Mile Ho Tum Humko (kanchi ) Episode 20



LEAP of 1 Year

It was a busy day. All things have changed in sdch. Including peoples. Kabir big pic and garlands is hanging. Three people r sitting in canteen with sad face.

Pragya -Abe o Isha today is the bad day of our life.

Isha -hmmm today we lost Kabir jiju.

Veer -Everthing is changed here. Everything is not normal. This sdch is changed.That day we lost everything Aryan bhaiya and sanchi.

Pragya – where is sanchi

Isha – she went to her enemies

Pragya -ok ok I know. First we lost Kabir jiju first and then sanchi. I miss Kabir jiju and our cheerful sanchi.

Veer – Haan yaar Sanchi has become a stone heart person . She has changed like Aryan bhaiya. She has became more khadoos. I wish he was here.

Isha -how’s kusum aunty and rishi uncle.

Veer – wat to say yaar they still mises Kabir. Sometime uncle aunty doesn’t eat medicines and sanchi always make them eat forcefully. Sanchi has taken all the responsibility like Aryan.

Isha -let’s make sanchi day special.

Pragya -how

Isha -Let’s take her out

Veer -where

Just then miss Fernandez cums

Miss Fernandez – Today is the show here. USA best singer is Cuming . Take sanchi there she will like it.

Pragya -thank you miss Fernandez

Isha -who will tell sanchi. Veer u

Veer -no way she shouts at me. I can’t Pragya u go

Pragya -abe nalayak she’ll kill me with her khadoos atidude. Isha u.

Isha -no no not even in my dreams .Kabir jiju always give 1 month punishment but this khadoos sanchi will give 1 year record room duty .

Pragya -only one person can

Trio – Savitri

They do hi five and calls her. They share there plan with her.

Otherside in Temple A girl walk on stairs of temple wearing a white kameez with no make up. She stops on last steps. She looks at gods idol angrily. She is sanchi.

Sanchi – i won’t enter like always. U snached my kabir from Me. U ruined my happiness. Look at me wat u made me. U knw how I’m leaving without him. That sanchi died with him. Now only khadoos sanchi is living like a lifeless person. U ruined everything. Will you return my kabir. Will you return my happiness.


A big bunglow is shown. A big room is shown where a boy is sleeping . Just then he gets dream of something He tries to sleep and Alarm rings. He quickly getup and saw the time. He gets down from a round bed. He went to freshen up. He wears his clothes. He goes outside where a servant waits for him holding a glass of juice. He drinks juice and put it back. His sectary waits for him holding a diary. A women waits for him holding a arti thali. Boy smiles at her. He touches women legs and a men also cums. Boy smiles at him and huggs him.

Sectary – Kalish Sir We r late .We have to go to India

Kalish – ritu I knw i havent went to India.Dad, mom dnt worry this time I’ll rock india.

Dad -Well done beta I knw u will rock. Now go it’s late.

Kalish – ritu is aircraft ready.

Ritu -yes sir .Everthing is ready.

Kalish – India Kalish Kappor IS Cuming

Kalish and ritu board aircraft and went.

In India

Savitri is convincing sanchi to go with prasha and veer.

Sanchi -no maa I’m not going anywhere.

Savitri -ok dnt go. Kabir always listen to me and u r not listening to me. Dnt go I’m not forcing u. I miss my kabir. (She starts crying )

Sanchi -ok maa I’ll go. Happy.

Savitri -hmm go

In the Night

At the stadium all enters ria, prasha and sanveer. All girls cheering Kalish name. Sanchi starts to leave when she heard a voice.

Hoosn ka maaraa hoon

(Sanchi turns back and saw a boy is singing. She couldn’t see his face becz he was turning otherside and singing and playing guitar )

Hoosn Ka maaraa hoon
Dil se begaana hoon
Mastaana Ajnabee hoon
Toda sa deewana hoon
Mehki hawaon ne
Mujkho Bulaya Hai
Pariyon ki Nagri Mein Pardesi Aaya Hai.

( He turns sanchi side and sanchi didn’t see him becz all dancers surrounded him )

He sings

Ladka yeh Kehta hai ladki se
Hoton pe dabi dabi Hasi se
Aaya hoon door se karne mein dosti.
Hath mila lo Ajnabee se

(Girls shouts Kalish Kalish )

He sings

Ladka yeh Kehta hai ladki se
Hoton pe dabi dabi Hasi se
Aaya hoon door se karne mein dosti
hath mila lo Ajnabee se

( He gives guitar to other person and cums infront. All was going to see his face just then ria fell down and all makes her stand up )

Kalish sings

Jaan lo Maan lo
Chehra mera pechan lo

( They make ria up and gets shockedto see kalish. Their eyes r widen tears flows from their eyes. Their mouth r opens and lights stricks to Kalish and their faces )

Kalish sings

Jaan lo Maan lo
Chehra mera pechan lo

All – Kabir

( Kalish cums to other girls in audience and sings )

Aap ka sath to suhana hai

(All pinches their hands including sanchi )

Veer -how’s this possible

Isha – kabir jiju is died then who is this.

Pragya -He is not our Kabir jiju but he’s Looklike Kalish Kappor.

(Kalish cums near Isha and sings )

Dil ke Kone mein bitha lo ji
Kitna akela deewana hoon

( Kalish cums near pragya and sings )

Ladka yeh Kehta hai ladki se
De do jawab mujhe jaldi se

( Sanchi looks at Kalish and remincing Kabir. She was leaving when she falls on Kalish and he holds her they have a eye lock and Kalish sings looking at sanchi )

Kyon darti hoon Dil nahin todunga
Main tera sath nahin chodunga
Mujkho kabhi aazmalo ji
Tumse kabhi muh na modunga

( He puts sanchi on floor and went to stage and sings )

Ladka yeh Kehta hai ladki se
Itlati sharmati shar mili se
Aaya hoon door se karne mein dosti
hath mila lo Ajnabee se
Jaan lo Maan lo
Chehra mera pechan lo

Lights goes off curtain droves and all saw Kalish missing.

Sanchi and prasha and riveer was going when they saw Kalish going with his sectary and body guards. Kalish recieved a call and he smiles.

Kalish -helo baby

Other person – hello baby r u fine, how show went. When you r cuming

Kalish -baby baby I’m fine. I rocked the show and Im cuming tomorrow.

Other person – ok baby dnt find someother girl.

Kalish – baby we r engaged since 3 yrs. I love u only u. Be ready when ill .we will get married.

Girl -really

Kalish – really I love you and always will. I dnt have other person place in my heart.

Scene sifted to sanchi and kalish face.

Precap : Kalish and Sanchi Tashan.
Goons surrounded and beats kalish and ritu took him to sdch.

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  1. Riyarocks

    Ashuuuuuuuuuuu……….kitna amazing likhti hai tu…..kamaal, dhamaal, bemisaal………u just stole my words…….pehle gussa thi coz tune kabir ka kaam tamaam kardia, but yaar, now I’m relieved…….tune mujhe kaho na pyar hai ki yaad dila di…….luv u Shona & so good to see u back…….bye……tc…….

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so much sweetie it really really means a lot. U made my day. This was akash bro idea. Yeah it’s like kaho na pyar hai but it’s not same. This is mine ff so crazy, pagalpan twists and suspense u loads

  2. RuCh23

    Wow Ashu ??? you rocked it along with Kalish aka Kabir’s lookalike ??? love it sweetie!!! This reminds me of “kaho na pyaar hai” ??? so awesome!!! Waiting to see the new mystery unfold, excitedly!!!

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so much ruwani sweetie. It really really means a lot. U made my day. Yeah it’s like kaho na pyar but not same.u will knw later

  3. Wow! Superb… Take care…

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so much aafia

  4. NeonNinga

    Guys this is like kaho na pyar hai but it’s not SAME many twists and turns r waiting for u guys. Once Again It’s not same same.

  5. Anee

    Yes really kaho na pyar hai yaad aagyi… But yaar USS m hamshkl banda rohit nahi tha…pata nahi tumare ff main kiya secret hai..curious to know post soon ashu…this episode was an outstanding… Luv you dear…

  6. Niyaaa

    Oyee ashi kya h tu sach m kamaal dhamaal bemishaal.. nd sabki jaise m bhi same kaho naa pyaar wali baat khti per tune pehle hi bta diya.. ??nd kalish+ sanchi=kanchi.. ?? awsome wala Epi. Post nxt asap bye tc lovv u???

  7. OMG….. Its so amazing…… Lived it

  8. Anu88

    So so beautiful episode…….we are happy that kabir is back……thanks a lot yaar for such a beautiful episode

  9. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing I am happy kabir is back

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