Mile Ho Tum Humko (kanchi ) Episode 14

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Episode starts

Kabir steatly went to store room.He switch on the lights and started to looking for proofs.

Kabir – here is nthing Malhotra is very smart he will not put sunil here like this. It means somewhere in the house is secreat room.

Just then he gets tapped on his shoulder. He gets tensed. He turned back and saw malhotra.

Malhotra -Kabir wat r u doing here

Kabir pov -oh god wat to say now

Malhotra -Kabir

Kabir – who r u. How dare you asking ur sir. Naukar ho Naukar rakam ro.

Malhotra – wat to say he has lost his memory.

Kabir -wat

Malhotra -nthing cum son i will take u to ur room.

Kabir -ok

Malhotra took Kabir to his room and he went.

Sanchi knocks on the door. Kabir opens it.

Sanchi -kabir r u ok

Kabir – hmm

Sanchi- if u need something tell me.

Kabir -ok

Sanchi went.

In the morning

Veer cums in Kabirs room and saw him sleeping. He was going when he saw sanchi. They ignore each other and went.

Kabir was looking at them.

Kabir -first I want to give sanchi’s happiness. Her happiness lies on veer. I have to clear their misunderstandings.

Angle Kabir and devil Kabir appears.

Dk – kabir dnt do this

Ak -Kabir dnt listen to him. Listen to ur heart.

Dk – u love sanchi right u have to haasil her.

Ak – kabir u r not like Malhotra be like ur dad.

Kabir closes his ears with his hands. They Disappeared.

Kabir -i know i love sanchi more than my life.but she doesn’t love me. Kabir u have to focus on ur mission.

Many days passed Kabir trying to find proofs and to patch up sanchi.

Kabir gets call from London.

Kabir -hello wat

Girl -bhaiya I’m cuming

Kabir -not now

Girl -but bhaiya I miss u.

Kabir -i miss you too dnt cum here u understand.

Girl -ok bye

Kabir -bye

End of their conservation.

In sdch

Kabir -where to find clues .Many days passed I couldn’t get any clue. At least give a clue who atracked me. Now I can’t
do drama now. I have to end this.

Kabir cums near stairs he falls down. He gets uncoucious Malhotra family runs to him.

After sometime Kabir gets conscious and he told everyone that his memory got back. All becomes happy except of ria.

Kanchi went to their Kapoor house.

After 1 month kanchi gets closer day by day. Kabir still finding sunil and that mysterious lady.

In Sdch

As usual normal day .Sanchi and prasha in canteen.

Pragya – sanchi do u still luv veer

Sanchi – no

Isha -do you love Kabir

Sanchi -dnt know

In Kabir cabin

Kabir was not in the cabin. Just then myserious lady cums and puts some tablet in Kabir coffee. She heard sound of claps
She turned back and saw Kabir standing there.

Lady -kabir

Kabir -yes I dnt understand one thing y u want to kill me. Wat I have done to u.

Lady – all Malhotra properties r in ur name Aryan .U r the owner of everything except of sdch. I want that property.

Kabir -so u have decided to kill me NEETA CHACHI.

so yeah mystery lady is none other than Neeta.

Neeta -yes I have many times attacked u but u always saved.

Screen freezes on there faces.

Precap : kanchi first karwachaut fast for each other.

Sorry for boring episode
Bye take


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  1. Khamoshi

    Wowwwwww amazing article dear… it was flawless episode dear ..i am waiting for the precap episode.. plz post soon?

  2. RuCh23

    Aww I thought to get another Kokila scene ??? but no matter, you revealed who’s trying to kill Kabir so I’m happy ???

  3. Mindblwing,,epsd..

  4. Niyaaa

    Amaz epi yaar nd whr is kokoila missing i missed her..hehehe..just kidding nd wow new twist so the lady is none other than neeta… Great twist yaar post nxt .. Tc

  5. Anonymousaa

    Bechari Kokila????
    Oh so Neeta is villain!! Hope Kanchi solve the problems soon and come closer.
    Plz post next epi soon.

  6. Riyarocks

    bichari kokila………oooooo………..ria ko boora laga…….haha…….Ashu dear….too good……..superb twist…..neeta is the mysterious lady……….but dear…..I really can’t wait for nxt episode…..kanchi fasting for each other…….awwwww………..luv u loads sweetieeeeeee……….

  7. Riyarocks

    Ashu…I’m commenting this on behalf of Anu(Anuradha)…..Awesome ashi… Itne saare twists… OMG kasam se majaa aa gaya…. Twist maharani ashnita ki jai

  8. Superb yr…. Update soon

  9. Dhruti

    superb ff bichari kokila………awww………..ashu………………i loved this ff………………i can’t wait for next one………..update soon………….love you…………………………………..

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    Superb… Marvelous… Great…

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