Mile ho tum humko (kanchi ) Episode 5

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Episode starts

Kabir gets a lady call

Kabir -helo maa

Lady – Aryan r u ok beta

Kabir – yes

Lady -Aryan I’m ur mum I can see pain in ur words.

Kabir – maa I can’t do anything. I dnt know wat to do. I’m angry at myself I couldn’t find sunil uncle family.

Lady -Dnt worry beta im with u always. Call me if u need me.

Kabir – ok maa bye take care

Lady – Aryan take care of kusum she needs u.

Kanchi -yes maa I luv u

Lady -I love u too beta.

In sdch

Sanchi and prasha in canteen.

Pragya -Abe yaar kya hua tum chinta mat Karo veer ko time do

Sanchi -I’m not talking about veer

Isha – then

Sanchi -i dnt know wat happened to Dr Kabir. He is ignoring me and he behaving like before .

Pragya -I thought u were thinking about veer

Sanchi -just leave me alone guys

Isha -pragya let’s go

They left.

Sanchi – y i feel something bad will happen

A girl sari wearing sari entered with ghungat. She went to receptionist.

Girl – where is dr Kabir cabin

Receptionist tells her. Kabir was in his cabin busy. Girl entered

Kabir -who r u

Girl lifts her ghungat and Kabir gets angry.

Kabir -u get out from here or else

It’s reveal it is Rashi (sanchi agarwal sister)

Rashi – pliz listen to me once .Sanchi is hidding big truth from u.

Kabir -i dnt want to hear her name get out

Rashi -u r doing big mistake. First listen to me.

Kabir -ok say

Rashi – not here cum with me.

They went out .

In Sanchi Agarwal Ward

Nurse was checking something just then she saw sanchi fingers moving slowly. She gets happy and runs out. She bumped veer.

Veer -wat happened nurse

Nurse -coma patient got concious.

Veer -wat

They ran into ward. All gathered there.Sanchi and prasha cums .

Sanchi -wat happened here

Just then someone slapped her. They gets shocked to see sanchi agarwal.

S.A – u took my identity how can u.

Sanchi – pliz listen to me

S.A – u ruin my dreams

Sanchi – no no i didn’t do anything

Ria – wow now sanchi is out of my way.

Sanchi crying went near to veer .

Sanchi – Veer I didn’t do anything pliz trust me

Veer slapped her. All gets shocked

Sanchi – Veer

Veer – trust word not meant for u. U betrayed us. U took an innocent identity. My sanchi never can do this. Who r u

Sanchi – Sanchi Mishra

Veer and Malhotra gets double shocked.

Sanchi -I have a reason

Veer – so u r sanchi mishra .U were trying to kill my mom.

Malhotra pov – OMG how couldn’t I thought that. she is sanchi mishra.


Rashi tells everything to Kabir. Kabir gets big shocked.

Kabir – wat Sanchi is Sanchi Mishra. If Malhotra gets to know then.

Kabir gets call from Ria. Kabir saw ria call he cuts call. Ria again tried.

Kabir -wat happened ria

Ria -Dr Kabir U will get shocked to listen

Kabir – dnt make riddle tell clearly

Ria -sanchi is not sanchi agarwal. She is Sanchi Mishra.

Kabir -wat who told u this

Ria – sanchi agarwal got concious and everybody gets to know her truth. Dad called police now she will rot in jail.

Kabir cuts call and runs.

Back to SDCH

Sanchi – Veer pliz listen to me.

Pragya – Veer pliz listen to her

Veer -just shutup u guys.

Sanchi – veer I’m sorry

Veer -I hate u Sanchi Agarwal or sorry sanchi mishra. I hate my self to love u.

Just then police cums.

Malhotra – Inspector arrest her.

Lady constable was about to put handcuffs just then jaya and all family cums. Jaya looks at Malhotra and he gives victorious smile.

Veer looks angry at Jaya and sanchi.

Kabir is still driving.

Precap – Sanchi gets arrested and a big surprise waiting for u guys with twist

Will kabir able to save sanchi?

If you want to know do comment and stay tune with me.


bye take care
Keep smiling


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  1. Riyarocks

    Ashu dear, kash show mein bhi aisa ho & we can be able to see our kanchi together……..amazing episode……luv u yaar………..

  2. Awesome and mind blowing yaar

  3. Dhruti

    aww little sad ff!!! so sanchi’s identity is revealed…. i hope kabir will save her.
    can’t wait for next one update soon…

  4. I hope kabir will save her

  5. Niyaaa

    Hey ashu dil khush kar ditta yaar kaash koi ye script sdch walon ko de aaye koi RS ko akal de apne script writter ko change kar hmari ashi ko rakh le kya fadoo dhamakedar ideas degi ki trp jhat se aasmaan chu jayegi.. Lov u sweety post nxt one this asap

  6. Eagerly waiting for the next part and the twist…… Update soo

  7. Jessicca

    Amazing… Ashuuu you are a fantastic writer… I’m a big big fan if yours… Love you.. Keep going sweetie❤?

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