Mile Ho Tum Humko (kanchi ) Episode 16

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Let’s start

In the morning kabir woke up and saw sanchi missing. He searches her and finds her with kusum.

Kabir -sanchi today is ur day off

Sanchi -ok

Kusum -really so I’m going to watch movie with my daughter.

Sanchi – that’s so awesome idea.

Kabir -maa which movie u like to watch

Kusum -Main Hoon Na

Kabir coughs and kusum smiles.

Kabir -no

Kusum – do you know sanchi that movie is my favorite i dnt know how many times I watched it.

Sanchi – oh

Kusum – have u watched it

Sanchi -no

Kusum – wat u didn’t watched it.

Sanchi -yeah even i dnt know who was in the movie. Some random actors so I didn’t watch it.

Kusum – oe dnt call my shah rukh khan random actor. He is my favorite.

Sanchi -oops I didn’t know that srk was there. He is my favorite also

Kusum -wat u like in him

Sanchi -His dimple, his eyes

Kusum -same taste.

They hugged eachother. Kabir coughs

Kabir – u guys like srk. So wat about me. I’m not handsome like him. I know I’m dnt have dimple but my smile.

Sanchi -smile

Kabir -yes when I smile all girls can faint. They always runs behind me.

Sanchi -as if

Kabir -dnt u remember ria

Sanchi -kokila how can I forget her .

Kabir -ria not kokila

Sanchi -watever

Kabir -r u jealous

Sanchi -y should I

Kabir -yeah

They argue with eachother. Kusum shouts.

Kusum -Kabir see ur watch

Kabir saw his watch and gets shocked. Sanchi smiles

Sanchi -u r late go.

Kabir went to his room. After sometime he went.

Kusum – sanchi kabir forgot his phone .I’m going to give him

Sanchi -maa but Kabir has another phone with him.

Kusum -i know he gets important call in this. I’m going to hospital. Do you want to come

Sanchi -no maa u go i will rest.

Kusum -ok

Kusum -driver chalo follow Kabir

Kabir was ahead and kusum follows him. In the car Kabir gets call from jailor. Kabir about turns and went to jail. Kusum follows him .

Back to kappor Mantion

Sanchi was cleaning Kabir room. She saw cupboard locked. She searches the key and finds it .she opens the cupboard and gets shocked to see many things.

Sanchi -wat is this

She picks a boxwhich was written sanchi name. She opens it and saw a beautiful sari with a ring and a letter.

She picks the letter and reads it. Letter falls from her hands. She kneels down and cries. She again picked letter and again read it.

Letter reads : bittu I don’t know wat to say. When I saw u first time I fell in love with u but I didn’t know. I love u so much that I can give my life to u. I love u Sanchi. Dnt be shock yeah my bittu is none other than u Sanchi. I love u truly.

Sanchi finds Kabir diary. Diary was all scribble. All pages r torns only few was left. Sanchi reads last page where Kabir writes that sanchi loves veer and blah blah blah blah and he will never give this gift to her.

Sanchi -kabir loves me .

Back to jail

Kabir goes to his father and huggs him. Just then he gets tapped on his shoulder. He turned back and saw kusum. She angrily slaps Kabir.

Precap : In sdch all saw the news in TV they gets shocked and kabir runs from there.

Proper Kabir and kusum part u will get to know in next part in details.

Till then have a chill pill.
Bye take care


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  1. So so awesome and interesting episode

  2. Niyaaa

    Hey ashi yaar kamaal dhamaal bemishaal… M eagerly waitting for this one..thanks for update this one..lovvvvvvvvvv u so so so so much … A tuddy wala hug for u.. Bye tc gud ni8 nd happy diwali my suspense queen. Stay safe nd get well soon

  3. Dhruti

    superb ff ashu …………..per itusa hi kyu thoda bada likhti muje laga ki ab age kya hoga but your ff is finished but i hope you post next one soon as i like kanchi nokjok and kusum and sanchi’s bonding……how kabir jealous when both ladies praise srk………………..he he……………..ok no more bak bak ………………..HAPPY DIWALI dear…………………love you a lot……………tc……………………………

  4. Khamoshi

    Superb dear..atory plantation 10 on 10.. no words left to priase u.. so …lots of hugs and kisses for this amazing ff series

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    first of all…HAPPY DIWALI to u Ashu dear……….episode was fab as always & hamare suspense ki queen left us again with this new suspense(precap waala)…….luv u sweety……gud nt………tc……

  6. Waiting for the next part…… Loved it very much

  7. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely Ashu update soon can’t wait and take care of yourself

  8. RuCh23

    Fab Ashu ??? at last!!! Now Sanchi knows ???

  9. Nyc,,epsd..

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    Amazing and superb

  11. Happy Diwali dear & episode is super se upar..,, update soon…lots of love.

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