Mil jaayein iss tarah…(episode 1)


Heyaa frnds, so here is first episode……..

At the seaside,

A group of four frndss were chatting. “are yaar ye Naina kab aayegi…aade ghante se wait kr rhe.” one of the boy said. “She is always late…”girl said. “She must b sleeping by this time” other girl said.” Today we will not gonna spare her” other boy said.

Now scene shifts to Diwan mansion…

There a girl is shown sleeping.. Cute lovely face scattered hair with a smile on her face as if she is lost in her dreams. Then there is a bang on the door.

“Naina, beta jaldi utho” her mom said.

Girl in the sleeping voice- “ma let me sleep, today is sunday.” saying this she hide herself in the blanket.

“ya i know that today is sunday. But i think u hav forget what u had planned with your frnds…” her mom said
“..frndzz…beach….plan…” saying this she immediately remove the blanket and wake up with a start.
” Oh mom why havent u wake me early, what is the time now? ” she said.

“its already 7…”her mom said.
“saat bj gye!!! aaj toh pakki class lagegi”. She quickly jumps from the bed and start getting ready.
” ok mom bye”giving a peck on her mom’s cheek,She hurriedly rushes to the beach..

At the beach

“If she doesnt come within 5 minutes, then i will never gonna talk to her.”the girl said.

The four frnds gang together turned to the voice.

A girl is shown wearing purple tracksuit, high ponytail…..innocent face asking for apology.
( ya guys, she is our Naina. Since it is fictional and not based on any serial so you can assume your favorite stars as the lead)

” naina ki bacchi…aa gayein aap…itni jaldi aane ka kasht kyun kiya”one of the girl said.
“i am sorry Pooja..u know na waking up early is a big task for me, and if it is sunday then seems to be impossible” Naina said.
” But the plan was made by you only”Pooja said, ” i am going to marry in 10 days and that to in jaipur and u had said that before my marriage, we all frnds will spend time on our favorite spots and now u are coming late.”
” sorry yaar..i willnot repeat this again” hugging Pooja.
“No this time u willnot be spared” Rohan( frnd name) said.
“ya u will b punished”Gourav(other frnd name) said.
Naina- PUNISHMENT!!! Spare me yaar.
Gourav- no u hav to do a dare.
Naina- Dare…
After initial protest, she agreed.
“ok tell me what i hav to do.”

“hmm…get me the phone no. of that guy” her frnd Surbhi (4th frnd name) said pointing towards a guy who was busy in doing exercise.
Pooja- arre…kab se iske pichche padi hai. He willnot gonna give u no. See its been long and he is giving no attention to any girl here.
Naina sees him. His back is towards them and he is busy in doing his workout.
Rohan- now he will giv attention to Naina….(he smirks)
All other- What!!
Rohan- ya….so naina your dare is that u hav to act like a blind in front of him and persuade him to give u details of the surroundings….tourist guide kind of.
Naina(making face)- what!!
Gourav- superb yaar….so naina here is your goggles(making her wearing it) or rather ur Chashmah…

She goes taking small steps,and turned back. All her frnds show her thumbs up and smiling. She turned and go towards him.
Naina(thinking)- today i am going to b killed , if he gets to know that i am acting he will surely kill me (seeing his muscles)…..ahhgg…. U r naina and u r not afraid of anyone.!!!
she proceeds towards him.
She goes towards him and acts to bump to him.
The guy turned towards her, but then get side giving her no attention.
Naina(thinks)- oh gosh!! What to do he ia not even looking at me.
She stand beside him and start saying- yeh duniya yeh mehfil mere kaam ki nahi. Hey bhagwan kyun kiya tune aisa… kaash mere pass ankhein hoti to ma yeh samumdra dekh sakti…
That guy standing there was listening to her.
Naina- if anyone is here??( acting blind)…plz can anyone here get me to the sea so that i can feel its beautiful presence.
The guy gives his hand to her and said” come i will take u there”
Naina- but who r u ??
“i am just here for the walk… dont worry Iwill take u to the seaside” guy said to which Naina nodes in yes, saying this he took her to the seaside.
Naina was continuously looking at him through her black shades.

Naina(thinks)- how nice he is.
On reaching seaside, she enjoy with water for sometimes…then
Naina- feeling so thirsty….wish i could hav coconut watr.
Guy- wait i ll bring for u. He goes to buy her coconut water.

All Naina’s frnd were watching this from a distance waving her thumbs up, towhich Naina smiles making face.

Then the guy brought coconut water to her.
Naina- Thank u, how much it cost i ll pay… About to giv money to him.
Guy- No need. You just enjoy the sea.
Naina- ok then ( thinks- thank god he refused, mere paas to paise the hi nahi)

As she was drinking coconut water, suddenly she saw a crab coming near to her foot. And she shouts……
Naina- crab….crab….
The guy immediately turned to her. Both look each other in shock.
Guy- you were blind???
Naina-wo..ah..actually…i hav short term sight loss!!
Guy- what!!( shocked and confused)
Naina- ya…like gajni hav short term memory loss so i hav short term sight term…so now i can see(said hurriedly)
She was about to run from there but the guy hold her hand tightly and pulled her towards himself.
Guy- u lied…right!!( in loud tone)

Naina(scared little)-i am sorry….plz leave my hand.(trying to freed her hand)
But he tighten his grip and pulled her more towards him giving her a stern look.
Naina-plz leave me…it was a dare given to me by my frnd..leave my hand….plzzz…

Guy- u made fun of mine!!!
Naina- it was not intentionally…and i am saying sorry too…plz leave me…its hurting.
Mr. Muscle Man leave me.
But all in vain, his grip was too tight.
He pulled her toward him and they share a small eyelock.
(since naina was wearing shades so he hasnt seen her face completely)
Then Naina immediately looked down and stamped her foot on his foot, resulting him to loosen the grip. Naina hurriedly freed herself and ran away from him.
Naina (while running looked back to him)- SORRY…phir se, saying this she started running forward away from him.
Guy holding his foot give her an angry look” i will see you soon and teach u a gud lesson”.


So guys, this was the first episode… Hope u enjoyed. This is mah first time on writing fan fiction, so plzz b generous and dont forget to comment. Lovely weekend to all………

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  1. Shanayasharma

    Hey smiley….ur ff made me smile…it was too good write the next part soon…..lots of love…. Tc…<3

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    superb smiley ..great god..loved it..:)

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