Mile ho tum humko (kanchi ) Episode 6

Hi guys iam Ashnita. Thank you for ur lovely comments. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.

Let’s start

Jaya request Malhotra not to send sanchi to jail. Malhotra laughs.

Sanchi – veer pliz listen to me

Veer pushes sanchi. She was about to fall just then someone hold her. All looks shocked as Kabir holds her.

Malhotra – Inspector arrest her

Lady constable puts handcuffs on sanchi hands. Sanchi looks at Kabir with teary eyed. Malhotra smirks looking at sanchi and jaya.

Police was taking sanchi. Just then they hear a voice said stop .Everyone looks shocked as Kabir went near sanchi and took off her handcuff.

Kabir – which basis u r taking sanchi.

Inspector – for cheating

Kabir – which cheating

Malhotra – kabir sanchi hid her identity and betrayed us most important she tried to kill savitri.

Kabir – iam sorry sir who told u that nobody know her identity.

Malhotra – wat do you mean Kabir

Kabir – Sanchi Mishra is Topper.Sanchi did you applied application

Sanchi -yes sir

Kabir -so wat was the need for wrong identity.

Sanchi looks at Malhotra and he becomes tensed.

Kabir – ok forget it. And Most important I know from beginning that she is sanchi mishra and I told her not to tell anyone

All looks at him shocked including sanchi and jaya.

Kabir -so sanchi didn’t hid her identity. And ur second question where is the proof that sanchi tried to kill savitri aunty.

Veer -but dr Kabir

Kabir -veer no if and buts

Kabir signals inspector.

Quick Note

Inspector is Kabir best friend


Inspector – I’m sorry Mr Malhotra we don’t have any proof so we couldn’t arrest sanchi.

Kabir – Sanchi will stay here

Veer – no Kabir and who r u to decide that sanchi will stay here.

Kabir – let dr Malhotra decide

Just then Malhotra phone beeps. He saw Kabir message. Dr Malhotra if sanchi will be not here than I will resign .

Malhotra pov – if Kabir resign than I will lose him. And hospital will be in loss. No I can’t do that.

Veer – Mr Malhotra tell

Malhotra – I think Kabir is right.

Jaya and sanchi gets a big shock.And Kabir smirks.

Kabir – so welcome sanchi mishra.

Now Jaya chance to give victorious smile.

Malhotra pov – dnt be happy sanchi mishra now game still on my side.

He called someone and there conservation is muted.


All media is gathered in hospital watchman tried to stop them but no use.

Media – we want to meet sanchi mishra

Sanchi and all came

Media – sanchi mishra can we ask something what relation u share with veer

Sanchi – he is just a friend

Media – r u sure just a friend

Sanchi -wat do you mean

Media – we heard u love veer .

Sanchi is speechless.

Media – ok forget out that we heard u went date with ur senior

Sanchi -no more questions

Media – we heard also that u guys were pretending to be husband and wife.

Malhotra smirks

Media – answer us were u dating two boys

Kabir shouted – stop it.

Media – sanchi mishra u r not ashamed

Sanchi cries

Media -u r so characterless girl.

Kabir -stop it

Media – dr Kabir Y u asked sanchi to hid her identity. Wat relation u share

Kabir looks at Malhotra smirking.

Kabir pov – I know Malhotra u did this. But dnt worry ur yamraj is here. Now see wat i do

Media again asking questions to sanchi

Kabir – stop it enough is enough u guys want to know our relation.

Media – yes

Sanchi cries Kabir holds her hands and drags her to temple. All follows them.

They stand near temple.

Kabir pov – I’m sorry sanchi but I have to do this to save ur self respect.

Kabir picks some vermillion and fills sanchi hair line. Sanchi gets shocked as well all.

Kabir – Now u got ur answer .Sanchi is my wife. She is Sanchi Kabir kapoor.

Media looks at him shocked and Malhotra looks at him angry

Kabir – now leave

Media went .Kabir looks at Malhotra

Malhotra pov – no Kabir ne mere hi game me mujhe hi fasa diya.

Sanchi looking at Kabir with many questions in her eyes.

Precap : Sanchi grahapravesh in Kapoor Mantion.

I hope u guys liked my surprise (kanchi marriage) . If not I am holding my both ears for sorry.

Bye take care
Keep smiling


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