Mile Ho Tum Humko (kanchi ) Episode 19

Helo my lovely lovely sweeties .How r u. Thank you for ur lovely comments. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv loads.


Let’s start

In the morning sanchi wakes up and saw Kabir sleeping. She kiss in his forehead. Sanchi was leaving when Kabir holds her hands and pulls her close.

Sanchi -kabir leave me

Kabir -no

Sanchi -kabir maa

Kabir leaves her and sanchi moves apart

Kabir -maa where is maa

Sanchi -my idoit pati did you forget door is locked how can maa cum.

She smirks Kabir glared at her. Sanchi goes to freshen up and came after sometime Kabir went to freshen up. Kabir came and saw sanchi infront of mirror. Holding vermillion box. She was about to apply when kabir came and hugged her from behind. Just then vermilion box fells down .Sanchi gets shocked.

Sanchi – how can this happened

Kabir -relax u can buy another sindoor

Sanchi – if sindoor fell it means something bad will happen.

Kabir -nothing will happen .ok I’m going downstairs will u cum.

Sanchi -i will cum later u go

Kabir -ok

Kabir went downstairs .He greeted kusum and rishi. Sanchi cums with sad face. Just then savitri veer Prasha cums. Kabir takes blessing from savitri and hugged veer .

They all eat breakfast together. Kabir looks at everyone and sanchi. Sanchi saw him.

Sanchi -wat r u looking

Kabir -dnt knw but I feel like I’m seeing u all last time.

Sanchi puts her finger on his lips

Sanchi -shhhh dnt say like that

Kabir gets a call.

Kabir -I’m going

Sanchi – dnt go today pliz. I’m feeling restless.

Kabir -i have to go it’s an emergency

Sanchi -ok

Kabir was going when he turned back and saw all and waved sanchi.

After sometime Sanchi calls Kabir.

Sanchi -hello wat where ok I’m cuming

Veer -wat happened Sanchi

Sanchi -kabir

Veer – wat happened to Kabir

Sanchi burts out crying

Sanchi -kabir met with an accident

All gets shocked and ran to hospital . Kabir treatment going on. Dr cums out with sad face.

Sanchi -how’s Kabir can we meet him

Dr -I’m sorry he may not live. He has little time .u guys can see him last time.

All went to icu and saw Kabir with oxygen mask .Kabir opens his eyes and saw them. He took off oxygen mask and looks at veer

Kabir -veeeeer plizzzzzzz ta take ca care of every everyone and sanchi.

He closes his eyes and machine beeps. Dr came and told them he is no more. They all cry badly except of sanchi. She stands like a statue. They took Kabirs body to home. All cries and sanchi tears didn’t drop from sanchi eyes. She faints .Veer took sanchi to Kabir room. Doctor came and checked her. She told them to make her cry.or anything could happen.

Sanchi gets concious. Savitri takes sanchi near Kabir body. They make her understand kabir is not with us. Sanchi looking at Kabir tukur tukur. After sometime they made sanchi understood. Sanchi cries badly seeing Kabir lying lifeless. After sometime Kabir last rites r done. Police cums there.

Inspector – Sanchi kabir accident is not a accident. He has been killed.

Sanchi -wat who can Kabir.

Scene sifted to sanchi confused face.

Precap : After 1 year sanchi climbs temple stairs .

Sanchi -y u took Kabir for me. U ruined my happiness. Can you return my happiness

Otherside a boy is playing guitar and singing on a show.

Will this boy return sanchi happiness. AB LIKEGI NAHI KAHANI .KAHANI PYAR KI.

I know u guys will be shocked. U will hate me for this. Guys i just want to say dnt worry everything will be fine. And I’m really sorry. I was not getting idea so akash bhai gave this idea. Don’t worry everything will be fine.

I’m ready for punishment u can throw bomb or u can shoot me. I’m again sorry . I bet u guys will like ahead story. So pliz dnt leave this. It’s a humble request


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  1. RuCh23

    ??? he’s DEAD???? Why ???? Ashu, I would’ve said I hate you. But I can’t do that coz I love you sis!!! But I’m very upset with you ??? and what’s with this curious precap???

  2. Aafiya

    Don’t be sorry… It was actually interesting..Post soon..Take care…

  3. Really yaar i feel very very sad ……… please ashu kabir ko napas lake ao no………today episode is full of emotional ……but so much interesting……how are u ashu….

  4. how can kabir??
    but will wait for next epi

  5. No Ashu how can u tell that I hate u . No but I love u dear I know u will do something but please make kabir back

  6. Niyaaa

    U kill my kabir ashi????… kaise kiya ye tne bol jallim bol ???hum pe ye kaisa julm kar daala maar daala haay maar daala???but mujhe lagta h kahani me twist h kya pta kbir ka koi humsakal per agar aisa hota to wo veer ko family nd sanchi ka khyaal rakhne o nhi bolta… kya suspense h soch soch kat dimag?? gum gaya… post nxt adap dearie

  7. Aashu…why did u kill kabir in ff….i m crying here?????….dont do lyk tht…plzzz

  8. Its amazing….

  9. Anee

    hey ashu jaan yeh kiya kiya tum ne…….humara kabir….meri toh sach main ankhon main ansu aagaye…..but khair …aage aur jan’na chahti tumari story…pllz post soon….main apne tears ponch rahi hun yaar…..not hate u but luvv you so muchh.

  10. Nooooooooooooo,,u killd kabir,,hw could u,,i will nvr frgv u… He he he,,jst jking dear.. Amazing epsd nd plz bring kabir soon..

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