Mile Ho Tum Humko (kanchi ) Episode 18 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL

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Let’s start

Sanchi gets jealous with kabir and rosy closeness. Kabir was going with rosy holding her hand when sanchi saw them She intentionly twisted her leg.

Sanchi – kabir

Kabir turned and saw her falling. He quickly holds her.

Kabir -wat happened

Sanchi – dnt knw it’s paining. Ouch I can’t walk can u help.

Kabir -ok

Kabir lifts her and carried her to his cabin. Sanchi shouts it’s paining just then Kabir puts his finger on her lips.

Kabir – dnt shout i knw u r acting.

Sanchi – how u knw

Kabir – dnt forget I’m a doctor and most important i can feel pain if it hurts u. So I’m not feeling pain.

Sanchi looks at him. They have a romantic eye lock when rosy cums and saw them. She went smiling.


Kabir cums with vampire getup. Veer cums with pirates getup and girls cums as witch.
They dance. Kabir waits for blackmailer.

Sanchi goes to eat food when she saw some shadow. She follows it and gets scared seeing a white ghost

Ghost in deep voice -Sanchi cum to me

Sanchi runs shouting and prasha cums out laughing.

Pragya – enough veer cum out she went.

Veer removes white cloth .he laughs.

Veer -now whose chance

Isha – ur darling sis

Pragya – yes but I will scare her

Veer -done let’s go

They went near ria .

Veer -do u knw guys i heard on Halloween night. Manjulika cums out from her grave. She kills those girls who r behind married man. She gets scared.

Ria -really

Veer -ofcourse and she hates color red and look u r wearing color red.

Ria shouts and ran. Veer signalled pragya. Pragya gives tumbs up. Ria was going when she heard a voice. She gets scared and stopped. She turns back when she saw a girl wearing wig cums with candle singing gumnam hai koi badnam hai koi.

Ria shouts as well as pragya.

Pragya pov -oh god she’s looking like a witch. I was scared to see her.

Ria – who r u

Pragya -manjulika I want to drink ur blood

Ria -no no pliz

Pragya cums near her slowly and slowly and ria faints. Veer and Isha cums out and they couldn’t control their laughter.

Isha -no who is next

Veer -dr kabir .I want to see how he reacts

They went and saw Kabir was drinking. He put glass on the table. Veer took the glass under table. Kabir looks for glass.

Kabir -rosy did you saw my drink

Rosy -no

Kabir asked for a drink from waiter. He again put it on table. This time veer drinks and keep glass. Kabir took glass and about to drink he saw drink missing. He shakes his head. He again filled drink. Veer again drinked it and went under table. Kabir again looks at glass empty. Kabir went

Kabir pov – oh god wats happening yaar. Did ghosts do this. U r so stupid how can ghosts cum. No I heard it Halloween night they can come.

Just then he gets tapped on his shoulder. He shouts and saw sanchi. He hugged her tightly.

Kabir -thank God u came

Sanchi -wats happenend

Veer -I think he saw ghosts. R u afraid of ghosts.

Kabir -no who said

Veer laughs and Kabir gets a message from rosy and he went. Rosy and Kabir waits for blackmailer to cum .A men bumped Kabir and he puts some letter on his hand and runs . Kabir reads letter and rosy runs after the man

Manager – it’s late now we have to stop party here. Thanks for cuming.

Kabir runs and all follows him. Sanchi gets shocked to see sunil with rosy. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She runs and hugged him. Kabir smiles. They took him to jaya house. Jaya and other couldn’t believe their eyes. They cry and hugged eachother.

Jaya -thanks rosy beta I dnt know how to thank you.

Rosy -no aunty it was my duty

Sanchi -duty

Rosy – Acp Rosy Khaana .and if u want to thank so thank Kabir. He found about sunil uncle. But I missed that person he ran away. I m sorry Kabir i couldn’t get him.

Kabir -it’s not ur fault atleast we found sunil uncle.

Jaya -but beta how u knw that he was alive.

Just then savitri cums and tell everything. They all gets shocked to knw Kabir is aryan. Veer gets teary eyed and hugged Kabir tightly and called him bhaiya. Sanchi cries seeing Kabir.

They all went to their respective home. Kabir went to kappor Mantion. He saw rishi and hugged him. After that he went to his room and cries remincing sanchi.He gets shocked to see sanchi cuming out from bathroom wearing same sari which Kabir to gift her.

Kabir -sanchi wat r u doing here

Sanchi -I’m at my husband house

Sanchi sits on her knees and takes out a ring.

Sanchi – Kabir I love you. U r my first love my aryan. Will you accept me.

Kabir -wat r u saying

Sanchi -let’s start our new life. Only u and me.

Kabir sits down teary eyed and hugged her. they move apart. Kabir went to freshen up .

After sometime Kabir cums out of bathroom. Sanchi huggs him from behind. Sanchi moves apart and Kabir holds her hands and pulls her close.

Bg plays

Bahon ke darmiyaan

(They have a passionate kiss )

Do pyar mil rahein hai.
Bahon ke darmiyaan
do pyar mil rahein hai.

(Kabir lifts sanchi in bridal style and carried her towards the bed. )

Jane kya bole man
Dole sun e badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan

(Scene gets blurred and went to moon )

Bahon ke darmiyaan
do pyar mil rahein hai
Jane kya bole Mann
Dole sun e badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan

Khulte bandh hote
Labon ki yeh ankahi
Khulte bandh hote
Labon ki yeh ankahi
Mujhse keh rahi hai
Ki badne de bekhudi
Mil Yoon ki Daud jayeein
Nas nas mein bijliyaan

Bahon ke darmiyaan
do pyar mil rahein hai
Bahon ke darmiyaan
do pyar mil rahein hai
Jane kya bole Mann
Dole sun e badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan

Aasman ko bhi yeh
Haseen raaz hai pasand
Aasman ko bhi yeh
Haseen raaz hai pasand
Uliji uliji saason ki
Awaz hai pasand
Moti luta rahi hai
Sawan ki badiliyaan

Bahon ke darmiyaan
do pyar mil rahein hai
Bahon ke darmiyaan
do pyar mil rahein hai
Jane kya bole Mann
Dole sun e badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan
Bahon ke darmiyaan

Precap : ???

I hope u guys like it.


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