hi guys.. this is just some promos that I thought would cheer you up on the upcoming story line… plss comment so i know to continue writing.. silent readers, plss comment..

Devakshi promo:

Dev and Sona’s special dance at the party.. Sona asks dev about his and shravan’s different surname.. Dev is angry.. Sona has touched a part of his that she shouldn’t have.. So now, sona and sumo are discussing.. Aisa kya accha lagega mr. dixit ko ki woh mujhe maaf kar denge?(what will he like to forgive me).. Sumo: I know… take him out for coffee.. tune hi bataya tha ki he loves coffee.. maybe that would cheer him..
Sona: nice plan sumo…! done.. coffee today evening..
-Will Dev accept this offer and forgive Sona? To know more stay tuned! –

Shraman promo:

Shravan and Sumo: FRIENDS? they share a smile.. Shravan: Ms.Tiwari,Suman,Sumo.. why am i thinking about you? Pata nahi kyu?? oh i know.. hum dost hai naa isiliye… Shravan remembers her sweet moments with her..
-Is this Friendship? Or starting of love??-

Devakshi-Shraman promo:

Radha Rani : ishwari ji, ye dono ladkiya dev aur shravan ke saath kya kar rahi hai? (why are these two girls hanging with our boys)
Ishwari: they are friends.. radha ji…
Radha Rani : ishwari ji, i understand this.. but the society does not.. they have to maintain distance.. otherwise shravan aur dev ka bana banaya naam bigad jaega.( or shravan and dev’s career will be spoilt due to rumors..)
Ishwari: I understand..

Ishwari: Shravan beta , Dev.. tum dono ko suman aur sonakshi se doori banani padegi..(you have to maintain distance with sumo and sona)
Dev-Shravan: par maa kyu?(why?)
Ishwari: jaise meine kaha waisa hi karo! (do as i say)

Will shravan and dev maintain distance from sumo and sona? stay tuned for more updates..

Plss comment and tell me about the promo..

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  1. Nono no pls don’t make sona stay away from dev!

  2. Nice promo …. waiting for next episode.. when will u post next part ???

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  4. Wow nice promo this Radha rani is irritating and wow devakshi dance shraman friendship so cute

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