Mile Ho Tum Humko (kanchi ) Episode 12

Hi guys iam Ashnita back with a boring episode. Thank you for ur lovely comments. It really really means a lot.

I hope u guys liking gajini Kabir. Kabir will heal soon. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads.

Let’s start

In Court.

Only kanchi and and prasha and some people present in the court.

Judge – Mr and Mrs Kapoor r u sure u want to divorce each other.

Pragya -I wish divorce doesn’t happen.

Isha -me too they look perfect together.

Pragya – I want to go hospital quickly so that I can teach a good lesson to jiju sweet sister.

Isha -jiju sister

Pragya -ria

Isha – ok

Judge -Mrs Kapoor do you want to divorce ur husband Mr. Kapoor.

Sanchi looks at Kabir with teary eyed.

Sanchi -yes you honour

Judge – Mr kapoor do you want to divorce ur wife.

Kabir looks at sanchi.

Kabir – yes

Kabir touches his head prasha smiles.

Kabir -wat I’m doing here

Judge -Mr kapoor u came here for divorce.

Kabir -divorce whose

Sanchi – kabir our divorce

Kabir – wat nonsenses

Sanchi -kabir

Prasha – kabir nhi gajini Kabir

They giggle.

Judge -order order

Judge -Mr kapoor r u sure u dnt want to divorce ur wife.

Kabir – yes abhi toh shadi hui hai itni jaldi divorce no

Sanchi – kabir

Kabir -shhhh

Judge -ok Mr &Mrs Kapoor I give you 3 months time. After that if u guys still want divorce so after that ur divorce will happen. Till then u guys will stay on one roof and in one bedroom.

Kabir -thank you


In Sdch

Jaya calls pragya.

Pragya -namaste aunty

Jaya – wat happened in the court

Pragya – divorce didn’t happen.

Jaya -wat

Pragya – yes aunty right time dr Kabir forgot everything.

Jaya -thank God.

End of their conservation.

Ria was going just then old male pateints follow her any gives fruits.

Ria -wat the hell y u guys following me

Pat 1 – massage my head

Ria -wat

Pat 2 – massage my legs.

Others to demands all things.

Ria -shut up

Madubala cums and laughs at ria

Ria fumes seing them.

Madu – ria massage my hands yaar

Ria -wat nonsenses

Bala – pragya told us that u can do all types of massage. Just give fruits and u do massage for free.

Ria -wat I’m not that cheap

Pragya -r u costly ok I will take u for movie massage my leg .

Ria – u

Malhotra -wats happening here

Pragya -dr ria giving massage for free to these patients.

Malhotra -wat OK ria continue it but not here u go to their ward.

Ria -no dad

Malhotra -go now

In pateints ward

Ria massaging all pateints legs, hands and etc.

Prasha cums and saw ria. They burts out laughing .

Pragya -baut sok tha na massage karna lo ur wish is fulfilled. Thanks to me bye baby.

Ria -baby my foot.

In Malhotra Cabin

Malhotra – y I’m feeling that Kabir is my Aryan. No Kabir is rishi son. But I saw that thing .Only Aryan has that. I have to find out.

In Kabir ward

Kabir was sleeping peacefully when mysterious lady cums with injection. She was about to inject Kabir. Just then kabir wakes up . Lady qucikly throws injection under bed.

Kabir -got u did u come here to kill me

Lady gets tensed.

Kabir -aap Kon

Lady pov -thank God gajini is back. I have to do something.

She runs and bumped sanchi. Sanchi was about to see her face. Just then kabir calls her. Sanchi went to Kabir and lady runs.

Kabir -sanchi can I ask something

Sanchi -yes

Kabir – do you hate me

Sanchi -no

Kabir -then do u love me.

Sanchi was speeehless

Kabir – sanchi hamari shadi hamari marzi ti hui hai na

Sanchi remincing their marriage.

Kabir -sanchi pliz tell me

Sanchi -yes

Kabir – so Y we went to court for divorce. I’m a bad person that u dnt want to stay with me.

Sanchi -no Kabir u r good person ,gud son, gud doctor and gud friend

Kabir – so I’m bad husband

Sanchi -no I didn’t said that.

Kabir – iam a gud husband

Sanchi – yes u r world best husband.

Kabir hugged her. Sanchi too responded

Bg plays

Mere Rashke Qamar

They part away.

Sanchi touches her ear and sees earing missing. She gets restless

Kabir – wat happened Sanchi

Sanchi -my ear ring is lost. My papa gave it to me on my birthday it’s very special to me.

Kabir -ok we will find it together. U check here i will check outside.

Kabir went outside to check and sanchi searches everywhere. She checks under bed and gets shocked to see injection.

Sanchi – it means someone wants to harm Kabir.

Sanchi remincing that lady.

Sanchi -i have to find out

Just then kusum enters. Sanchi hides injection.

Kusum -sanchi wat happened beta

Sanchi -maa I am worried about kabir. He has amnesia .

Kusum – yes beta I know

Sanchi – maa koi iska faida na utay

Kusum – say cleary

Sanchi -maa we should treat as fast.

Kusum -u r beta

Sanchi -hmm.

After sometimes kusum again to sanchi.

Kusum -dnt worry beta Kabir will be fine now they r cuming to treat Kabir.

Sanchi -who r cuming maa

Kusum- kabir’ s dad friends they r specialist. They will cure him.

Scene freezes to their faces.

Precap : Kabir operation is done after some he gets conscious .
Dr – kabir do you know her pointing towards ria.
Kabirs answer shocks everyone.

Bye take care
Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads


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  1. Nice episode………..but I am worried about the precap…… please united kanchi

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you anu. U have to worry about precap dear. It’s Ashnita twist kuch hatke to hoga.

  2. Aafiya

    It was not at all boring..
    It was nice

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so much Aafiya

  3. Riyarocks

    Ashu dear, tumhari himmat kaise hui isse boring kehne ki huh????it was so hilarious….ria’s message therapy…..haha……has has ke pet mein dard ho raha hai…….but precap thoda shocking tha…..can’t wait for the nxt part…..luv u loads sweetieeeeeee…………

    1. NeonNinga

      Sorry for saying boring. Thank you so so much riya. Pliz take ur medicine hehe.ashnita ki twist hai kuch hatke hoga aur shocking ki bhi hoga .love you loads sweetie.

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you alia

  4. Priyanshipp

    Superb dear. Riya massaging for free nd madhubala too taunts her??? m worried about precap. Post soon

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so much priyanshipp. U have worry about precap dear. Its mine shocking to hoga.

  5. Niyaaa

    Awsome ashi per shocking precap.. Bas kabir ne naa kahe ria is my wife warna m to chaat se hi kuch jyada ho gaya per bad se hi niche gir jaungi..plzzz unite kanchi ek baat to manni padegi gajini kabir ne jo liya wo kabir nahi karta i mean divorce rok kar isse sabit hota h bhagwan jo karte h wo achcha karte h..hehehe.. Per yahaan to ashi h karne wali.. Lovv u my sweety cutie.. Post nxt asap

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so much Niyaa. Precap shocking to hoga meri jo hai. Thank you for giving idea. Just imagine ria as Kabir wife hehe . Gajini Kabir track was to stop divorce. Love you loads.

  6. Sajnana900

    Great one
    U always leaft us shocked
    Post nxt part asap

    1. NeonNinga

      Aww thank you so so much sanju. I hope u won’t mind if I call you sanju.

  7. Dhruti

    dear it was superb ff but precap gave me a shock…….please unite kanchi…………..and say that it was boring ff ok otherwise i will katti with you A Big wali katti…………update next one soon…………….

    1. NeonNinga

      Thank you so so much druti.precap have to be shocking or else maza nhi aayga. Sorry holding my ears no Katti ok.

  8. Palak.Sharma

    Lovely episode, little confused about precap. But overall it was great

  9. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon unite kaanchi

  10. Wow…. Waiting for the next part

  11. RuCh23

    Oh my god ??? if Kabir say Riya is his wife or girlfriend in the next part, forgive me Ashu, I’ll hit his head until he get his memory ??? anyway it was so good sweetie ???

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