Mile Ho Tum Humko (kanchi ) Episode 21

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Author Note

Kalish is a look like of Kabir. He is not Kabir. Kabir died one year ago.

Let’s start

Kalish went to his hotel.

Kalish – wow india is petty good place Tomorrow is my last day and I won’t return back. I’m going back yipeeeeee.

Something falls down.

Kalish – how did it fell down. I didn’t touched it. Kalish enough u r tired sleep now.

He slept

In Malhotra Mantion

Sanchi – how can this be possible. He was exactly like u. Is he have anyother connection with Kabir. No Sanchi u r thinking much. He is Kalish Kappor not ur Kabir kapoor. He is just a look like of Kabir. Nthing else. Y I’m thinking about him. Sleep tomorrow is the busy day.

In the morning

Kalish gets bad dreams which is blurred. He gets up with a jerk.

Kalish -since one year I’m getting same dreams everyday. I dnt know wat connection this links.

He gets up went to freshen up and after sometime ritu and kalish leaves for airport. In the car driver was driving the car. A girl was cuming from otherside and car slowly bumped her she fell down. Kalish gets down and gives his hands to her. She glared at him. She stands by herself. She is sanchi.

Sanchi -hello Mr can’t u drive slowly

Kalish – hello madam u were walking in wrong side and r u blind I’m not driving.

Sanchi -so wat say sorry

Kalish – excuse me u r talking with Kalish Kappor.

Sanchi -I’m talking with Kabir

Kalish -I’m not Kabir but Kalish remember last night. U fallen on me.

Sanchi – ok

Kalish – hy I holded u last night so u r following me. Now I get it. U haven’t seen this much handsome face right. Now move aside I have to go

Sanchi -y will I u go

Kalish pushes her and sat in the car and went. Sanchi looks on

Sanchi – he not like Kabir. Kabir was sweet and he is karela. Sanchi It’s late.

She went. Otherside Kalish was going when driver stopped the car

Kalish – wat happened driver

Driver -sir someone is lying on the road .should I go and check.

Kalish -no I’m going ritu and u dnt get down ok. This is my order

Ritu -but sir

Kalish -up r fired

Ritu -no sir

Kalish went to see who’s lying just then goons surrounded him. Ritu and driver was getting down. Kabir signals not to cum.

Goons -u r still alive.

Kalish -yes im alive

Goons -wat u eat yaar we ve killed u and u r still alive.

Kalish -ok my favorite food is pizza pliz get one .I’m hungry

Goons – wat nonsenses first time im seeing someone who is about to die wants to eat pizza

Kalish -areh u asked wat i ate always.

Goons -beat him

Kalish -who r u guys wat u want

Goons – ur life

Kalish – u r talking with Kalish Kappor.

Goons -we knw that time we killed wrong person insted of u .Now u will die

Kalish gets shocked

Kalish -wat u have killed someone instead but y have done to u guys.

Goons – we got ur supari.

Kalish pov – who wants to kill me. They killed someone instead of me. Y. Now I got it .I was supposed to cum to India but I went to Australia to surprise baby.

Goons beats him.

Kalish – hy don’t beat Me I dnt knw how to fight. God help

Just then some energy cums and entered him. Goons shocked to see his red eyes. Kalish beats eveyone. Ritu gets shocked.

Kalish was leaving when from behind one goons hit me with a stick. Kalish turns to him and holds his neck and throws him. He flied away.

Energy cums out and kalish gets unconcious. Ritu took him to sdch.

In sdch

All were shocked to see kalish. Kalish got councious and saw all glaring at him

Kalish -ritu wats happening. Y we r here

Ritu -sir u got hurt when u beat goons

Kalish -wat r u kidding. Me and beat goons not in my dreams. I didn’t killed a ant how can I beat goons

Ritu -sir u r kidding u beat the goons

Kalish -really oh yes I beat goons but how

Ritu – yes sir u beat them .

Kalish pov – is she mad or am. I beat goons how can I dnt remember. But I have to find out who wants to kill me and whom did they killed insted of me. I’m not going anywhere till I find my all answers.

Sanchi cums – u

Kalish -u

Sanchi -I’m a doctor

Kalish -who gave license to this mad girl

Sanchi -stop kidding let me see ur wounds

Kalish -no u will hurt me more.

Sanchi -shhh and let me see ur wounds.

She dresses his wounds and he gets pain. She blows it and kalish look at her.

Sanchi -done

Kalish – thanks

Sanchi -it was my duty

She went

Kalish -y she is khadoos

Veer -becz she lost someone

Kalish – I’m sorry

Veer -it’s ok

Kalish -y is eveyone glaring at me

Veer -cum with me u will get ur all answers

Kalish – i wish

Veer took Kalish near Kabir pic. Kalish looks on shocked.

Kalish -he is like me

Veer -yes he was Dr Kabir Kappor. My bro and sanchi husband .We lost him one year before

Kalish pov -IS his like me .

He remincing goons words that they killed someone instead of me.

Kalish -it means they killed him insted of me becz they thought him as me.

Veer -where r u lost

Kalish -no where.

Veer -let’s go

Kalish -u go i want to stay here for sometime.

Veer – ok

He went. Kalish looks at Kabir pics

Kalish -I’m sorry Dost u lost ur life becz of me. I m sorry. I wish u would listening to me. I promise I won’t leave that person who wants to kill me and who killed u. I’m sorry Kabir.

He touches Kabir pics. He feels some energy.He gets tapped on his shoulder. He turns back and shouts looking at himself.

Kalish – Kalish beta this is mirror. U scared of urself.

I’m not a mirror -unknown

Kalish -dnt tell me u r

Right guess I’m Kabir Kappor.

Kalish gets scared and runs. He bumped sanchi.

Sanchi -wat happened

Kalish pointing to Kabir who is smiling to him. Sanchi couldn’t see him.

Sanchi -there is nthing

Kalish -khadoos look he is smiling at me.

Sanchi -no one is here.

Kalish -look he is cuming near me. Save me.

He huggs sanchi being scared and Kabir smiles.

Precap : Kalish meets Malhotra family and kappor family.

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    Wow ashu very funny to see kalish’s style and again sees Kabir dil ko sukoon mila luv you swettie…keep writing… And post soon.

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