Mil jaayein iss tarah…(episode 2)

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Recap- naina coming late to the beach……her frndss gives her task of acting as blind in front of a guy……naina’s truth out…..conflict with the guy

So here is episode 2

Naina goes to her frnds who were busy enjoying the bhutta(corn) and tells them what had happened to her. They all give each other a shocked look, then suddenly burst into laughter holding their stomach.
Rohan- superb…. What a hillarious joy for Naina.
Naina- i just got saved from dying and u all r making fun….now my punishment is over and ur punishment starts……
Immediately she snatched the bhutta from his hand and start hitting him….
Rohan- stop… Stop…stop yaar.
Pooja- ok guys, chalo stop it….lets enjoy bhutta
Naina- ya let me eat bhutta..( taking corn from shopkeeper)
Gourav- ok my daring girl, u r our today’s star.
Naina- am always a star.(giving a shining smile)
All enjoy their corns.
Pooja- ok guys ghar chalte hai…mujhe packing bhi karni hai tonight we hav to leave for jaipur…and ya all hav too come…no bahana
All others- yess mam…..we all will come.

After finishing their corn treat, they all head towards their house…

At Diwan Mansion,
“Hey mom…., i am back” naina said coming home and hugging her mom.
“my princess is back”kissing naina’s forehead,” how was ur meeting with frnds??”
Naina(remembering what happened today)- quite adventurous
Mrs. Diwan(her mom)-adventures?? What happened?
Naina- nothing much mom….ok tell me when will dad come??
Mrs. D- actually his business trip has extended, so he will come after 4 more days.
Naina-…i thought of meeting him before going to Pooja’s marriage.
Mrs. D- its okay beta, u can call him before going.
Naina- ya and i will double the no. of gifts i asked from him earlier.
Mrs. D- okay, now go and freshen up….i hav made ur favorite idlis in breakfast.
Naina- idlis… Love u mom, i will just come in 15 mins.
Mrs. D- ok…
She goes and come after getting ready and enjoy the breakfast with her mom.

At night

Naina was busy in packing her bags….Suddenly her phone rang. It was of her dad.
Naina( in sad tone)- hello.
Mr. Diwan- what happened to my princess??
Naina- i am upset with u. You promised me that u will come today.
Mr. D- sorry beta….i have an important meeting tomorrow so i couldnt come.
Naina- i know mom has already told me…..but now u hav to do sosomething to make up your broken promise.
Mr. D- ya i know …. I hav to double the no. of gifts for u.
Naina-hehehehe…… I knew it…. My dad is the best….love you dad.
Mr. D- lov you too beta…so tell me is ur packing done?
Naina- almost….doing packing for marriage functions is so tough…lots of dresses needed to be packed for every function…too much load.
Mr. D- vo toh hai…by the way u r going for marriage, if possible find a groom for urself also… (giggling)
Naina- dad!!! I had already told u that i willnot marry…..i will always be ur princess.
Mr. D- ok my princess, now go and sleep….tomorrow is ur flight right.
Naina- ya dad…ok good night.
Mr. D- good night my princess…
and cuts the phone.

Naina keeps the luggage aside and go to sleep.
Suddenly she gets the flash of morning guy and she opens her eyes.
Naina- how rude he was!!!! Wish i will never meet him.
and then she doze off.

Next day
In the evening

“Naina beta take care of urself”naina’s mom said kissing on her forehead.
Naina- dont worry mom i will… also take care of urself..i will daily call you.
Mrs. D- ok my princess.
Naina- see u mom. Bye…..
Mrs. D- bye
She goes…

After few hours,
In Jaipur

A big palace is shown fully loaded with lights and flowers. Cheers of happiness and joy going all around.
Here in a room, Pooja is shown standing in front of the mirror with lots of dresses in her hands and she was thinking which dress she should wear tonight.
“you should wear the black one”
Suddenly Pooja turned back…..
Pooja-Naina!!!! You come….i was missing you since morning….thank god u come.
Naina hugging Pooja,”its my best frnd marriage i hav to come, and by the way where are other gang members??
Pooja- Gourav and Surbhi has come. They both are getting ready for tonight’s party and Rohan will come tomorrow.Actually he has some work in Delhi so he will come tomorrow.
Naina-okay….and is our jiju coming tonight??(smirking)
Pooja(shyingly)-ya he is coming.
Naina- oh my god!! Look at your face, i just took his name and your face has become a red tomato. What will happen when you’ll see him.
Pooja- Naina!!!!!now go and get ready for tonight party.
Naina-ok miss. would me bride.
She goes and then turned”by the way wear that black one, it suits you”
Pooja(choosing that black gown dress)-ok… It is superb….i like it.
Naina smiles and goes……

At night party,

All are gathered in a huge hall enjoying the party. Pooja is shown wearing the black gown dress talking with her fiancee Karan who is wearing a black suit. Then Naina comes into the party. She is wearing a royal blue knee length short dress with open hair curled at ends. Here she meets with her all other frnds- gourav and surbhi. The trio do some chitchat. Then they go to meet Karan. They greet one another and then Karan introduce them to his frnds. They all were talking…..
” Hi Karan, whats up??”
Karan turns towards the voice.

Karan- Here comes my best buddy.
Naina looks towards him.
The guy comes and hug karan.
After breaking hug, Karan- he is my best buddy….an…..
guy- Aniket….me apna intro khud hi deta hoon.
Pooja-hello Ani.
Aniket hugging pooja “hello bhabhi ji”
They all introduce each other, but Ani was continuously looking at Naina.
At last, he forward his hand towards Naina.
Ani- hello, miss…a…..beautiful eyes.
Naina- Naina…my name is Naina.
( please note he is not that guy whom naina met on beach)
Ani(smiling)- i guess both means the same.
Naina just smile and remove her hand.
Surbhi- chalo guys!! Lets dance……

All comes to the dance floor and enjoy the dancing beats.
Aniket forward his hand towards Naina.
“can i have a dance with u”.
Naina giving an attitude look” do you know dancing?”
Ani(coming close to her)- well… Pehle instemal karo phir vishwas karo…
Naina just smile- ok then show me your some moves….
Ani-accha toh yeh baat hai….
Naina nodes in yes and smiles.
Ani- so watch me.

Ani goes on the dance floor and start dancing to ” badtameez dil” song.
All enjoy his dance and join him. Afterwards Naina also join him and dances with him.
Everybody dance and dance and dance…….

so guys, this was epi 2…. I know it was not much gud, but i will try to improve further episodes. And ya, this marriage part is just an inspiration from”yjhd”, nothing is same.

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