Mile ho tum humko (kanchi ) Episode 7

Hi guys iam Ashnita. Thank you for ur lovely comments it really means a lot.

Episode starts

Kabir going to towards Jaya and dadi. He folds his hands.

Kabir – I’m sorry Jaya kaki mein ne yeh sab

Jaya – nhi Kabir tumne jo kiya sayad woh koi apna nhi karta

Dadi – Kabir beta sada khush ro. Jaya let’s go now Kabir is there for sanchi.

They left.

Kabir went near sanchi

Kabir – I’m sorry sanchi i knw i did wrong to marry u without ur permission pliz

Just then sanchi hugged him. Kabir also responded. Prasha saw them.

In Kapoor Mantion

Kusum saw news about kanchi unique marriage. She gets happy and worried too.

Back to SDCH

Sanchi and prasha in canteen.

Pragya – OMG u guys were right Veer is like his dad atleast he should stand with sanchi when media was calling her characterless. I thought he loves u but today I was shocked to see Kabir standing for and I’m happy that he married u.

Isha – I knew from beginning that dr Kabir is selfless person. How he stand for sanchi and that to infront of Dr Malhotra. And Most important did dr Kabir knew from beginning that u r sanchi mishra.

Sanchi – no he just lied to save me. I thought veer will stand for me but I was wrong. I’m lucky to get Kabir sir.

Prasha – sir nhi only Kabir

Sanchi – shut up u guys Kabir married me to save my self respect. He doesn’t love me and I respect him.

Prasha – u know sanchi u r lucky to have dr Kabir as ur husband .

Sanchi -i know that but it’s for sometime

Prasha – some time

Sanchi – yes Kabir said he knows I love Veer and in some days he will free me.

Prasha – wat

Sanchi – yes

In Malhotra Cabin

Malhotra – how could u marry sanchi.I’m very angry at u. I’m like ur dad and u blackmailed me

Kabir pov – oh no itne saal ke bharosa tut gaye no I can’t. Mujhe yeh bharosa fir se haasil karna hai.

Malhotra – kabir I’m talking to you

Kabir – I’m sorry sir i have a reason to marry sanchi.

Malhotra – ok Kabir i trust u i can’t loose u.

Kabir pov – thank God he agreed.

Kabir went out and saw sanchi going.

Kabir -sanchi

Sanchi – yes

Kabir – do you want to stay in hostel or in my home. I will be happy If you stay in my house for maa .

Sanchi is hesitating. Kabir saw that.

Kabir -sanchi u can stay in hostel no worries.

He was leaving just then sanchi holds Kabir hands.

Sanchi – i want to stay in ur house with maa and u.

Kabir – say it again

Sanchi smiles and Kabir also gave a billion dollars smile.

In Kapoor Mantion

Kanchi was about to come inside just then they heard kusum voice to stop. Kanchi looks at each other.

Kusum brings thali and some rice. She does their arti and showers flowers on them.

She puts rice and a alta.

Kusum – sanchi beta kick this.

Sanchi kicks slowly. Kusum asked sanchi to stand in alta and walk. Sanchi does the same.

she was about to fall and Kabir holds her but they fall together due to misbalance. Kabir was on top of sanchi.

They have a romantic eye lock and Bg plays Mile ho tum humko from fever movie

They were lost somewhere just the kusum coughed and kanchi parted away.

Sanchi was not able to stand because she got leg sprain. Kabir lifts her and took her to room.

Kabir puts sanchi on bed. He holds sanchi leg.

Sanchi – Kabir no need for this

Kabir – can u be quite I’m ur friend. Let me do this.

Kabir twisted sanchi leg and sprain disappeared .

Kanchi freshen up not together on by one. Kabir went to sleep on sofa just then sanchi looks at him

Sanchi -kabir we can sleep together

Kabir -wat

Sanchi – i mean with pillow middle of us.

Kabir -ok

They slept.

In the morning

When kanchi woke up they saw they were in eachother embrace. They felt uncomfortable.

Sanchi -wo I’m sorry actually I always sleep like this with Isha

Kabir -wat

Sanchi – yes.

In Malhotra Mantion

Ria throws all her stuff in room

Ria -sanchi mishra u stole my Kabir. I won’t let u succeed . I will kill u. Kabir is only mine.

She calls someone and there conservation is muted.

Precap : Kabir fighting with goons. From behind one goon banged rod on Kabir head. Kabir is pool of blood.

I hope u like this.
Keep smiling


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  1. Amazing

  2. Nice episode

  3. Anonymousaa

    The epi was superb.I was only assuming this kind of plot in my mind for wishplot of SDCH.
    How can u expect us to like this just after we read the last line of precap? I am so scared but I am sure nothing shall happen to Kabir till our Ashu is there.
    Plz post next epi asap.

  4. Riyarocks

    omg Ashu, kaise kar leti ho yaar, aur wo bhi har baar…………tooooooooo good……..I was just speechless…….mind blowing………but precap padhkar thodi ghabrahat ho rahi hai…….hope nothing happens to kabir………luv u loads sweetieeeee………

  5. Amazing.. Want 2 see more kanchi romance…

    1. Foolmoni re foolmoni ….tui kon pothe je gaeli …..tumpamoni hi ami foolmoni….tomar naam shune aeyi naam ta amar mone porlo …..ami jaani tumi bongo desher manush…tai na…foolmoni

  6. Neha7873

    Loved it ..update soon

  7. Palak.Sharma

    Aww such cute Kanchi scenes!! But this Riya!! ? can’t stand her!! Update soon

  8. Loved it very much….. Update soon

  9. Niyaaa

    Hey sahi amaz epi dear wo bhi har baar ki tarah kaise kar leti ho… Nd sweety u know aaj ka epi itna hasne wala nahi tha phir bhi meri hasi nahi ruki especially on two line kanchi freshenup not together but one by one nd 2nd we can sleep together but pillow in middle of us hahaha… Matlab jhataka laga jor ka meri hasi nahi ruki thank u hamesha mera mind frseshn up ho jata h tumhara ff padne per..lov u tc

  10. Aww….how cute kanchi scenes….Riya….i am gonna kill her….,how dare she ? Precap is shocked .You make me speechless dear….Amazing….do update soon sweetie.

  11. It’s amazing dear please update soon because it’s fabulous super story can’t wait

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