Mile Ho Tum Humko (kanchi ) Episode 13

Hi guys iam Ashnita back with boring episode. Thank you for ur lovely comments. It really really really means a lot. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv loads.

Let’s start

Kabir treatment is going on.After some they cums out with sad face

Sanchi -wat happened

Specialist – operation was sucessfull but

Sanchi -but

Specialist – we dnt know his memory is back .we will get to know when he will be concious.

After sometime

Kabir gets conscious all glaring at him.

Dr – kabir how r u

Kabir – I’m ok

Pragya -Isha is this gajini Kabir or normal Kabir.

Isha -patani we will know

Dr – kabir do you know her (pointing towards kusum )

Kabir -no

Sanchi – kabir

Kabir – u look gorgeous

Dr -Kabir do you know her (pointing towards ria )

Kabir smiles seeing her.

Kabir -yes she is my

Sanchi heart is beating faster than ever.

Sanchi -kabir do you know her

Kabir -offcourse she is my gf . I love her .

Dr-wat is her name

Kabir – kokila. She is my kokila

Ria faints listening to him.

All gets shocked

Sanchi glared at Kabir while he is looking here and there.

Kabir saw malhotra and quickly hugged him. Malhotra too responded.

Kabir -papa

Malhotra -Kabir

Kabir -papa i want to go home

Malhotra -ok beta u rest

They went out. Malhotra still in shock.

Dr -I think he lost his memory forever.

Sanchi -wat

Dr -yes if you want to him to be cure soon.Mr Malhotra u can take Kabir home.

Malhotra -ok

Kabir gets discharged he was leaving just then he holds sanchi hands.

Ria – let’s go home leave her

Kabir -kokila she is my nurse. So she will cum with me.

Ria -ok sanchi u can cum with us

Sanchi gives fake smile to her

Sanchi – yes kokokokila

Ria -only ria

Kabir -whose ria

Ria -no one

Kabir -nurse let’s go

Ria holds Kabir hands and he jerks it.

Kabir -is so hot

Ria -ok

In Malhotra Mantion

Savitri gets shocked to see kanchi. Specially Kabir.

Kabir steps inside holding sanchi hands. Savitri smiles

Savitri pov -my elder son and bahu came to their real house.

Malhotra -Kabir this ur home.

Kabir sees savitri went near her and knees down for blessing. Savitri bless him.

Savitri -cum beta I will show ur room.

They went.

Savitri – u rest we will cum later

Kabir -ok maa

Savitri went outside. Kabir quickly locked door and calls someone.

Kabir -thank you for everything.

Person -it was our duty Kabir

Kabir – u guys really my dad friends

Dr -Kabir take care. I know memory loss drama is not ue cup of tea.

Kabir – yeah but I have to lied to my kusum mom.

Dr – kabir dnt worry for Kusum bhabhi I’m here for her.

Kabir -thank you uncle bye

Dr -bye.

Kabir discounted the call

Kabir -Kabir beta memory loss drama. U r good actor. thank God I became fine today. I have to drama until I find sunil uncle. I know he is here. And many secrets r hidden here.

Ria – kabir open the door

Kabir – oh god how to deal with her now. Only ria can help me in my mission. I’m sorry sanchi. But I need ria now. I always loved u and always will. No body can take ur place. Not even kokila. Sorry ria

Precap :Kabir in store room just then he gets tapped on his shoulder.
He gets tensed

Sorry for boring .
Bye take care
Keep smiling


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  1. Priyanshipp

    Riya as kokila very interesting ??

  2. RuCh23

    ??? Kokila??? Oh god Ashu that part was so funny ??? I’m rolling from laughter dear ??? even to do memory loss drama, Kabir still can’t stay away from Sanchi isn’t he? ??? he even made her his nurse, just so he could be close to her ??? fab sweetie, looking forward for the next part ???

  3. Khamoshi

    Ashnita was not at all boring..but it was funny though.. i was laughing with the reaction of Riya..i mean KOKILAAAA ?? Too good.

  4. Aafiya


  5. Riyarocks

    Ashu…….such a hilarious one dear….& ria…kokila……..haha…….koyal ka bhi insult ho gaya…haha….too good dear………luv u loads sweetieeeeeee………..

  6. Very funny…… Awesome

  7. Amazing Superbbbbb fantastic

  8. Niyaaa

    Kokila hahaa.. Main to kahti hum kamini rakh dena chahiye oopss sorry kamini hehehe..kya karu ashi ka asar hoi gaya h itne pagley ki tarah hai ki pucho mat sara network ka gussa uttar gay itni slow net chal raha tha ki dimag ka dahi ho gaya lekin ab sant ho gaya.. U know what ur ff is just like a happy dosage for us.. Enough of my bakbak abhi mujhe tumhara ek or ff apdhna so bye ..

    1. Niyaaa

      Sorry pagle ki tarh hai nahi paglet ki tarah hasi

  9. Ruhanika188

    This was super. Kokila!! hahaha. update soon

  10. Jessicca

    Outstanding… Amazing… Brilliant…

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