Mile Ho Tum Humko (kanchi ) Episode 17

Hi guys i hope u guys remembered me.I’m back but not discharged yet.

Sorry for boring episode.

Let’s start

Kusum slaps Kabir and went crying. Kabir follows her when he gets call from miss Fernandez. He went to sdch.

In sdch

Kabir cums and saw veer and miss Fernandez waiting for him.

Miss Fernandez -dr kabir it’s an emergency

Kabir – veer u will assist me.

Veer -ok dr Kabir

Kabir -where is dr pragya and Isha

Veer – dnt know

Miss Fernandez – they have day off.

Kabir – oh ok veer go and get ready.

They went to open o.t. After some they cums out. Kabir saw his watch

In Kapoor Mantion

Sanchi cries looking at letter. When prasha cums to her. Sanchi quickly wiped her tears and put letter aside.

Pragya -sanchi wat r u doing here let’s go and chill .

Sanchi -I’m going to temple u guys r cuming with me.

Prasha -ok chalo.

They went to temple.

In Temple

Sanchi – pliz god I don’t know wat is right or wrong pliz help me.

Sanchi ties thread to peepal tree. Prasha looks on.

Pragya -sanchi can I ask something

Sanchi -offcourse

Pragya – y u always cum .I mean this day. We always cum here with u and u always tie thread for whom.

Sanchi -this day is very special to me

Isha -y

Sanchi – this day I met him first time.

Pragya -Veer or Kabir

Sanchi – Aryan

Prasha -.Aryan who is he

Sanchi – Aryan Malhotra. Anand elder son and veer elder brother.

Pragya -wait we didn’t listen this name before.

Sanchi – He is not with us now

Isha -so how u knw him. Wat relation u guys share.

Sanchi -we were best friends. He was everything to me. Our taste was same.I loved him. If I get hurt he cries. U guys knw papa always say that when we grow up then we marry eachother. We were playing husband and wife game. I can’t forget him. He was my first love. We lost him in an accident.

Pragya -so wat about veer

Sanchi – u guys know y i fell for veer

Prasha -no

Sanchi – because I can see my Aryan on him. When I cum here i always feel aryan presence.

Just then kabir enters and sanchi turns back. They saw eachother. Kabir smiles at her.

Kabir pov – u didn’t forget today date. I wish I can tell you that I’m aryan. I can’t becz u love veer and until i get sunil uncle

Sanchi pov -I dnt know y iam attached to u

Kabir – thank God u guys r here. Let’s go to hospital

Isha -we have day off

Kabir -i know we have less staff so u guys r cuming with me.

Sanchi -ok first u go and pray we will wait.

Kabir went to pray and after sometime came and they went to sdch.

In sdch

Kanchi and prasha cums and saw all watching news. They get shocked to see a man with handcuffs.

Reporter -As u see this man is none other than Dr Anand Malhotra.

Veer -wat is going on

Pragya -shh let’s see wat happened

Reporter in TV – Dr Malhotra has surrendered himself to police. He accepts his crimes and illegal activity in sdch. He admits that he killed Dr Sunil Mishra and put blame on Dr Rishi Kapoor. Now Dr Malhotra is in police custody.

Veer breaks down and looks at sanchi. Kabir gets shocked and runs from there. Sanchi looks on.

Sanchi pov – how can Malhotra easily acepts his deeds .

In Police station

Kabir cums and saw malhotra sitting quietly.

Kabir -dr Malhotra

Malhotra looks at him and tears flows from his eyes. Malhotra stood up and tightly hugged him. Kabir was clueless. Malhotra moves apart.

Malhotra – I’m a bad person,bad father and bad husband.

Kabir pretending -wat r u saying sir

Malhotra -enough Kabir I know who r u .I’m sorry beta for selling u

Kabir – sir

Malhotra – I know u r my Aryan. I have done many bad deeds.

Kabir -how u know

Malhotra -that day in o.t I saw ur birthmark.I followed u everywhere.Pliz forgive me. Now I want to become a good human. I have learnt everything from u. I destroyed many lives. Now it’s my turn.

He kneels down crying. Kabir holds him.

Kabir – u didn’t kill sunil uncle

Malhotra -I didn’t

Kabir -where he is

Malhotra -I lost him 3 yrs back. He was in store room. One day I got a letter from someone that sunil is with him. I searched him every where but didn’t get him. Kidnapper wants sdch.

Kabir calls someone

Kabir – u did this neeta chachi

Neeta -no Kabir i didn’t know that sunil was alive

Kabir -r u sure

Neeta -yes

Kabir discounts the call

Kabir -who is new villian now

Police takes away Malhotra and kabir went to sdch.

Back to SDCH

Kabir cums and saw sanchi with veer.

Veer -sanchi I’m sorry let’s do our new start

Sanchi -it’s ok veer

Kabir goes near them. He tries to smile

Kabir – veer now sanchi is urs.

Sanchi looks at him shocked. Kabir tries to hid his tears.

Sanchi – wat r u saying Kabir

Kabir – u both love each other. U have a right to be happy.

Kabir puts sanchi hand on veer hands. Sanchi tears flows.

Kabir was going in his cabin when he heard a voice.

Voice -Kabir baby

Kabir turns back and saw a girl wearing a mini skirt , with heavy jewelry looking hot.

Veer -who is she

Sanchi -y she is calling Kabir baby

Kabir – Rosy

Rosy huggs him. Kabir too responded and two girls r burning like hell.

Sanchi -ria kam ti joh rosy

Pragya -I can smell someone is burning

Sanchi -shut up

Kabir gets message he gets shocked

It reads -Kabir U want sunil. Meet me in Halloween party.

Rosy cums and snached Kabir phone. Kabir looks at her. And she smirks

Precap – ?????

Read this

Frankly I don’t know wat i wrote. it’s so boring sorry for that actually my ideas went to rest .

Im quitting all ffs not because I’m admitted. I can write in hospital Dr Akash gave permission but it’s getting boring day by day so I have decided to quit. Thanks for supporting. Bye love you guys


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  1. Ashu tum jaldi thik ho jao we need you ashu………..Please ashu asa maat karo…….tumhari ff ki bina hum ji nahi panaegae please ashu continue this ff………… please please please please please please please please please please……??????

  2. Riyarocks

    Ashu dear……first of all, welcome back dear……..we all missed u a lot………hope u’re fine now……..episode was fab as usual but yaar, at the end what u wrote abt quitting, I just hope ye koi prank tha tumhara…..yaar how can u think that ur plots could ever be boring????not at all sweetieeee… fact mujhe aaj tak samajh mein nahi aaya ki tumhare dimaag mein itne saare innovative ideas aate kahaan se hai…….& dear, plz plz plz……meri ye baat maan lo…..plz don’t quit writing………& Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna(Shahrukh ki fan ho naa….toh bye kaise keh sakti ho hame???…;P)luv u a lot sweetieeeeeeeee………tc……

  3. Hey ashi kaisi ho tum.. Operation kaisa raha.. Ab tabiyat kaisi h… Or kitne din hospital me rehna padega.. Discharge kab milega…okay enough of my question qupotta…btw super duper mindblwong epi… Khabardaar isse boring kahan to… U know what ihis one on ur ff is one of my top most fav. Epi full susupense drama nd many more… Ab ye naya villain kon aa gaya…post nxt one asap nd isse end karne ki tum sochna bhi mat… Per pehle rest karna baad me post karna… Lovvvv u so sooooooooooo much..bye tc

  4. Khamoshi

    Ashnita it was not at all boring..i enjoyed it..sanchi in jealous avatar FOR KABIR…rocked it yaar..

  5. How r u. Get well soon. This one is Osm. Oh God one more villian in luv. Hope u will unfold soon. Take care.

  6. Ashi…..hope u are better now….amazing episode as always….don’t dare to say this ff boring….never say again u are quitting otherwise I am not going to talk to u… update soon when u are discharged….take care & lots of love to u.

  7. Amazing episode ! I m one of the silent reader,but i broke my silence. And dont quit its my request … take care …

  8. Amazing episode ! I m one of the silent reader,but i broke my silence. And dont quit its my request … take care …

  9. Dhruti

    ashu it was amazing but please don’t quit ff like this…………..i’m requesting you please apni bestie cum sis ki baat maan lo please btw ff was superb, how sanchi was jealous when rozy calling kabir as kabir baby hmmm……………….and don’t you dare to quit the show warna me mitu and prinku tere dreams me bhoot banke aayenge or tuje bahot pareshan karenge dekhna tum………..and muje pata he ki prinku and mitu muje mana nahi karegi iss nek kam k liye……………..

  10. Its amazing….. Plzzz dont stop writing…. Dont quit…… Waiting for the next part of this ff and other ffs also

  11. Ashu,,dn’t u even think in ur dream to stop writing ff othrwise i will sent u sdch.. Mindblwing epsd nd plz keep healthy nd gives us healthy ff.. Lv u…#

  12. Aafiya

    Take care.. Please don’t quit.. I love your ff a lot.

  13. Ashu this was awesome amazing and don’t dare to tell this as boring but Ashu don’t leave us and go don’t break my heart please. And take care of ur self dear

  14. Sajnana900

    Hey Ashu dear hru???
    T.c of ur self yar u r in hospital and u r writting the ffs
    R u mad…!!!
    No naa so take rest for 1 month atleast…
    And most important thing.
    Take ur medicine and food properly as per time and eat fruits u ll feel strongg
    And back to the the epi that was spr dpr hit
    (And in ur language)…its beyond beyond beyond everything…
    And waqai main yar salute uuu for such a suspence
    There is not a single epi in which u didnt kept any suspence
    And again plz T.C of ur selff..
    Gud n8 have sweet dreams..????????????

  15. Sajnana900

    Hey ashu yar there is one request plz dont leave ur ffs
    Whenever u want u can continue that as far as after 2 hrs (jzt kidding)
    After 2 months but plz dont leave ur ffs as we all really luv that
    So if u can accept my request then plz plz plz yar
    If not then as ur wish as these are ur ffs so reat is upto uu


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