Mile Ho Tum Humko (kanchi ) Episode 15

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Let’s start

Kabir giving last warning to neeta. Kanchi went to home.

In Kapoor Mantion

Kusum talking on phone or I say pretending

Kusum -ya I know tomorrow is karwachaut

Sanchi -karwachaut

Kabir -no need to fast ok

Sanchi -ok

Kabir went to his room.

Kusum in call -all married women has to keep fast for their husbands. So that husbands get long life.

Sanchi remincing Kabir accident their marriage and all moments.

Kusum saw sanchi losts she smirks and went. Sanchi gets pragya call.

Pragya -sanchi do u know tomorrow is karwachaut

Sanchi -yeah

Pragya -I’m going fast

Sanchi -for whom

Pragya -for shatish

Sanchi -ok

Pragya – will u keep fast

Sanchi -yes I will

Pragya -for whom

Sanchi -obviously Kabir

Pragya -as a wife or just a friend. Sanchi listen to ur heart and move on.

Sanchi disconnected the call. She went to room and saw Kabir already sleeping. She sleeps beside him.

In the morning

Sanchi wakes up at 4am. She freshen up and went to kitchen. Kusum was already there.

Kusum – sanchi r u fasting

Sanchi -maa I want to but Kabir

Kusum -dnt worry he will not know .I will not tell him and u too.

Kusum gives sargi to sanchi. She eats it. Kabir woke up and saw sanchi dressed beautifully.

In sdch

In Kabir cabin

Kabir is walking right and left. Just then ria enters.

Ria – dr Kabir here is the document

Kabir – ok put it there.

He went outside.

After sometime

Sanchi walks right and left and other side kabir too walks. They bumped eachother Kabir was about to fall just then sanchi saved him holding his hands. They have a cute and romantic eye lock.

Bg plays

Bol do na zara

They move apart.

Sanchi – i dnt know wat happened to me. Y I’m keeping fast for u

Kabir pov – Today I kept fast for u and ur long life.

In canteen

Pragya and sanchi angry on Isha. Isha ordered many things to eat. She teases them and eat pizza.

Pragya -I’m going

Sanchi -me too


Kabir was going just delicious aroma cums to his nose and he follows.

Sanchi was leaving just then she saw Kabir cuming like a robbort. Sanchi calls him. He didn’t payed attention .Kabir sits in chair and looks everyone eating something. He makes puppy face and went direct to cabin.

Sanchi -wat happened to Kabir

Day passes to Night

In Kapoor Mantion

Sanchi – maa I don’t know how will Kabir break my fast

Kusum – i have a Idea but dnt know readers will like it or not

Sanchi – tell

Kusum tells something to sanchi which is muted.

Sanchi – in Advance sorry readers.

Sanchi went to Kabir

Sanchi -kabir can we go to temple.

Kabir -now

Sanchi -yes

Kabir – ok let’s go

Sanchi gets happy huggs him and kissed on his cheek. Kabir was shocked. Sanchi went. Kabir touches his cheek and smiles.

Kabir is waiting for sanchi in car park. He is wearing maroon sherwani looking hot as always.

Sanchi cums wearing a maroon lehenga with heavy jewelry, and nuptial chain.

They sit in the car and went.

In Temple

Kanchi gets down. Both looks at sky. Waiting moon to cum. They climbs stairs
and went upstairs. Pandit saw vermillion missing on sanchi hair line. Pandit brings thal where sindoor was kept.

Pandit – beta aise shub divas mein Mang suni nhi rehti.

Sanchi touches her forehead and realized she didn’t filled it. She looks at Kabir with puppy face. Kabir fills her hairline with vermillion. Pandit brings ghungat and ask Kabir to make her wear it. Kabir puts gungat on sanchi head.

Some lady shouts -Chand aaye gaya

Kabir pov -thank God Chand came

Sanchi pov -pliz god do something

Just then wind blows and sanchi ghungat flies and cums on Kabir face. They look at moon and then looks each other. Both smiles at eachother. Sanchi removes ghungat from his face.

Pandit – beta drink this with eachother hands.

Kabir – Y it’s not necessary we came here for darsan nthing else.

Pandit -beta we believe that couple drinks this water god will fulfill their wish.

Sanchi -kabir pliz I want to

Kabir pov – let it be waise be sanchi will break my fast.

Sanchi -kabir

Kabir -ok

They make eachother drink water. Moons lights brighter than ever. Kanchi smiles at eachother and went

Pandit smiles seeing them and vanishes to the God idol. (Sorry for this )

In kapoor mantion

Kanchi cums and kusum smiles seeing them.

Kusum -sanchi beta how was ur first fast

Kabir gets shocked to hear and looks at sanchi.

Sanchi -it was gud maa

Kabir – u too kept fast

Sanchi -u too means

Kabir -nthing

Sanchi -it means u were fasting too. Now I get it y u were hanging here and there. But for whom u kept fast

Kabir -for my self

And went to his room left sanchi thinking.

Precap :Sanchi gets to know that she is bittu.
Kusum angrily slaps Kabir.

Iam sorry for mistakes because we don’t celebrate karwachaut here.
Take care


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