. He points towards them. Sanchi was shocked. She looks at Kabir with puppy face.

Sanchi – oh no its late I’m hungry

Kabir -sanchi u can make it again

Sanchi -kabir it’s late now how can I make it

Kabir -ok dnt worry I help u

Sanchi smiles -u will help me really first know how to cook remember that day all flour was on ur face.

Kabir gets angry but he saw her laughing
openly he gets memorized seeing her afterall he loves her.

Kabir – sanchi we have to hurry up maa is hungry and she needs medicine.

Kabir cuts vegies and sanchi quickly kneeding dough. They race who will do it

Kabir was cutting roughly but he cuts his finger. Blood flows and he hide from sanchi. Sanchi saw some drops blood. She gets shocked.

She looks at Kabir and Kabir hides it again.

Sanchi – Kabir can I see ur finger.

Kanchi -so u want to give me ring dnt be my typical wife. U know y i married u.

Sanchi picks knife and point towards Kabir. Kabir gets shocked.

Kabir -wat the hell saans

Sanchi puts knife on Kabir mouth.

Sanchi -shhhh baut bolta hai tu I said show ur finger

Kabir signals sanchi to take knife down. Sanchi points down.

Kabir -sanchi i r insane

Sanchi – totally any doubt

Kabir -no it shows cum I do ur check up.

Sanchi points knife towards his eyes.

Kabir -sanchi u know u threatening ur senior

Sanchi -senior in the hospital not now.

Sanchi holds Kabir finger and saw blood she quickly brought first aid kit box and bandaged his hand.

Kabir looks at her lovingly ( yahi to pyar hai)

They have a romantic eye lock .

Bg plays

Mere Rashke Qamar

Kusum shouting -sanchi khana pak gaya ki tum pak rahi ho.

Sanchi -maa just cuming.

After sometime

Kanchi and kusum eating breakfast. They finished it.

Kabir -maa bye I’m going

Kusum -bye beta

Kabir -sanchi let’s go

Sanchi -can u see I’m not ready yet.

Kabir -ok I’m going driver will drop u

Kusum -Kabir take her with u

Kabir – maa girls take time to get ready.

Sanchi -maa let him go

Kabir -ok madam go and get ready

Sanchi ran and get ready wearing a pink sari.

They sat in car and went.

In Sdch

Kanchi cums together all gets memorized by seeing them. Prasha saw them they quickly click their pick and send them to Jaya.

Kabir scolded them. Sanchi glared at him.

Kabir -wat I’m ur senior now ur punishment

Sanchi pouts

Kabir -I’m ur friend at home not here so dnt make ducky faces. Ur punishment 1 week record room now.

Sanchi -no

Kabir -baut sok hai na jangli bili bane ka.

In Record Room

Prasha cums to sanchi.

Sanchi – u guys here

Pragya -nhi hamare booth hai.

Sanchi -I’m not joking

Isha -forget this one Tell us about

Sanchi -about

Pragya -about ur first night.

Sanchi – oh shutup

Isha -tell us na did u get sleep with my hottie

Sanchi -guys will u be quite or else I will asked Kabir to give whole month record room

Prasha -wooh Kabir

Sanchi -shut up

Isha – wat u feel when Kabir cums near to u.

Sanchi -I’m going

She starts to leave just then saw veer and riya listening to them.

Veer looks at veer with teary eyed
Bg plays

Hamari Adhuri kahani

She ignored ria and went.

Ria pov – first night with my Kabir no never I won’t let u succeed.

Veer – sanchi u forgot me

Kabir gets call from kusum.

Kusum -kabir i totally forgot my medice is over.

Kabir -maa how cum ok I bringing it.

Sanchi -kya hua dr Kabir

Kabir -i have to leave

Kabir went sanchi looks at him.

Some isolated place

Kabir drives car just then he saw someone unconcious on the road. He quickly gets down and went near to him. He gets shocked as man points gun on him. Many goons surrounded Kabir.

Goons -kill him

They engage in fighting. Kabir kicks goons and when other cums he throws goons on other goons. Kabir beats them every color.

Kabir was going to open door just then his head bleeds. He touched it and saw blood and turned back gets shocked to see goon holding rod and blood drops from it.

Kabir fell down and is pool of blood. Goons check his nerve.

Goon slapped another goon

Goons- isse marna nhi ta sirf damkana tha

Goon – I’m sorry

They ran leaving Kabir in pool of blood.

Some mens came and saw Kabir they quickly take Kabir in sdch.

Back to SDCH

Sanchi and prasha in canteen and veer and his friends.

Miss Fernandez cums running.

Miss Fernandez -dr veer where is dr Malhotra

Veer -wat happened miss Fernandez

Miss Fernandez – just tell me it’s an emergency

Sanchi – wait I will call Dr Kabir

Miss Fernandez – how can dr Kabir cum because amengency paitents is non other than dr Kabir

All gets a big shock.And they rushed towards Kabir.

In O.T

Dr Malhotra treating Kabir and cums with sad face.

Kusum – malhotra wat happened to Kabir

Malhotra – kusum ji kabirrrr has lost many blood. I think he cannot survive.

Kusum slaps him (finally he got slapped from some one )

Kusum – do something and save him

Malhotra -we need blood but blood is not here. If we dnt get blood we can survive him.

All cries seeing Kabir in o.t with oxygen mask and all equipments.

Veer remembered Kabir and cries. First time Malhotra and ria cries.

Just then savitri Cums.Malhotra gets shocked to see him.

Malhotra -savitri u here

Savitri – hows Kabir

Malhotra -we need o positive blood

Savitri – oh so take my blood mine is also o positive blood.

Savitri gives blood to Kabir. Malhotra cums.

Kusum -how’s Kabir now

Malhotra – dnt know we have to take him in under observation.

Kusum folds her hands and thanked her.

Ria goes out she calls goons

Ria – wat the hell I told you guys to kill sanchi but u killed my Kabir how dare you

Goon -oh hello madam u didn’t give advance so we don’t intersted to kill anyone. Money talks baby. First money than ur work

Ria -it means u didn’t attacked Kabir.

Goon – no and bye dnt call me again

Ria pov – if they didn’t attacked Kabir than who attacked my Kabir.

Precap : A women cums in Kabir ward wearing a long jacket with mask and saw Kabir unconcious she holds pillow and trying to. …….

Suspense guys so u think who wants to kill Kabir ?
And y ?

If u want to know so Do comment and stay tune with me.

Bye take care
Keep thinking.


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  1. Wow amazing twist…. Update soon

  2. Khamoshi

    Amazing Ashnuta..its beyond any imagination.. Goons part was preety interesting.. will wait to knkw..whose goons were there who trued to kill Kabir..
    Nuce article dear

  3. Khamoshi

    Amazing Ashnuta..its beyond any imagination.. Goons part was preety interesting.. will wait to knkw..whose goons were there who trued to kill Kabir..
    Nice article dear

  4. Riyarocks

    Kaun hai ye jo Kabir ko harm karna chahta hai………I’m getting more & more curious day by day……….plz Ashu dear, nxt part jaldi se upload karo……….luv u loads sweetieeeee……..

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  8. Dhruti

    ashu…..superb ff but who is the person want to kill kabir???? but hamari suspense queen bich me latka di suspense ki talwar sir pe are such a suspense queen dear!!!(just kidding)
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